kingkeld's Journal, 14 October 2013

Good morning!

Well, it's a much later morning than when I normally write my journal. It was a little hectic coming into work today, and I had a few things to take care of.

I'm sorry I wasn't here yesterday. I had a busy morning, and by the time I could actually sit down and write a journal it was too late for me to really get into it, unless I wanted this journal to be a repeat of it.

I did okay Saturday.

Wife wanted to go out for dinner, and I obliged, kicking and screaming (not really).

We went for Chinese buffet, and I mostly made good choices. I completely skipped the sugars, had no ice cream or cakes. I did have come cut up fruit and a little bit of vanilla creme with it. Nothing much.

Saturday, I did go buy some sugar free candy, as I figured I could survive on that watching movies. I like my "Saturday candy", and I thought this could be a good solution.


The damn candy - as other times before - gave me SO MUCH GAS! I do NOT recommend. My stomach was hurting all night because of this. Never again (until next time)!

The damage - I'm assuming from the Chinese food and the soy sauce - was a 3½ kilo gain on Sunday morning. Fortunately the water weight is coming off nicely again. I'm nowhere near panic over this.


Yesterday was a great day.

First of all, I had a good night's sleep. I woke up around 6 am, and prepped my bass gear to go for an early morning practice with the World's most awesome band. :)

We got two full new songs worked into our set. They just need to be rehearsed more, and they're good to go. We also got an older one worked on a little more.

So now we're adding Enter Sandman (Metallica), Symphony Of Destruction (Megadeth) and Come Together (the Godsmack version) to the set. Nice!

I did good on the food.

I had a large protein shake to reach my nutritional goals, and we had Chicken Mole for dinner! Very nice.

I ended up having spent 1700 or my 2400 allowed calories. This essentially gives me a 1200 calorie deficit of the day.


I have to say that I am tired of sitting just three mere kilos over my goal weight. I want to knock those damn three kilos off of me.

I know they are FAT kilos, as I can see them reflected in my bodyfat percentage. I feel that I am three kilos too heavy, and approx. 4% fat too high. It fits together.

It's not something I can do just from one day to the next without losing muscle - but at the same time I am really annoyed that they are sitting there. I feel that I keep chasing them. It almost feels like when the goal was 77 times and it was unreachable.

I compromised and set my goal weight to 80 kilos instead of 77, and it was all good. However, NOW I am sitting at 83 and can't get it much lower. And 83 is on the low weight days - definitely not after an Indulgence Day.

So, I have decided to lower my activity level setting a notch in my calorie counter, to allow myself a few calories (well, approx, 300) less per day.

Most days I don't reach this number, but I think it sends a message to my brain. It lowers the roof of what I can do on the days where I do "bad".

This makes me behave a little better, I think.

So, I will - starting today - go with an RDI of approx. 2100 instead of 2400. It shouldn't at all be a problem.

I will also try to be a little better at simply not eating when I am not hungry.

Going lower in calories might affect my protein intake. I am aware of this. It will be harder to reach my daily goals. For a week or two, this is okay, I think. It's just not something that I can keep doing.

And then, of course, there will be other days where I get more than enough protein no matter what I seem to be eating. I hope it will even itself out. I am sure it will. I will keep an eye on it and see how I am doing.

I really want those kilos off. They annoy me. It would have been different if my fat percentage hadn't gone up. I can live with pretty much any weight I have, as long as I have a nice, low percentage of fat. This will show me that it's other things that are messing with me.

Maybe I should do a weigh-in on my old scale to see where I am at. It will be nice to see a comparison, just to see how things would look according to THAT scale.

I have no idea how they measure in comparison to each other, now that I think of it.

Maybe things aren't as "bad" as they seem.

I mean, maybe the other scale simply registers a lower bodyfat percentage, and this is the number I'm chasing.

If the doctors were happy with a percentage of 8-10% on my old scale, and I am still chasing that BUT ON A DIFFERENT SCALE THAT MAYBE READS HIGHER NUMBERS, then there is no point in chasing it, right? Then it's more about mentally adjusting.

This is NOT an attempt to justify the weight gain, though. It's more abotu UNDERSTANDING it.

I am about three kilos heavier than I was a few months back. I see about the same amount of muscle mass (depending on how much fluid is in my body) and I feel quite a bit stronger. I lift much heavier than what I did three months ago.

I think I need to do this extra weigh-in tomorrow morning. I'll let you know how it went.


Today, I WILL start off with a super low calorie day - just to get things started. I am not worried about protein, as I think I have PLENTY sitting on the shelf for my body to use post today's workout. Today is much more a matter of not going hungry, and not excessing in calories.

My goal is simply to have lunch and dinner. Nothing else. Both meals SUPER low in calories. I think I can get through today on 500 calories total. It should be accomplishable.

This is not unsafe, when only done sporadically. This is no different from what is done on the 5:2 diet and other Weight Maintenance Systems. I am cool with it.

It's not something I will do day after day, though. THIS I don't recommend. Been there, done that.

I know that going low will take a huge chunk of weight off of me, but I want it done safely. I just gotta get myself going in the right direction. This is the harder part.

In a way I can't help thinking that maybe my RDI IS too high. On the other hand, I can't really evaluate it, as I constantly go over my calories and eat junk. It's my own fault.

To fully learn from this, I'd need to eat RIGHT all the time, for a while. This is damn hard for me. I like the "bad" foods, and eating perfect at every meal with no slipups is not something I realistically see me doing forever. There WILL be junk food. There WILL be candy. There WILL be foods that I know I shouldn't eat. But there will also be time to recover for it.

In an experimental setting, though, I need to be a little stricter.

So, today's mission will have to be to knock off some serious weight to move closer to my 80 kilo goal weight.

I will start with a Low Cal Day as I used to have them - today. Then, tomorrow I will eat according to my RDI. Then a Low Cal Day probably Wednesday. And then maybe - MAYBE - again Friday. We'll see about that.


I also gotta remember that we have Halloween parties on both the 19th and the 26th. These will obviously have food. Boo. They'll be haunting me in more than just the traditional Halloween way. They'll be a bother.

Of course, it's a motivator to do right on the other days. I just hope that it won't kill my experiments all too much.

Let's see what happens.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife's birthday presents arriving in the mail today!
- Wife!
- A GREAT workout!

Life is good!
186.3 lb Lost so far: 155.4 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 11.6 lb a week


Morning buddy. Would skipping the movie &haunting candy altogether mess up the experiments?  
14 Oct 13 by member: FullaBella
LOL, probably not. It would mess up my good mood though. ;) 
14 Oct 13 by member: kingkeld
I hope that you are closer to your goal than you are giving yourself credit for and if that’s not the case it will be interesting to see how the experiment goes. I am a pretty big sugar/carb junkie on the weekends and I know that means during the following week I am just working off those same excess calories. So unfortunately I am maintaining the same 163 lbs. I have a ways to go goal in order to reach my end goal but if your experiment works maybe I will try it to break the 150 barrier or find some discipline over the weekend. Best wishes! 
14 Oct 13 by member: ChicaLean


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