kingkeld's Journal, 06 August 2013

Good morning!

It's a strange morning. The sun is shining brightly, and the rain is hammering down, with thunder and lightning, all at once. Weird.

This of course keeps me from my much treasured morning walk.

I did the 2nd best thing. I went to work. I have a private meeting in the middle of the work day, and going in early will give me the time to take off for the meeting. I guess it's not all bad.

The thing I REALLY don't like about it is that I might not get all my steps in today, because of it. We'll see. I am walking to the meeting, about a mile away, and back, if I can. Unless it's pouring down still.


I'm down a full kilo today. This is GREAT. I am WELL on track for the surgeon's meeting Friday, and confident about it. The trick is now to keep going the right way and not mess up. :)

I did good yesterday, sticking to my RDI, going reasonably high within it, and with (almost) all the protein I'm supposed to have. I had to go for a couple of protein bars to get there, but that's okay. I like them a lot, as they also give me the sense of having a chocolate bar. Not too shappy!


So, I am at work. The computers are down. Obviously, this had to happen on the day that I go in EXTRA early, right? I have to wait for the IT department to get to work before we can get things reset. Oh well. At least I can write my journal on my tablet and waste time doing this. :)


I was looking at my weigh-in last time I went to see the surgeons. On that day, the goal was to lose 10 kilos from the time before. I had weighed 92 kilos, and the goal was 82. I reached it with these numbers:

Weight: 82.9 kilos
Bodyfat: 9.6%
Abdominal fat: 8
BMI: 26.2

Today, these are my numbers:

Weight: 80.3 kilos
Bodyfat: 10
Abdominal fat: 7
BMI: 25.3

So there is improvement on most fronts, except the bodyfat% that has sat a little high lately.

What I'm most happy about, though, is seeing that I am 2.6 kilos lighter than I was 4 months ago. This is nice. It's a general weight loss, even if I have been even lower inbetween those two weigh-ins.

At one point (one day!) I reached 76.9 kilos! I do think this is an unobtainable weight for me in general, but maybe something I can dip down to now and then. I'm getting more and more comfortable NOT chasing that number, but rather settle for something a little bit higher.

So, let's see what weight I can actually reach by Friday. Usually, over the week, the weight drops until I reach the weekend, then it goes up and I start all over. This will be interesting.

I think that I should be able to knock off at least one more kilo, though there are no guarantees.

I'm happy where I am right now, even if I don't drop any more weigh - but of course I would be HIGHLY annoyed if there is no change the next three days. :) But essentially, 80.2 kilos is a great weigh-in for the surgeons.

I was looking at pictures from April 5th, when I had my last meeting with the surgeons, and I can EASILY see a difference. I look WAY more lean, both face and body, and especially my arms! I have more veins that are clearly visible, definitely a sign that I am getting leaner and more toned. I like it.


So, today's mission is pretty simple:
- stay within RDI
- get lots of protein
- go for smaller food portions (to not weigh myself down for days with a crazy heavy meal that'll haunt me through the week)
- plenty of water, coffee and tea.

On top of this, I obviously keep to my "8 hour feeding window" way of eating, which I really like. It's so easy.

There IS one challenge with this today. The feeding window opens at 11, which is when I'm "allowed" my first meal. Obviously, I can eat before, but I prefer not to. I'm very comfortable with 11 being the time. However, I 11 am I am usually ready to have some food, as I haven't had anything for 16 hours straight. So I will be wanting lunch.

The meeting I'm attending today is at 11. Boo. I have no idea how long the meeting is gonna be, and I don't know how hungry that'll make me. It might not be a big deal at all, I just don't know. And you know how much I hate for my usual patterns to get interrupted. I am doing good the way I'm doing things and I like it that way. I don't want things shaken up too much, thank you very much.

So, the plan is that I'm gonna bring a protein shake for the walk to the meeting, and I will have if AFTER the meeting. This will give me a little bit more of the "fat melting time" by extending my fasting period, and it will give me some good fulfilling nutrition as my first meal of the day, Then, a little later, when I am back at work, I will have my lunch.

Wife prepped whole wheat pasta and meat sauce for me. It's probably a little too (physically) heavy for me, so I might cut down the portion size. She gave me a whole pound of food! Crazy lady! :) I will simply put some away before I eat, so I don't get tempted to down the whole thing - which just might happen if I am hungry. It's great tasting food!


Anyways, I gotta get going. Boss man is calling me, to go help him set up an iPad. :)

Today, I'm thankful for:
- A nice, low weigh-in.
- Beautiful, strange weather. It's eerie but looks amazing. Too bad that it ruined my walk. I'll have to compensate to the best of my abilities throughout the day. If push comes to shove I'll go by the gym and spend 30 minutes on the elliptical. That should get me to my goal for today, I think, on top of the other exercise I'm doing.
- Morning coffee!
- Wife!
- Work.

Happy Tuesday! Life is good!
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Excellent that the weight is going in the right direction. You definitely have your day planned out. I too would cut the pasta portion i half, at least in half. Shame you couldn't eat most of the sauce and leave lots of the pasta? Pasta is like bread to me, a waste of calories :) Sorry your IT is down at work, that's a bummer but at least you have your ipad. That is definitely on my Christmas list :) I love the apps that I have on my iphone and think that they would all look great on the ipad. Have an awesome day. Not much longer now until that much awaited appointment. Enjoy the day. 
06 Aug 13 by member: sarahsmum


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