kingkeld's Journal, 20 August 2013

Good morning, fellow Fatsecreteers!

What a difference a day makes...

It's just barely 8:30AM and I have already met my exercise goals for the day. :)

It's a good feeling, being on track on things, isn't it? That feeling of accomplishment is SO much better than the feeling of not doing what one is supposed to.

After my ridiculous "Eat 'till you pass out"-day Sunday, and the following "food hangover" day yesterday, I feel SO much better today.

Yesterday I felt horrible, both physically and emotionally.

I had a bad night's sleep, and had to cancel my morning walk AND gym to sleep more before going to work. What a horrible way of starting the day. I really don't like pushing those things aside, because not only do I know how good they are for me physically, but they also play a huge factor mentally. Oh, and I really like doing them. :)

I did compensate for all of it.

I spent my lunch break (and then some) going to the gym. I went for it, full blast, and did a quiet shower-stop at home before going back to work. I walked in the afternoon, not as much as I probably should, but enough to meet my steps and distance goal.

I met my active minutes goal and my calories burned for the day goal.

Not bad.

On the food side, it was a weird day. I had zero appetite.

I was gonna buy a pita, a large one with beef, for lunch. This would help me towards my protein and fat goal for the day. However, I was not in ANY way hungry, not at 11 am (lunch time) when I went to the gym, not at noon when I was done working out, and not even at 3:30 when I had dinner with Wife.

I did eat dinner though. Wife was sweet and had cooked dinner early so I could have food before I went teaching, so I had some. Not a whole lot though, the full serving was about 200 grams. I do think it was smart to eat though.

I also made myself have a few protein shakes along the way. I didn't really need them for anything but the protein for my workouts. Still, it was okay to have a little something.


Today, I feel WAY better. I'm still suffering a little from Sunday, but nothing like yesterday. My stomach still seems a little "off", and I don't really have any need for any kind of food. Still, it's only 8:50 AM by now, and I could be hungry by 11, when it's lunch time. We'll see. Regardless, I think I should eat a little - if nothing else then because I only ate 200g of actual food yesterday, not counting the shakes.

I did meet my protein goal of 2g per lbs. I did meet my 30% fat goal. I didn't get anywhere near the top of my RDI, which I usually shoot for. I was about 1200 calories short.


This obviously shows on my weigh-in today. I am down 2.6 kilos since yesterday - that's quite a bit. It's all water fluctuations and lack of food in my system, but it's nice to feel lighter. I can literally feel the difference today.

Also, my belt is back in the last buckle hole, where I like it to be.

It's a good measurer, the belt. I can tell when I have days where I am eating too much, and I can tell when I gain/lose weight - simply by buckling the belt. I think this will become a dear friend and a great indicator for the future. Maybe one day I can simply go by this, instead of having to count calories?


It's actually interesting that I still say count calories. I usually don't count calories. I count protein, making sure I get enough. This is my primary use of the calorie counter (I will probably ALWAYS call it a calorie counter), and secondary I look at my fat intake to make sure it's about 30%.

If I reach these two, the calories are usually within RDI, and this is my 3rd priority - though I don't go over. I'm perfectly aware of the "Calories In vs. Calories Out" rule, as you know. This is what rules all other rules.

I don't feel that counting protein and tracking fat is any easier or harder, or any different from counting calories. It's the same amount of work. It's the same thing, I just look at a different number.


It really is amazing what this is doing to my body. Working out, building muscle, is really changing my appearance. It's giving me a very different shape, I think, and I like it a lot. I can literally see the change from a few weeks ago when I look in the mirror. Crazy.

I also feel that I again am getting stronger, after having been "stuck" on the same level at the gym for quite a while. Now I have upped the game on most machines, and I have not made them heavier, then at least my performance is better on each machine. It's kinda wild.


Today is an easy day. It's also a day that easily gets to be lazy after work. This is one of the days with no plans for the evening, other than catching up on tv-shows.

Tonight's viewing is Under The Dome and Siberia, and probably The News Room and Crossing Lines too if we have the time. All great shows. Does any of you watch them?

This of course ALSO makes it even more important that I have moved enough throughout the day. I can't slack. Right?


On my Fitbit Flex website/dashboard one can have buddies. I have a good friend that got inspired from my fitbit purchace and got himself one. We are now "fitbit buddies", and it motivates me to push a little harder. We are pretty much equally active, and looking at number of steps we are usually breathing each other down the neck, so I (obviously) gotta make sure that I am at least a tad in front of him. :) I can't NOT be number one, right? LOL.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Meeting goals!
- Feeling much better!
- Wife!
- Sunshine!
- Audiobooks for my walks!

Happy Tuesday! Life is good!
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Eat till you pass out.... Why do we do it to ourselves? We know we are going to regret it later on. Same as drink till you pass out... My 'no alcohol' day yesterday, has me feeling so much better today. (Not that I literally drink till I pass out anymore - BUT, I know I partake a little too much sometimes). Will we EVER learn? Thinking about it... Staying focused on health and fitness, is a good motivator, to curb us. That's hard 24/7 though... Still at least we eventually turn ourselves round, and don't wallow in the bad habits. Well done on the step target WOW is all I can say. I am still waiting for the Misfit Shine to go on sale in the UK... They seem to be putting it back all the time grrrr. I know that will motivate me, to get moving more... I need a 'gadget' to keep me on track LOL. 
20 Aug 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
the thing with your belt is good i hope i find one of these as well. but first thing, i want to HAVE to wear a belt, first :) it is really great if you have friends who encourage you. and if they are doing the same thing as you - even better. i once started to go to the gym with my best friend. but she quitted just after a few visits...then i had to go all by myself. and it wasn't the same... wish you all the best  
20 Aug 13 by member: joelae
well done, Keld. Glad to see your gym rat back. 
20 Aug 13 by member: Helewis
Well done! 
20 Aug 13 by member: FullaBella
I really want a fitbit flex but I don't think you can sync it to an iPad 2, so I don't know what to do. I don't want to waste the money if it doesn't work ?  
20 Aug 13 by member: shaz7140


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