kingkeld's Journal, 01 November 2013

Good morning!

Happy Friday!

Since Halloween is over, I figured I'd take a new "after" picture to have as my profile pic. :)

Phew, I am so happy that the weekend is upon us. I feel that it has been a LONG week.

I have done great though, shedding SO MUCH WEIGHT over the last few days.

Today is no exception. I'm a full kilo down since yesterday. That makes a total of 3.7 kilos in three days. Beat that!

Of course, by far the most is fluid, though I do see a good chunk of fat loss hidden in the deeper numbers. I also see some loss of muscle mass, but I think this is much more due to less fluid than actual core muscle mass. Water retention sits in the muscles and make muscle mass registration go up.

So, today I am t 83.6 kilos, 3.6 kilos from my ultimate goal, which is now 34 days away. I have NO issue reaching this, as long as I put my mind to it. Hell, I think I can even reach it doing a half-assed attempt. :)

I'm gonna take it serious, though. Of course I am.

I'm tired of being "overweight". I know it's definitely a luxury problem I am having, but weighing closer to 85 kgs than 80 bothers me - especially when I can see my body fat percentage go up.

Today I am lower in weight, a full kilo, but strangely my body fat percentage is only up 0.1%. It's supposed to go up when I drop fluid, so I also dropped fat. Nice.


I did great yesterday. I had actually planned a salad for lunch, but my body was SCREAMING for meat. I guess I needed protein, and I could tell up front that a salad was out of the question.

I let Wife know that lunch was the small buffet at the supermarket, and she wanted to join me.

The weekday buffet is very small. It's all based on meats and bread. Rye bread and white bread. If anything else, they have a pasta salad.

There is not a whole lot of it that I want, but there is what I needed: MEAT.

I skipped bread and pasta salad 100% and just had meat. I had two nice slices of BBQ port, and two fried fish. It was a super nice, and very fulfilling meal. It satiated as it was supposed to.

I have no issue skipping the bread and the other sides. They weren't interesting, they were high in calories, and it would have made no difference whether I ate them or not. Better not to, then.

Dinner was home made meat balls (Danish "frikadeller"), with a tiny baked potato, lots of carrots and some brown gravy. It was absolutely deliscious, and I'll be looking forward to having more of it for lunch today, sans the potato.


Generally, we're cutting severely back on the "4 whites" at home. We're cutting down on rice, pasta, potatoes and bread. When needed, we'll try to go for the whole wheat versions of them. Why isn't there a whole wheat potato, by the way? :D

We're doing this to lower carbs and calories, obviously, but just as much because of Wife's rheumatoid arthritis. I read somewhere that this could actually make a difference on the inflammation and thus her pains.

If we can give her an extra helping hand simply by doing this - and at the same time have it benefit our weight loss journeys - there is absolutely no reason to NOT do it.


Yesterday evening was indeed in a Halloween mood at our house, though it was a quiet evening.

We live in an apartment, and the front door is locked. No trick or treaters can get in to knock on our door. That's too bad, it's a fun tradition, and I really wish we could do something. It's not an option though.

Instead, we watched Trick'r'Treat and Hocus Pocus.

Tonight, there will be more Halloween movies. We're doing the big Tim Burton themed movie night - Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hollow and Nightmare Before Christmas.


Tonight's food - Spareribs and carrots, and corn/vegetable mix. It's gonna be super nice. Looking forward to it.


Tomorrow, Wife and I are going to Copenhagen.

I'm gonna try HARD to not make it an Indulgence Day. I should be able to do good, and it's gonna be something for me to focus on.

I have finally gotten so much fluid out of my body - I don't want it all spiking and going nuts and regain 3 kilos of water now that I just dropped them. Let's do it right.

As always, the journal tomorrow and Sunday will probably be shorter. It's the weekend, folks!


The nerdy side of me still registers all my numbers in a spreadsheet.

I register weight, bodyfat, muscle, water, calorie allowance according to my scale, and BMI.

I run statistics on them - averages over 28 days (4 weeks), etc. I also run statistics of how I am doing compared to the average of that same weekday 4 weeks back.

I find this last one important, as my weight tends to fluctuate quite a bit.

My daily average can get a severe hit if I eat a lot on an Indulgence Day, and thus have my weight climb - even if there is no fat gain to mention.

Therefore, I find it interesting to see what I weigh a day like today, compared to the average of the last 4 Fridays. This number tells me more about how I am doing TODAY than just an average number.

I also run a statistic of how much weight I need to lose every day to reach my goal on time. This helps me A LOT to stay accountable. This number was 202 grams when I weighed in Tuesday. Today, it's 103. In three days I have lost half of the weight I needed gone.

Of course, it's the EASY part of the weight loss that is done, but still. Let's see. I'd me frickin' excited if I was down a kilo again tomorrow, but I can't count on it. But of course, I can aim for it. :)

Sooner or later, the fluid levels will balance out, though. That's a fact.

I can tell today that the curve of my weight climbing has been broken. For the first time in a couple of months, the average is lower. This is a GREAT sign.

Of course, I see signs that I am doing better everywhere.

- I feel great!
- I find the weight loss journey to be easier.
- I am lighter on my feet.
- Thights in my jeans are no longer tight. (I still can barely fit my calves in them, though, but those suckers are pure muscle. It seems like all fluid I retain REALLY likes to sit in my thighs).
- I see the veins in my arms and hands, legs and feet much more pronounced.
- Belt feels a bit looser, in the samle (innermost) hole.
- Fitbit wristband fits looser, and might need to be tightened.

These examples have come in three frickin days. How about that?!

Today, I am thankful for:
- All the things mentioned above!
- Wife!
- Close to goal!
- Weekend in a few hours!

Have a great weekend, my friends! Oh, and to the guys - Happy Movember. Let's build some killer mustaches. I'm on it already!

Life is good!
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Wow... Lots of weight being shed :-). Instead of potato, have you thought about substituting it with 'sweet potato'. Calorie / carb wise, not a lot of difference... But sweet potato has different vitamins in it. Even better, try Butternut squash - half the calories and carbs of the other two. Lovely roasted, or steamed and mashed... Maybe do the same with carrots... Even better. Or if you really love your potato... Try a smaller portion of potato and carrots and/or squash mixed - to add bulk. 
01 Nov 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I will try the butternut squash - I like sweet 'taters too, but they cost an arm and a leg in Denmark. Nothing that I want to pay on a regular basis. :/ Thanks for the suggestions. I like potatoes a lot, and I do exactly as you suggest, cut down severely on them, and substitute with carrots. In my mind they're kinda the same thing. One can replace the other. :) 
01 Nov 13 by member: kingkeld
You're looking amazing!!!  
01 Nov 13 by member: Rubie-sue
Like the new picture much better. You look completely freakin different from your 'before' pic. Lovely smile :) And great job on the weight loss.  
01 Nov 13 by member: sarahsmum
Love it..:O) 
01 Nov 13 by member: BHA
Just noticed the pic... Brilliant :-) 
01 Nov 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
FYI for wife. There is a proven link between RA and gluten intolerance. Excellent idea of getting off the whites. I know she's a big baker and if she should miss it, I've put together flours made from various meals that can be used when gluten free. They're excellent and doesn't affect the taste of the baked goods. You're looking fine. One thing I look at when people lose lots of weight is the fact that our necks and reappear. Along with the tendons and muscles. Don't cha' love it? I do. We lose so many portions of our anatomy when obese and when they reappear, we're thrilled to death. A good and wonderful weekend to you and Wife.  
01 Nov 13 by member: ClassicRocker
You look so great, Keld!! 
01 Nov 13 by member: erika2633
This is a really great photo! Look at the muscle definition, just awesome! 
01 Nov 13 by member: ChicaLean
Well done. Great photo. 
01 Nov 13 by member: Helewis
Very cool, Keld! Glad to know you are trying to stay on target with your goal! = ) 
01 Nov 13 by member: KatieMacWho
I just wanna say I love your smile! With your determination there are no worries. You got this! 
01 Nov 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak


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