kingkeld's Journal, 02 September 2013

Good morning!

How have you guys been? Sorry I'm checkin' in a day late.

It's been one heck of a weekend - in a great way - and something I really needed. Best weekend in a long time.

Of course, today I (and my scale) am paying the price. No regrets though.

I may be physically heavier but I am mentally SO MUCH lighter.


Friday, Wife and I went to a small town outside Copenhagen to visit some good friends. We were talking about their upcoming Halloween party, which we're gonna be helping them set up.

The guy is a special effects and live role play make up artist, and I know there's gonna be lot of fun involved. They're on a tight budget (hey, aren't we all?) and it's the first year they're doing this, so it's all about making it work within what we've got. It'll be a blast, though.

We stayed the night.

We had great food, reasonably healthy, and I stayed away from the bad stuff with an exception of a 10g piece of chocolate. Not bad at all. According to their scale, I had actually shed another lb of water the following morning.


So, Saturday, Wife and I went to Copenhagen for a fun day and some shopping. It was just a nice, relaxed day with no plans and no obligations. I had promised myself to not have the calories bug me, and all I did was to enjoy.

We actually went to TWO buffets that day. They're the cheaper solutions when we go out in Copenhagen, but of course they are hard to control. Saturday was no exception.

I am very sure I had more to eat than I should, and that's ok. I was prepared to pay the price.

Just like Friday, I managed to stop eating at 7 PM, and didn't eat again until 11 AM. Very nice.


So, yesterday. It's Sunday. The rain is HAMMERING down. This means no walk. Boo. Wife and I are feeling lazy, so I decide to just relax again. I decided to honestly not care about food, protein, calories and all that jazz. "I will get back on track tomorrow", I tells myself. Which was true then and is true now.

We just enjoy the day. We have breakfast late, around 10, so I did eat a little early. It was good. I did skip lunch, as I wasn't hungry. However, I fully compensated for that later, when we had both (too much) ice cream and a whole pizza each! Boo. Damn pizza.

I didn't meet ANY goals yesterday. Not on calorie intake, not on steps, not on distance, not on calorie burn. If anything, I know I ate enough food that my protein intake probably is ok. :)

I don't regret a second of it. I don't regret ANY choice I made.


Most of the day was spent watching movies. The main event was the new "Now You See Me" with Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and SO MANY OTHER great actors. If you like a good heist movie, I highly recommend this one. It's absolutely brilliant.


Obviously I did NOT enjoy seeing the numbers on the scale this morning. SO MUCH FLUCTUATION!!! I am actually up 5.6 kilos since two days ago! WOW.

I can see it in my face immediately. It just takes that I glance, and I can see how swollen I am.

Strangely, my belt is still buckled in that very inner-most hole. It even feels less tight than it does some days. I wonder how this is?

Clearly, it's not fat gain. For this to be fat gain, I'd have to have eaten something like 40,000 calories over the last two days. I'm fairly sure I would have killed myself doing that.


I can easily tell what the food choices did to me though. Today I feel tired. I feel sluggish. I feel that I have zero energy.

I woke up this morning and I was eager to go for my walk.

Then I looked out the window.

It's raining even harder this morning than it did yesterday. Not good for my missions for today.

I was hoping to go for my 5k walk as always, but that isn't gonna happen.

What I can do is to hit the gym as planned. I don't want to miss out on this - it's important for both my weight, my muscle building, my both my physical and mental well-being.

I'll simply have to try to be more active to get my steps in. I will make sure to walk significantly more at work, and I will make sure to just be more active. This will help a lot.

I'm teaching my weight loss class tonight, and this means walking a little more too, back and forth from the gym. That alone is a bonus 2,000 steps - I just hope it doesn't rain still.


But what a great weekend it was. I can not express how good I feel mentally. I like it.

I don't think this has anything to do with the pigging out as such. I think it's much more that I allowed myself to let go of everything. I was away from all the daily humdrum, and just had fun. I can do that without the foods too, but it just ended up being this way. That's fine.


So, today I am DEFINITELY back on my mission. I can't allow myself to stay 86 kilos for more than a few moments. I want to get back to the 80 kilos again.

Today will be focusing on getting that fluid out of my body. Plenty of water, plenty of green tea, plenty of coffee.

I don't have any lunch to bring to work, so I will probably end up going out for a salad. Nothing heavy, please. I feel like I ate a block of concrete yesterday. I might even do the same for dinner. Something light.

I do need to make sure I get my protein. I will bring a protein heavy drink to work to ensure that this happens. Today is workout day, and my body will need it sooner or later, or I'm gonna crash.

The gym is gonna be HARD work too, but it's gonna feel SO GOOD afterwards. I know this, and I am very eager to go. This is something I don't want to miss, no matter the weather. It's just a two minute walk from here, so there is no need to pass on that. It's much harder to handle walking for an hour outside.

Maybe if I didn't get enough movement, I can take a 30 minute ride on the elliptical tonight after classes. I'm there anyways. Let's see how I feel.


Phew. It's amazing how the food choices affect us, isn't it? Some foods make us feel great, some don't. Pizza is in the "don't" category. :) Hey, at least I checked the Whole Grain option. It actually makes for a tastier pizza, and even if it doesn't make the pizza any healthier, it makes it a little less insane, I think. Not a lot, but a little. I will try to convince myself that it counts. :)


Summer is officially over, by the way. The local candy shops are packing up the ice cream machines. NOOOOOOOOO! :) Maybe this is a good thing. Those machines and freezers are the devil. It's good to see them gone, I think.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- A great weekend.
- Not feeling bad about "messing up", simply because I made conscious choices, was aware of the consequences and dealt with it beforehand. I wanted and needed this weekend.
- Not having the feeling of having lost control.
- Morning coffee for energy!
- Intermittent Fasting made easy. It's easy to skip a meal after eating like a pig. LOL.
- Wife.
- Good movies.

Cheers to a great week ahead! Life is good!

It's 8:30AM. I am half way through my steps goal. I am sure I will make it to 10,000 before the end of the day - easily! :)

I went to the gym. It was SIGNIFICANTLY rougher than normal. I think this all comes down to poor food choices and bad nutrition the last few days.

I went one round in the circle. My set up requires two. I just gave up, sat down and poured a cup of coffee. I had one sit, and I LITERALLY heard Master Yoda's voice in my head. "Do. Or do not. There is no trying". I put down my coffee, and took my 2nd round. It's been an hour and I am still not fully recovered from it, BUT I DID IT.

I simply didn't want to have to kick myself all day for not doing it. It's bad enough that the rain stole my morning walk.

I now feel GREAT about myself. Doing good. :)
190.9 lb Lost so far: 150.8 lb.    Still to go: 3.5 lb.    Diet followed poorly.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 26.7 lb a week


You make me feel very fortunate that I have never liked pizza! Today is a legal holiday here in the United most people will have the day off including me and my hubby. Going to run some errands with the two children living with us...then need to get back home and get some things accomplished. The next day our daughter starts her freshman year of high school and our son starts his first "post college" job! The true fun is yet to begin! Better go grab some sleep while I can. Have a great day and week! 
02 Sep 13 by member: kmunson
Thanks, Kmunson! Enjoy the day off! I sure need one! :) 
02 Sep 13 by member: kingkeld
Welcome back to the mission. Interesting how you equate the gym work with the food choices. So sorry about summer, but happy the ice cream machines are going away. Have a great and productive week. 
02 Sep 13 by member: Helewis
Helewis, I see the "Food vs. Gym" phenomena constantly. If I eat good, real, solid foods the night before a workout, then I am stronger, meaner and leaner - if I eat junk like the pizza yesterday, then I am such a weakling. There is a SIGNIFICANT difference. I wish I could learn to remember this. Especially on Sundays. :) 
02 Sep 13 by member: kingkeld
Lovely to see you still here! I come and go but am back trying to take better care of me. A little rain here too! Fortunately my exercise is slated for indoors. Take care Keld! 
02 Sep 13 by member: madaboutmoose


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