kingkeld's Journal, 19 August 2013

Good morning!

Wow. Today is definitely "back-in-the-saddle"-day.

Let me tell you how my weekend went. It's not a pretty sight, but I do believe in full exposure, so if I choose to mess up, I also get to tell the tale. :)

Let's start with Saturday.

I was actually doing very good. I went to work at the gym. I made sure I did all my steps. I was on my way to accomplish everything.

I had the food plan all laid out, and was following it to a T.

Then Wife came to see me and help close up the gym before us going home, and from out of nowhere we decided that Saturday would be the perfect day for Chinese Buffet. :/ Well, the food plan went down the drain, and I wasked it down with soy sauce. I ate way too much food, had way too much salt and I had way too much dessert.

We met a friend at the restaurant and we agreed to go to our house afterwards and watch movies. He had to stop by home and drop a few things off, but he'd be right over.

And he was. With about 2 lbs of candy. :/ It was nice of him, but DANG! Obviously, I couldn't keep my hands to myself, and it all spiraled further down into the dark pits of weight gain.

Then comes Sunday. Neighbors dog was barking all night, and Wife and I were up at 3:45AM. I went knocking on their door to get them to quiet down the dog, but they weren't there - which was probably the reason the poor dog was barking.

So, we were up ridiculously early, and I wasn't supposed to eat anything until 11 am, when my feeding window would open - 7 hours away. Wow. I was hungry already when I got out of bed. 7 hours just seemed SO far away.

It was probably the carb monster that had been poking at me all night, and obviously the dog had kept him awake too.

So I had breakfast with Wife. Reasonable breakfast. But - as it so often happens for me - when I have breakfast I end up wanting to eat ALL day, and it becomes truly difficult to control it.

I am so much better off without breakfast. Yesterday proved it once again.

So, through the day I did the poorest I have done in a LONG time. It is probably - hopefully - just in my mind, but it felt like I literally ate everything in sight and everything I could think of and get my hands on.

I had breakfast, breads, eggs, ice cream, pizza, snacks, peanuts. You name it, I had it. :(

The only positive thing about it was that I at least had the sense to STOP eating at 7 pm when my feeding closed. At least I can start fresh today, having had a full fasting of 16-17 hours.


So, today I am back on track, but there is a LOT of cleanup to do. Wow.

First of all, I feel TERRIBLE.

I literally feel like I am hung over.

I am tired, sleepy to the point where I skipped my walk and gym. I did get up and got dressed for it, but went back to bed to sleep a few hours more. I needed it, and it helped a little.

I have HUGE bags under my eyes today. I look like I'm in terrible shape today.

I WILL meet my goals today though. I am determined that this WILL happen.

The steps - I need 10,000 steps by the end of the day. So far, at 8:26 am, I am at 1865. I think I can make it by doing a few extra, smaller walks at work, and just generally be active.

The calorie burn - it will increase as I am more active through the day. I can get them to 2800, I think.

And gym? Well, I am seriously considering going there in my lunch break, or 30 minutes before classes start this afternoon. I want it done, because I know I will feel better. I know it will energize me.

And of course, my calorie intake today has to be VERY reasonable, but with high regards to getting ENOUGH protein and fat.

There is no lunch to bring to work today, because "someone" ate all the food yesterday. :/ I will have to go find a pita in down, and just go with that. I might make that a salad instead, but with the fatter meat, to avoid the bread but up the fat. It would make sense. I think this will be my lunch solution.


I really hope that I will find the energy for my in my lunch break. Not only will it be good for me to go do it, both for my goals and my wellbeing, but it will also give me about 2500-3000 steps going down there and back. It would make sense. I just gotta find the better time to do it.

I don't think I have any meetings today, other than one late in the day, so it should be easy enough. Long live long lunches and comp time! :)


I'm teaching my weight loss classes this afternoon/evening too. This will give me a 2nd chance to go to the gym and work out, if first attempt fails. It won't, though. I'm pretty keen on going. I feel terrible that I skipped it - I really want to go and I feel that I missed out.


So, a more mellow journal today. Recovery, recovery, recovery.

I am now 10 lbs from goal. I know that all of this isn't fat gain, but I also know that some - more than usual - IS actual fat gain. Still, it's not something I can't fix, and I'm on my way doing this.

The mission:

- TONS OF WATER today. Flush out that salt.
- Follow your food plan. No eating until 11 am the earliest. Today's calories and protein will be some meat for lunch, possibly with a salad, protein drinks through the day to get more protein, and salmon for dinner, DEPENDING if I will get to eat before I go teaching. If I can't have my dinner there, I will simply have to skip it as my feeding window closes before I make it home again. I will then just have a protein bar instead.
- Walk walk walk!
- Workout!
- Early to bed. I definitely need some sleep. SO TIRED.

So, today I am thankful for:
- Taking a beating for not following my food plan yesterday. Maybe this way I can learn.
- Wife.
- Morning coffee. Boy do I need it today.

Happy monday to all! Hope your day is better than mine. That should be fairly easy to accomplish. :)

Still - Life is good!

It's past lunch time. I spent my lunch hitting the gym and did a pretty intense workout. It felt great, but it was a LOT harder than it normally is. I can tell that I ate nothing but junk yesterday.
I was gonna buy lunch on the way back to work, but I opted out. I'm simply disgusted with food today, and in absolutely no way hungry. Maybe some fruit and a protein drink can keep me happy until dinner - if I want dinner.
I'm really satisfied with myself, that I went to work out. Also, this brought me to 6,000 of my 10,000 required steps for today. I can make it, I think! :)
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Crap happens. And you are back on track. Sorry you feel so physically horrible but by this time now that you have done your workout I am sure you are feeling a bit better. Such a learning curve, to feel so hung over and only from food. Just get through today and you will feel tons better tomorrow. Self disgust is a horrible thing but its all a learning curve. I know you've 'learned' this lesson before but some of us, including myself, are slow learners :) By the end of the week if you stay on track you will be fine. And you have to talk to your neighbour about their dog. This is the 2nd time and just can't be tolerated. Sleep is a must have!  
19 Aug 13 by member: sarahsmum
Actually, this is the 4th time! I've been trying to get hold of them, but with no luck so far. Argh. I do feel better after working out, and I do think it was a smart move of me to simply skip lunch. I did get a lot of protein in my foods yesterday, so I am not too worried about compensating for my workouts today, plus I have a couple of protein drinks that I'm enjoying throughout the day. Oh, and I when it comes to over-eating, I am DEFINITELY a slow learner! LOL! I just feel like crap today, really bad. I feel a complete lack of energy, like I haven't felt it in a LONG time. I think my body is simply very busy sorting the mess I left for it to handle yesterday.  
19 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
Keld -I so admire your dedication to take every scrap of your day and really examine it. I truly believe this is what will make you be the successful never again guy. There are times when I read your journal and want to say 'lighten up, buddy, give yourself a break' but then I remember that is the reason so many people regain what they lost (yours truly included). While I don't comment every journal I do read every day possible and you inspire me that you're still hammering away at your way of eating and giving thought to every action. You're inspiring and very admirable. Thank you for everything you share. Bella 
19 Aug 13 by member: FullaBella
I truly appreciate it, Bella. Thank you.  
20 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
Thank you for sharing this. I had some bad food days too. I planned for them but still, when writing them down today, I was surprised at how much my little vacation added up. Who knew a large dairy queen malt had 1310 calories!!! 
22 Aug 13 by member: HealthyOri


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