kingkeld's Journal, 08 October 2013

Good morning!

I am SO tired. SO DAMN TIRED.

I barely slept at all last night. The damn stress that is bugging us it taking its toll on me today, because of my lack of sleep. No fun. Boo.


I did good yesterday, I had reasonable foods, no sugar, and managed to get through the day 500 calories under my RDI. In a way this is too low, according to my calculations I can't be this low, but at the same time I feel that I need to put myself a little forward in order to drop those few kilos that I feel are too much.

It's not a lot, by any means. I am at 83.9 kilos today, so I am happy to be just over 80.

I have 8 weeks to drop 4 kilos, and I am sure that more fluid weight will come off over the next days if I behave. It's just a matter of making some reasonable choices - which I feel that I'm getting better at again.

Yesterday, I went out to have lunch - my usual pita with lettuce and beef. Afterwards, I REALLY felt like something "forbidden", I had sugar cravings. I went to the candy store - to buy a coke zero, as they tend to kill my sugar urge on occasion, and I was hoping I could accomplish this today. I did, however, come out of the store with a new type or "diet" protein shake. 25g of protein in a 130 calorie drink. Considering that each gram of protein carries 4 calorie, so 25g is 100 calories, 30 calorie to make it a "shake" is a bargain! It was tasty, fulfilling, helped me towards my protein goal for the day, and killed my sugar craving.


My stress factors are making the carb demon a LOT stronger. I can tell that I better just not mess with him. It's horrible timing - I really want to be sugar free all week, and having trouble sleeping and trouble overlooking my entire situation makes it really hard.

I have decided to not take any more weekend shifts at the gym this year. October and November will be off simply for me to have weekends to not having to worry about anything. I will keep my Wednesdays, to stay with a food in the door, and because I know that it's a challenge for my gym boss to get people to work evenings. Besides, I do like to have a little extra money, and not working the weekends will make a dent in the budget.

I will have December off from working there, just like with my regular job, as I am healing after my operation.


I changed my exercise level on my scale today, and the calorie estimate changed drastically. It actually took away 600 calories! Wow.

I think it's a more correct number for me though - even though the truth might lie somewhere inbetween.

The scale calculates an RDI for maintaining weight, based on the usual stats plus the measurements that it does. Muscle, fat, fluid, bones, etc.

Before I changed it, it would be in the 3700-3800 calorie range. Today it is 3200.

This seems more reasonable to me. It fits the general calculations I do much better.

Looking back at my calorie burn over the last month, according to my fit bit, it says I average 3200. This is in perfect harmony with the scale settings.

Looking at my RDI on my calorie counter, I get 2500 calories because I am heavier than my goal weight of 80 kilos, and thus get a 500 calorie deduction. Maintenance at this weight will be around 3000-3100 calories.

I think it goes well hand in hand this way, and I think this just might be the right settings overall for me. This is the first time I get them ALL to line up. Let's stick to this and see what happens.

This doesn't change anything in regards to my food intake or my activities. They stay the same.

I'm eating good foods, and enjoying it. I'm better and better at skipping the sugar, and I feel the cravings decrease. They're still there, but they're getting less. I find this impressive, to be honest, considering that the stress around me makes me want to eat.

I am a LOT better at digging into an apple or a protein shake than I have been.

Also, I am fresh out of protein bars and have no intention of buying any. I think they're dangerous to me. Too much like candy bars...


Today, Wife is at the hospital for a checkup on the arthritis. I'm gonna go meet her as soon as I can get out from work. She'll be done at the hospital already, but we'll go hang out, and do a little shopping.

I hope to bring home a new cell phone. Maybe shopping for unneccesary things will calm the stress? LOL. I say it's worth a try.

Women buy shoes, guys buy gadgets. :)


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife
- Leaving work early. I don't have the brains for work today.
- Coffee. Boy, do I need it more than ever. Phew.
- Visa Card. Good for purchasing gadgets. LOL.

Happy Tuesday. Life is good!
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Life is good and know that you and your wife will be through this hump! I can totally relate to the stress right now. 
08 Oct 13 by member: Neptunebch


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