kingkeld's Journal, 14 September 2013


It's 6:30 AM, things are great!

First of all, yesterday was a good day.

Work was basically a three hours meeting/class, and we had some good fun being there. No lunch, thankfully, so I was 100% in control of my foods.

Afterwards, Wife and I went to the bistro at the supermarket and had lunch there - beef roast with potatoes and gravy. Not exactly diet food, but a good, hearty meals - which is exactly what I need these days.

I bought ice cream to a post-dinner snack, had a good dinner too, and came out of the day with all numbers in the green zone.

Ice cream?!? Yup. I wanted to up my calories, and I could tell I needed something dense and "less food"-ish. THat's what I felt like.

You see, yesterday I burned 3600 calories. 3800 the day before. I hadn't really had too much food on Thursday - 1900 calories - so my stomach was SCREAMING for food! I was good, old fashioned hungry.

I just decided to go with it. I had good foods all day, and a dessert.

The result is that I am down 1 lb today, reaching the low that I had two weeks ago. Not too shabby. I am now 1.1 kilo from goal weight.


I got my new scale! WEeeeee! Who knew that one could get this excited about getting a new scale!

Mind you, this isn't just "Mr. Anybody's Scale". This is a super smart tool, and I'm just amazed of all it can do. It measures so many things it's ridiculous, AND it saves it on an SD card, so I can use it for statistics. My inner nerd is screaming with joy, clapping his little hands!

The good news is that it seems that it weighs me in at the exact same weight. The better news is that it's more generous (and probably more precise) showing my visceral fat - at 5%. The bad news is that is less generous (and probably more precise) when it comes to bodyfat%. It shows 11.8 today. Boo. Still, I think the numbers are more reliable.

It's time to go walk and then go work at the gym. I'll write more when I am done walking and opening up Gym.


Okay. At the gym. I walked 6 kilometers, and step counter say 8,400 steps so far. I should easily make my 10,000 step goal the next hour, unless all I do is writing my journal. :)
So, where was I. Oh yes. The scale. I really like having all the info. It's great to be able to register progress (and setbacks) on all fronts. I love that I can track muscle on this scale. Actually, it can tell me muscle mass in each individual limb! It turns out that I have more muscle in my left arm than my right, and more in my right leg compared to my left. Not a lot, but still. I am sure this is very normal. It's not like I'm visibly leaning to one side or anything. I think this is just the way it is. Still, interesting observation.


Today is technically Indulgence Day. I won't treat is as one though. I will simply go with my RDI of 2500 and eat reasonably right. It should be easy enough. I will be at work until 3 PM, and then I have some errainds after, so my first "real" meal will probably be dinner. I will have a protein bar or shake during the day if I get hungry - which I probably won't. As long as I don't eat breakfast, there really are no hunger pangs.

Speaking of RDI... The new Über Smart Smartscale claims that I have a maintenance RDI of 3600 calories! Hot damn! That is a LOT. I wonder how accurate this is.

I mean, it IS pretty much what I burn every day. Fitbit claims that I burn 3100-3200 calories per day when I walk and with my general activities, if I don't register any other things into it. However, if I choose to register the things that it can not read - things like standing for hours and hours at work, circuit training, etc. - then I often reach 3600+ calories, much like yesterday and Thursday.
Maybe it's not as crazy as it seems. The reason I haven't really been able to go with such a high RDI is maybe simply the fact that I have eaten stupid s**t to go that high instead of simply relaxing and having normal, proper food.

I have said it so many times lately, but it still rings true: If I don't eat stupid s**t, then I have absolutely no problems eating fewer calories than I burn. In fact, it can be a real challenge to eat enough.

This emphasizes it even more. Fewer calories consumed, more calories burned and not eating stupid s**t = weight loss/maintenance.


I got the new protein bars yesterday. They are devilishly deliscious. I had the understanding that they would be much more like an actual meal, but this is definitely not the case. They are so tasty and full of candy feel that they are borderline dangerous. They are definitely for the days where my body is screaming for candy. Those days, if the carb monster is already rearing it's ugly head, then maybe these can kill it. Other days, I would have to feel VERY secure that he's under lock and key before I would indulge.

They are full of nuts, caramel, chocolate, almonds and all kinds of deliscious things. They are GREAT on protein, fat, carbs and all. Just where I'd like for them to be. They are high calorie, which could help me eat enough. But they could be highly addictive.

I will enjoy having them, but never ordering them again, I think.


Anyways, I better get started at work. :)


Today, I'm thankful for:
- A beautiful morning!
- New Über Smart Smartscale!
- Coffee!
- A six kilometer walk instead of the usual five!
- Wife!
Happy Saturday! Life is good!
178.8 lb Lost so far: 162.9 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 7.7 lb a week


Major wow... Your new scales brilliant... I always think, when I am at aqua fit, that my right arm is stronger. I guess that makes sense as I am right handed. Interesting to see the reading on the scale. I guess you could concentrate on stretching that arm / leg, so it is balanced. My old aqua fit instructor, used to tell me the muscles in the top front of my legs, were far stronger, than the back ones... So I needed to balance them out (she could tell, by the way I held myself, when doing some of the exercises). She said it was because of the walking/running I used to do. Protein bars can be über addictive...definately too much like candy bars... And high in calories - because of the sugar content I would think. Wise move, not ordering any more - you almost want them to be distasteful LOL 
14 Sep 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Thanks for the review on the bars. If not for whatever chemical it'd take to do it wouldn't it be great if you could get 100gm of protein in a single bar that tasted like steak & potato; no added sugar or high sodium. 
15 Sep 13 by member: FullaBella


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