restlesshope's Journal, 04 January 2011

well i am home and although the trip was better than i had planned emotionally what i found is that i have no self discipline when out side infleunces tempt me i cave immediatly. i am glad that i am home now and in my safe enviroment and will get back on trac but i really need to look closely at why i allowed going home to pull me so far off trac. what a slippery slope it is when you start down that hill... moms surgery had complications and they ended up perforating her bowel with the camera and ended up having to have the abdominal old fashioned surgery so while she will have a much more painful recovery the cancer was incapsulated in the uterus and she will not need chemo or radiation. friends wondered why i was not angry with the surgeon for damaging my moms bowel but quite frankly she survived the surgery and the cancer was removed i just feel we should count our blessings and move on god saw her through the anesthesia and the surgery so i am happy with that. seeing people from home was good
180.0 lb Lost so far: 45.0 lb.    Still to go: 30.0 lb.    Diet followed poorly.
on diet Atkins   gaining 2.0 lb a week


So glad to have you back with us Laura. Glad that your trip home went better than you thought it would. So glad to hear of the success with your mom's surgery. Nice she doesn't have to have Chemo or radiations treatments. They really wear you out. Good to hear that now you are home, you can get back on track. Self discipline is a tough one to conqueor. Hang in there, You've got this site and the tools you need to do this. I know you will too. HUGS:) 
04 Jan 11 by member: LauPug1
welcome home! so glad everything went well with your mom - now it's time to take care of you! 
04 Jan 11 by member: sophie99
Laure, thank God your mom did okay, and that she is on the road to recovery. As for you....well, that is a pretty stressful situation and you only gained 4 pounds...I gained more than that and I was in my "safe" environment. You did good, girl friend. Those pounds will be gone before you know it. Welcome back, we have missed you! 
04 Jan 11 by member: ctlss
Thank goodness she made it through. I know you are feeling a bit beat, but think about it - even though you were thrown for a loop you did not give up. You obviously got your mothers strength. You are here right now and not giving up. In my eyes that is a success. Take this as a learning experience. Just like learning anything, even though we got it right the 1st or 5th time doesn't mean we are experts. Sometimes we dont always get it right. 
04 Jan 11 by member: kmartin
I have seen that when we are in situations like visiting with family, we fall back to our most recent habits that were associated with that family. For me personally, since Thanksgiving, I have been trying to recognize and avoid these habits. But it's something you have to be able to identify before you can overcome. My first hurdle oddly enough was my own husband. He's always pushing me to eat, knowing that I tend to forget and get sick. So the habit there is being told "you need to eat". Another one for me is after work drinks. I'm cutting down on that right nowm but it's there. Glad to hear about the cancer being encapsulated. That's great news. And as for being angry with the doc- he's human. There is always a chance of a complication and as long as he can fix whatever happened, I don't blame you for not being angry. 
04 Jan 11 by member: barbieq13
Laurie, I'm so glad that your mom is doing okay and that they got the cancer encapsulated. Seems like when I get around family that doesn't understand this way of life that they try to pull me into eating things I don't eat anymore. It's good that you recognize what's happening. You will get back on track. Thank God your mom doesn't need radiation or chemo. Welcome back! 
04 Jan 11 by member: Cindy Thompson
Welcome back Laura. I've missed seeing you on here these last couple weeks but knew you were involved with much more important matters. So glad to hear your mom came thru everything OK and that she won't have to endure radiation or chemo. The perforated bowel is probably one of those surgical risks that "can" happen. I'm also glad you had a safe trip as travelling anywhere in that part of the country in December/January can be a real adventure! You've had a great opportunity to see how family influences can affect your WOE. See this as a learning experience, not a lack of self-discipline. You'll be right back on track before you know it....if you're not already. 
04 Jan 11 by member: Sandy701
Glad you are back and that the end result with your mum is good (despite the complications) No chemo or radiation is good. The little weight you gained you will get off soon and when you have time to process all the reasons why it will be lessons well learned. Happy New Year, 
04 Jan 11 by member: sarahsmum
Glad you ae back and we missed you while you were gone and hope things start to calm down for you:) Life is exasperating sometimes but please try to take care of yourself in the meantime...Re: the weight loss part of life, I am going around to my buddies today to personally ask them to please consider joining a 12 week challenge for 2010 Pounds Begone...We will renew every 12 weeks and it is our mission to lose 2012 pounds with some fun competition between buddies. TOWANDA!!!!!!  
07 Jan 11 by member: Lisa Online

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