kingkeld's Journal, 13 August 2013

Good morning, friends and buddies!

I'm down another 1200 grams of my post-indulgence day weight.

It's always nice to see when it's effortlessly coming off, as it should. I like it! :)

I feel that the added protein is really helping me a lot keeping things in check.

I found the article from the The IF Life that I was referring to yesterday. It's nothing much, but I gotta say I generally trust this guy and his opinions. He's not of your regular school of thought, but he does his background checks on things, and he makes sense to me. He was the one that made me start Intermittent Fasting the way I do it - having an 8 hour daily "feeding window", and simply not eat outside this time frame. It works really well for me, it's easy and very efficient on both keeping weight in check and having energy for my workouts.

Here is the link.

Now, keep in mind that these protein level numbers are for people who build muscle. Some of the "government recommended" numbers are much lower, and probably more suitable for people just doing their everyday thing.

When I work out, I go pretty hard at things. I do it with focus on building muscle, but not in a traditional gym. The gym I use - which is the gym I work at - use a system called circle training.

Basically, you have all the weight lifting machines set up in a circle, along with 4 cardio machines inbetween. They're set up in a strategically smart order, always shifting focus to a totally different muscle group whenever you switch to another machine.

As in you start with a stationary bike, to get your pusle up, then go to something upper torso/arms, then your back or abs, then legs, then arms again, etc.

This way, you can work out hard and to exhaustion on a muscle group and STILL have strength to work the next machine immediately after, as you are now targeting a completely different set of muscles. Very clever indeed.

Now, all these machines I set so I can do a max of 12 lifts/pushes/pulls within 45 seconds.

Every 45 seconds, a bell will sound. This is an indicator to switch to the next machine. This way you do a full circle in 12 minutes. You to this twice, and you are done. If you have the strength to do a 3rd round, then it needs to be heavier. No point in going 3 rounds.

I see MASSIVE results doing this. It's fun, it's energetic and intense, and it is quickly done. People here love it.

My little town and the surrounding area is populated by 20,000 people. The gym opened in January, and already have 1,000 members. I'd say that's pretty damn good, also considered that there are several other gyms close by.

This one works, and it works for everyone - skinny, chubby, old, young, male, female, those who just need exercise and those who want to build muscle. It's a great system.


So, I am down 1200 grams today. It always amazes me that I can shed that much in a day, even if it's just fluid. It's pretty wild, I think.

I managed to get 1800 calories of my 2100 allowed in yesterday. I managed to get in all the protein and most of the fat.

It's strange to be focusing on getting ENOUGH fat, but I do see that it helps. It keeps me full and satisfied, focusing on fat and protein.

I did have a small ice cream with Wife yesterday. I spent 230 calories on it, and I regret nothing! LOL.

I don't really wanna get into things like ice cream on weekdays, but on the other hand I don't want to be a "slave" to restrictions when I have excess calories and I have all the other numbers in check. There is no damage done, and I didn't wake the carb monster.

I feel that the carb monster sleeps a lot heavier when I have all the protein. It takes a LOT more to wake him up, and I really like this fact. I 100% see the benefit.

I get more and more comfortable with the thought of generally skipping Indulgence Day, or at least reeling it back A LOT. I like the thought of ONLY having it in the way that I can go for full 2700 calorie RDI when I am under 80 kilos, and that I can then on Saturdays allow myself to make "less smart decisions" on food, but not on calories.

Of course there will probably constantly be exceptions to these rules. Saturdays are the days where we go to most parties and gettogethers, and these are so often food related. Of course, it's STILL a matter to trying to control things and go easy on the cake, but at the same time it's no longer a day where I have to completely deny myself everything.

I think that I can better handle those days when I get my protein along with all the other goodies that might be available.

On a day like that I can see a clear benefit from spending some calories on a massive, heavy protein shake, instead of saving ALL the calories for the feast that most likely won't have enough protein.

Make the smart moves, Keld. :)

Today, I'm working from home. I have some cases I want to read through, and there are just less interruptions here. Of course, this also means less movement.

I have already been out doing my 5 kilometers, but I think I need to do a little bit more through the day to make sure I reach my goals. I don't want my calorie burn to "suffer" because I am at home. SO not worth it.

I will make sure I want 20-30 minutes more during the day. I'm gonna be shopping for The Kings Famous Chili Con Carne which I'll be making for dinner, so that would be a good time to do my steps.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- A great day yesterday, all goals reached.
- Wife!
- Working from home today.
- Chili tonight. :)
179.0 lb Lost so far: 162.7 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 18.5 lb a week


Sounds like you're doing awesome! Today's takeaway: Protein = Satisfied = a day when you can CHOOSE to walk by a piece of 'cake' and NOT eat it, just because! (of course, you can choose to eat it - and manage the damage, if any - but what a great feeling to be 'satisfied' physically - and actually MAKE a different choice!) BONUS: and the carb monster stays in slumber! WOOOT!!! 
13 Aug 13 by member: jsfantome
They had a similar set up for at my old gym circuit training but the cardio machines were just in a lineup across from the circle of weight machines. I loved it too. My trainer taught me how to use all of the weight machines standing up only also. Miss that now. I copied your link so I can read about the protein intake later tonight. thanks! 
13 Aug 13 by member: Neptunebch
Keld, I love your gym! I think I would very much enjoy it, however Denmark is a bit far away to hit the gym on my lunch hour, lol. Curves for Women here in the states has a similar setup, but it's expensive and I can't swing it right now. 
14 Aug 13 by member: skirch97


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