kingkeld's Journal, 30 August 2013

Good morning, FatSecreteers!

Happy Friday!

Man, I am so ready for the weekend to come. Just a few more hours.

It'll be a great weekend. Friends, a tiny trip and relaxation is what is in store for me. No work. :) I need a weekend like this.

Yesterday was great. Busy, but great.

Take a look at my Fitbit stats:

Normally, my goal is to burn 2800 calories or more per day. On an overly busy day, I can sometimes reach 3500. Yesterday I passed 4000.

It didn't FEEL all that crazy busy, but I was on the go all the time. I did walk significantly more than I normally do, and I did to my workout last night instead of this morning.

Yesterday night was hectic at the gym. I constantly had new customers coming in, as there was a campaign starting, a great low price for new customers. This of course made the day busier than usual.

At around 8PM, things quieted down, though, and I decided that I should go do my workout. It was rough, and I could tell that I had very different energy levels compared to my normal routines in the mornings.

Still, I got it done, and it felt great.

I was home from work at 9:05 PM. Then, Daughter needed some help with home work. It took a lot of concentration from me, but we got it done, and I was in bed by 10:30. Well, guess who woke up and couldn't fall asleep again at 2AM? :(

So, I've been awake for hours. I am DEAD TIRED. I am happy that I didn't need the gym this morning, I know I couldn't have done it. Then again, maybe the REASON that I couldn't sleep is that I did it yesterday. Who knows? It does mess with my energy levels, in a good way, but maybe late evening is not a smart time to do it. It's pretty intense, and really gets my energy going.


I did my walk today. I wanted to make sure I have moved enough and have burned the calories I am allowing myself in my RDI. This is essential for me.


So, I had a very interesting comment on yesterday's journal. It was from the mighty Nimm, who really knows his stuff. I love when he pitches in, as there is always a lot of sciense (and sense) behind his postings.

This was in regards to whether sugar/carbs makes you retain water.

He wrote:

" --- All carbohydrate will tend to increase water balance, but not by the same mechanism as salt. It's glycogen. Dietary carbs can end up as circulating glucose in your blood, or when that level gets too high, they can be shunted into storage - and the first "storage locker" is liver and muscle glycogen, which can be accessed and broken down to maintain circulating glucose levels. Each molecule of glycogen, however, is affiliated with 3 or 4 water molecules. So...if you're glycogen-depleted because you haven't been eating much (or not eating much CHO) lately, and/or have been active, you'll liberate a lot of water along with that glycogen. Have some carbohydrate and you'll start refilling that glycogen - and dragging 3x its weight in water along with it. "

This would DEFINITELY explain why my fluctuations have gone higher and crazier. I have seen a shift from simply eating more foods to be eating more sugars on my Indulgence Days.

OBVIOUSLY, the "don't-eat-processed-sugar"-mission is a good idea.

So, how did I do on my mission yesterday? I'd give myself a gold star and an A+ on yesterday's accomplishments.

First of all, ABSOLUTELY no cake on cake day. I had a good chunk of fresh fruit instead. Pineapple, Watermelon, Banana, Grapes. It was DELISH! There is nothing tastier than a slice of fresh pineapple. Too bad you can't just buy them and eat them like apples. :)

I think fruit will be my savior on this mission. Sure, it has some sugar in it, but not PROCESSED sugar. Besides, you STILL can't binge on apples. I don't think it's at all possible.

And the result of yesterday's food/weight journey? I am down a whopping 1.6 kilos! Wow.

Obviously, I can't help thinking if this is simply from not having the sugars, then? I'm not sure that's the WHOLE story, but I'm sure it's some of it. I'll simply keep going and see what happens.


The next days won't be without challenges, though.

Today I already see several potential road blocks, but none that can't be climbed.

There is a party at work for lunch. Lunch is NOT planned out for me, and I will have to wing it when we get there.

It will be a late lunch - 1 PM, and I am used to eating at 11 AM. Normally, I wouldn't mind the two hour delay, but I had dinner - and thus my last meal - at 3 PM yesterday. It's quite a while to wait.

Once there, I don't want to over eat. I want to do good. And I want protein rich foods.

Since I don't know what WILL be there, I am considering simply having a protein shake at 11 AM, or maybe just before eating lunch at the party, to ensure that I DO get enough protein today. I think I will be needing at least two througout the day. One at my normal lunch time would probably be good. Let's see. Breaking the fast earlier than necessary would be silly, too.

Tonight, we're gonna go see some good friends. They're cooking, and again I have no clue what we're having. Still, I can fit pretty much anything into my RDI if I don't get into the dumb choices, and as long as I don't get into candy or chocolate I think I will be a-okay.

I will register my foods to keep track, probably more for the sake of sufficient protein intake than actual calorie counting.


I'm really not very worried about the calories these days. I see how much I burn, and I see that what I eat - when I don't eat stupid s**t - doesn't amount to all that much. Even if I choose to indulge IN FOOD, I still won't go over RDI most days. It's all good. The trouble is when I make the bad choices. Then it all goes to hell.

And the bad choices, according to buddy Nimm, could very easily be the reason for the water retentions I see. It makes total sense to me.

This means that I hopefully can conclude this:

1. If I just eat "real" food and not all the junk, then I don't need to worry about calories, unless there is something unusual going on, like a large party. And still, I would most days be low enough that an Indulgence Day wouldn't do ANY damage whatsoever.

2. I will need to keep counting "calories" to track my protein/fat intake and make sure I get enough.

3. The real demon for me is the sweets. If I can learn to PROPERLY control and moderate those, then I'm essentially good.

#3 is what I really need to work on. I'm not sure whether moderation will ever really be the solution, or if I need to simply consider it an addiction that I need to simply not dig into.

I would hate the last option, but it might be necessary for the rest of the journey to be more pleasant.

I love my ice cream, and I love candy, but I do understand that I can't just go nuts. Nobody can. At least not without consequences.

The mission for now will have to be to keep working on lowering the sugar intake. My general carb intake isn't crazy, I don't really eat much bread and other super carb heavy things. I see no reason to change anything there. Not now, at least.

The first step of this mission has already been taken this week, and for now I will simply keep trying to avoid the processed sugars. That's simply enough. Eat more whole foods. Eat better quality.

The one place where I see that I may need to add processed sugars is to get my protein intake high when on the go. I can deal with that, as long as I don't wake up the carb monster. And if I DO wake him up, I need to knock him out with apples.


Tonight, we're staying at our friends' house. They live close to Copenhagen, so Wife and I decided to just sleep over, and to for a fun shopping day tomorrow. I need a day out with nothing planned and this will fit perfectly. If only I can get to squeeze in a good night's sleep.

This of course means no weigh-in or journal tomorrow. I'll be back Sunday.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Morning Coffee. More than ever.
- Having done my workout yesterday, giving me more time to save up comp time this morning.
- Wife
- A weekend off.
- Enough fun and enough relaxation to make this a GREAT weekend.

I hope you have a weekend full of fun and adventures. Life is good!
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OMG.... 27,000+ steps... And only 5 + hours sleep... I'd be 'unconscious'. Sounds like a protein shake before the party is a good option... Those type of 'Impromptu' parties usually end up with junk processed food. Have a great weekend off and enjoy the get together with friends :-) 
30 Aug 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Thanks Pam! The 5+ hours was from Wednesday to Thursday. Last night was even less. :/ I'll survive though. I am mentally ready for the party challenge AND the friends' gettogether challenge. :D 
30 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
Enjoy your week-end. Wish you could get a nap in somewhere. Lack of sleep is awful. Can you get melatonin where you live? Its a supplement. it comes in 2 forms here, a regular tablet and a melt under your tongue kind. I keep a tablet by the bed, a melt under your tongue tablet, and if I wake up at 3 am, which I do most days, I take a tab and it helps me drift off. It apparently has no side effects. Melatonin is produced naturally in your body. It might help on the 2am wake up days.  
30 Aug 13 by member: sarahsmum
I always wonder how many energy cals I burn as I nod along while I read your journal, LOL. I've been on the fence lately ... I can't settle down. I keep telling myself 'I'm not going to be concerned with losing any more weight right now.. all I want to do is maintain while I still work on healing the disordered eating part of my life' but as I now approach what seems like a month at the same weight without 'joy' I feel like a fraud. I keep reminding myself (and that's why I'm rambling ... sorry..) that I'm getting the exact result I wanted. I think the part I nodded most was 'eating real food, not junk, and everything should be okay' and that's been my plan all along and it's working so I just need to shut off that other voice. Ugh. Thanks for being here, reminding us to take it a day at a time, not lose focus, and stay on track. 
30 Aug 13 by member: FullaBella
What Bella said... thanks for being here.  
30 Aug 13 by member: ClassicRocker


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