kingkeld's Journal, 07 August 2013

Good morning!

Fair warning... this is NOT the usual Kingkeld journal entry.

Today, I posted this in the community forum:

So, what the heck is going on in the community forums these days?

It seems that no thread can be started without it ending up as a total b**ch-fest with everyone arguing?!?

I took the liberty of commenting on the fact that a young girl - 13 years old - wanted to lose weight with a starting weight of 50 kilos, pushing for 45.

I basically told her to have some of the ice cream that she wanted to know if was okay for her to have. I told her to have a 2nd helping too and to go out and play instead of worrying about her weight.

I wrote this as a contrast to the several people who pitched in with helping her getting an understanding of how she could more efficiently lose weight. I hope and assume that they answered her questions without considering her age and weight, and therefore didn't understand the severity of it.

Anyways, once again, the wonderful people that seems to always start fights, started insulting me. I was told that I was being condescending and arrogant and what have you. Mind you, it doesn't take long time looking through threads in the forum to see that those same people picks fights left and right, and chooses to be offended on every other person's behalf, no matter if there is a reason for it or not.

Honestly, I'm sick and tired of the whining in the forums. REALLY tired of it. I'm sick and tired of people who do NOT want to listen to common sense.

I understand that there are lots of people on Fatsecret that have some weight issues, that's why we're all there. I understand that there can be some psychological issues that needs attention. But I firmly believe that 99% of us ARE NOT SPECIAL and HAVE NO SPECIAL CONDITIONS when it comes to weight loss. We simply got fat because we didn't pay attention to our poor lifestyle choices. The only other issue that we have is that we don't like to admit it.

We all need to do the same. We need to restrict calories - whether it's by counting the calories, restricting the carbs, or whatever way works for us - and we need to move more. It IS that simple.

I have helped SO MANY people lose weight this way, and every single one that do what I tell them seem to be losing weight. I have not had ONE single exception to this rule. Not one. The ones that have failed my classes are the ones who can't get their rear end in gear, or who don't count their calories.

I find it very interesting to see the tickers of the people who preach the "consume less calories, move more"-approach in the forum. Those people have usually made it to their final weight goal.

Those who argue it, those who pull out the "I'm special and I can't lose weight because..."-card are usually the ones who have trouble losing weight.

Even looking at myself, I see this is true. When I feel that I suddenly gain a few kilos, it is ALWAYS because I don't focus on my calorie intake. I tend to panic and instead of simply pushing myself back on track, I start doing a bunch of things different, but in the wrong direction. It gets harder to lose the weight. Then I go back to calorie restriction in the 500 calorie deficit zone that is recommended by FatSecret - and the weight comes off easily. Hmmm... I wonder why that is?!?

I honestly think that a lot of people have more trouble DEDICATING to doing this than they have actually losing the weight.

Sure, life gets in the way.
Sure, there are challenges.
Sure, there is THAT party next Saturday.
Sure, there was a sale on brownies.
Sure, I have (insert name) staying with me this week and they don't want to eat healty.
Sure, I work more hours than most.
Sure... you get the picture.

They're all excuses. They're excuses for us to not do what we KNOW we should be doing. They're excuses to make us stay in a spot that we know and ultimately seek comfort in, even if we may not even realize it. For by far the most of us, we could lose the weight if we put the excuses aside and just got to work on it.

That's what I did. That's why I lost 170 lbs. That's why I'm a WAY happier person today.

Back when I started my weight loss journey, one of the first things I did was to get in the community forum and READ. I found the people that had reached goal, added them as buddies, and took a long hard look at what they were doing.

Can you guess what they were ALL doing? Not low carb. Not dukan. They all - EVERY SINGLE ONE - counted calories. So guess what I started doing? :)

My first thought with this entry was that I was gonna simply back out of the forums. However, I think it's important that there are a couple of "senior users" of Fatsecret - who have reached goals easily and efficiently - in there to comment and ease people in the right direction.

I have no intention of contesting what people think is right or wrong when I reply to everyone else's threads. I have no intention of picking fights. I have no intentions in participating in anyone's "b**ch and whine fest". I am here to help, share my opinion and experiences, just like always.

I do realize that I have my own style that might differ from others. Let's call it "personality". I think it's important that we get clear answers when we ask questions, and I try to answer and state my opinions in a simple, clear language. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it doesn't make it less true if we gift wrap it an put a bow on it. It just makes it harder to hear the message.

For me, one of my best motivators to start losing weight was never people that would say "oh, you might need a larger size" or "wow you must be really hungry, picking that portion size". The one that motivated me to actually start doing something was the one that said "DAMN you got fat". This was the clear and easy-to-read message that I needed. The message that MANY of us needs.

None of us are here because we are big boned, right? :)

I try to state things the way I see them. If someone else wants to fight and argue, please leave me out of it.

...and as always - anyone is welcome to inbox me with questions. My "payment" for using FatSecret is to pay it forward. I'll help whereever I can. FatSecret literally saved my life, and I owe it to the community to give all the help I can, just like I always got the help I need - and still do.

I will assume from here on out that if you read my postings, you will consider them MY opinions, and simply leave it up to you whether you want to take my advice or not.

Don't insult me for knowing what works, just because you maybe don't.

Group hug!

I don't think I need to comment further on it in this journal. :)

Now, of course, I expect a MASSIVE number of replies on how I am insulting everyone by posting it. LOL.


So, what else is new?

Well, I'm up 300 grams today. That's no surprise. Yesterday, I felt that I just couldn't stop eating. I did stop when my 8 hour window closed, though, and I didn't go over my RDI. I stopped 33 calories early! LOL. It was a tough, long day, but I made it.

I can easily fluctuate those 300 grams regardless, and I am still at a weight that I will be perfectly happy to be at for Friday's meeting with the surgeons. It's no biggie. I will simply keep doing what I'm doing.

I do find it interesting that I seem to be dropping more weight after I STOPPED chasing the "eat as few calories per day"-beast, and instead have been eating MUCH closer to the max of my RDI with an extra keen eye on protein. It seems to be working a charm. It just proves my theory - don't make it harder on yourself than necessary. Eat enough. Don't restrict yourself further than you need to.

Keep it simple, stupid. :)


So, what's in store for today?

Not all that much. I did my workout, but not my walk. I will try to walk as much as I can throughout the day, and what I seem to be missing to reach my goal for the day, I will do after work.

I might be working the gym today. I don't know yet. I have a coworker who called in sick for her afternoon shift, and I might switch my shift tomorrow and take the shift today instead. It's good, as I would rather have tomorrow off, and today's shift is two hours longer, too. More hours = More money. Win.

No breakfast today as always. Still don't miss it.

Lunch will be a pita bread from the local pizza place, as yesterday's dinner was so good that it's all gone, no leftovers.

Dinner? I'm not sure. It all depends whether I have to work or not.

If I am working, it WILL be a challenge to eat up my RDI. I might have to stop by home and down a massive smoothie for protein, and also bring one to work. Otherwise I don't get anywhere near neither protein nor calorie intake.

So far, if I am working, my calorie intake will be about 550 calories and I will have about 30 grams of protein. I need MUCH more of both. I will work this out.

Of course, one day here and there where I don't reach my goals won't kill me - especially not if it is because I eat too little. However, I am super comfortable with reaching my RDI, and I really like it. Then again, a low cal day today can help me compensate for the rib house that Wife and I are going to on Friday, after I have been to the hospital. :)


I can't wait for Friday! I just want to be less "stuck" in the whole thought of having to qualify for surgeries and having to go to evaluations to ensure that things are okay.

It's tedious, to say the least, but of course it also keeps me on my toes.

I do think that I know what I'm doing, and that I can prove that my weigh-ins are steady and regular.

Looking back three months I weigh pretty much the same - even a little less - as I do today, so I have no worries.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Gym mornings! I love 'em!
- Morning coffee!
- Wife!
- The outlook to a GREAT day!

Life is good!

177.5 lb Lost so far: 164.2 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 4.6 lb a week


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I very much enjoyed reading this journal 
07 Aug 13 by member: Nag1ka
Thank you Nag1ka 
07 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
I read that forum thread... DEFINATELY some opinionated people on there; that used it to bitch, whine - and in my opinion - express their thoughts aggressively. It was NO help to the young lady, who was asking for help, who - again in my opinion - should be asking for help from her parents, or a medically qualified person. She wasn't overweight, and seemed a little young to be worrying about consuming one ice cream. Interesting, that upping your protein seems to be working for you... I have always been a cut back on the carbs, and over the last year, concentrated on protein (within a calorie count - only way to go, as far as I am concerned). Re the 'other' diets ... I'm with you... They all require less calorie intake... Common sense really ... The 'diet' gurus, just making money out of vulnerable people, who are desperate to loose weight - but want a gimmick and immediate results... Ain't gonna happen. 
07 Aug 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I am new to this site and I thank you for your honesty. I think this is my answer to what I need to be focusing on for my health. 
07 Aug 13 by member: MMN
Sk1nny - I appreciate your comments. I know you tend to be sane and make sense. :D LOL 
07 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
MMN - Welcome aboard! :) 
07 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
I also read the thread and in my opinion children should be out playing and having fun, worry and stress will find you without you looking for it. 
07 Aug 13 by member: Chompy
I agree with you! All that you stated about the forums, and the fact that Life IS Good!! Thanks for the kick in the pants to stop bitching and whining!  
07 Aug 13 by member: Rubie-sue
I entirely agree with your thread KK, I've started avoiding the forums because of it. They finally got rid of Spacey (and lets be fair he was a troll) only for him to be replaced by his LC cousin. And Diablo seems to be unable to stop himself reacting too it. 
07 Aug 13 by member: riocaz
I'm convinced some of those ranting posters have 2 logins and too much time LOL. They need to up their mess and have a cookie. 
07 Aug 13 by member: FullaBella
Meds * 
07 Aug 13 by member: FullaBella
I've repeatedly responded to young teens on here advising them that they need to be talking to their parents and/or someone medically qualified. Anyone of that age is still growing and NEEDS a properly balanced diet in order to grow healthily. I entirely agree with you that a chocolate ice-cream every now and again won't hurt them in the slightest. 
07 Aug 13 by member: riocaz
i will say it again as i did on the thread Kingkeld YOU ARE A LEGEND. reading your daily journal keeps me going you are my inspiration that there is hope for us all as long as we work at it?? 
07 Aug 13 by member: qapl
I love your most recent post! I don't spend a lot of time on the forums...I tend to contact my buddies instead. When I do go on the forums I am always amazed at the behavior. Certain people do like to pick on others! I have my way of doing things...and it is working so far. I am trusting my biggest fan, my buddies and my doctor for support and advice. If someone attacks my approach I am stubborn enough to want to defend it. However, first and fore most is that I have to follow my medical advice. Everyone else should as well. If you are not following medical advice then you are playing Russian roulette with your life. There are so many opinions out there and they do not work for everyone. Go ahead and voice your choice...but do it in such a way as to not attack another's approach. State why it works for you and let the person make up their own mind. That is how adults should behave. Now go put on your big person pants and act like an adult on the forums. Great thread Kingkeld! 
07 Aug 13 by member: kmunson
qapl - I have no doubt that pretty much anyone who takes their weigh loss journey reasonably serious WILL lose weight. There is DEFINITELY hope. :) It's just like my Master Yoda quote: "Do. Or do not. There is no trying". Make the decision to better your life. Make it a REAL decision, that you will be serious about. Then go do it. Once you made the decision, walking the walk becomes a whole lot easier. If you have medical conditions, like kmunson mentions, then stop by the doctor's office to get some ground rules. Most of our conditions come from us being overweight anyways, and I am sure most of our doctors will simply cheer us on, and caution us about what ever concern needs a little extra focus. :) 
07 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
I so wanted to post a supporting thought for you in the 13 yo thread, but didn't want to be inundated with notifications because I've seen how the threads with certain people get totally out of control. Your advice was absolutely correct. Good journal reading as usual! 
07 Aug 13 by member: skirch97
I appreciate it regardless, skirch97. Thanks. :) 
07 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
I read some comments this morning and I was fuming !!! Seriously sick to death of the arguing from those people on the forums wanting the last word. They are like children. They must be so insecure that they want everyone to agree with their way of thinking. And her who suggested you don't know what you said cos you're not English.... Grrrrrrr I had to put my iPad down before I could respond. Anyway we know what works don't we, I will now carry on reading your journal, I just felt the need to vent !!!!!!! :-) 
07 Aug 13 by member: shaz7140
LOL, Shazzyb. I do apologize for my poor linguistic skills. English IS my second language you know. :) I find it amusing that my AMERICAN wife comes to me when she has questions about the English language. I think I'm doing okay.  
07 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
Good lord, I was happy to see your post in the forums this morning.. I think some people just go into the forums looking for a fight. That's the trouble with the internet - you can't see body language or facial expressions or hear tone, so you can pretty much take most posts and run with them whichever way your mood sees fit. Bleh.. I try to stay away but it keeps sucking me back in. You're exactly right that some people decide it's their duty to be offended for everyone that posts and look for anything that could come across as an "attack" - it's never-ending... 
07 Aug 13 by member: erika2633


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