kingkeld's Journal, 11 July 2013

Good morning!

So, it's another HUGE chunk of fluid (and hopefully a bit of fat) off my body. I'm slowly approaching the 80 kg max limit that I want to give myself in the future.

I dropped 1.9 kilos since yesterday, and I couldn't be more satisfied. It's nice to see things going well.

My smart smart scale is now registering my fat% again - today it's 7.4%. This means that I'm getting closer to a "real" weigh-in, where over-eating isn't too much a factor.

Yesterday I ended up having consumed 1600 calories. The day before 2100. I had the usual physical exercise, just what I would normally do. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I ate in an 8 hour time window, as planned. I had two main meals, and squeezed in a little bit of chocolate after lunch, and a strawberry smoothie after dinner.

I did regret the chocolate after, thinking it was a stupid place to waste 500 calories.

Then again, had I not done it, I would have been way lower in intake, and it's something I'd like to avoid. Food portions were pretty much dictated in advance from the cooking (pieces of salmon, in a 5 pack, enough for three dinners and two lunches), so I wouldn't really get to eat more than planned to up the calories. So I'm totally fine with the chocolate.

I did NOT get extra cravings from the chocolate, which is great! I think this has something to do with the higher calorie intake the day before, plus a huge lunch (700+ calories). The lunch got to be way more calories than I expected, as we decided to add some extra jalapenos, cheese and bacon to it. It's rough to be losing weight. :D

It's amazing how much better I feel when a few kilos come off my body. Today I feel light on my feet again, for the first time in a couple of weeks. I hope this lasts. It's the best feeling in the world, and something that always reminds me to stay on track. Unless there's candy and ice cream, of course. LOL.


Today is my LONG day. Work from 8 to 5. Then work at the gym from 5 to 9. LONG day. It's usually a pretty fun day, though.

It's also cake day at work. Wife has announced that she'll make key lime pie and "too much chocolate cake" (that's the name, and probably a fair describtion), so it's a dangerous day. I'm not sure whether to just stay away or sample. I'll have to consider it when I get to that time of day.

I have a ridiculously low calorie lunch. More salmon, with a salad. It's 233 calories. I'm supposed to reach close to 2100. It can't ALL be cake, sadly.

What I do need to do is work out what to have for dinner. Normally, I'd go for a pita bread on a day like today, but it'll have me end up with less than 500 calories of food for a long day like today.

Usually, I'd be more than happy to go with 500 calories today, making it a Low Cal Day. I'm not sure I should, though. Then again, if I'm full and satisfied, then why not? Besides, there will probably be something sneaking in - not necessarily cake, but PROBABLY cake - throughout the day. We'll see. I will limit myself on the bad stuff. I promise. I will do good.

I was looking at my stats from work yesterday. I have a spreadsheet that shows my average weight and fat% over the course of a week, three weeks and a month. I really didn't like the fact that all the average weight numbers now are over 80 kilos. Not by much, but still. I can't have that happen. I'm glad the weight is coming down, and coming down pretty fast. I just hope I can keep it going for a little while.

The real danger when it comes to my weight loss journey is my lack of control of my Indulgence Days of late. They tend to go higher and higher in calories. I need to keep them in a shorter leash. I am 100% confident that they work, but not if I eat so much that I suffer from it further than the one week, and not if I eat so much that I undo the work I do the other days. That's the real danger to Indulgence Days. Make sure to do them right, Keld.

Speaking of Indulgence Days - Wife and I have agreed to NOT do A-NY-THING this coming weekend. No plans, at least. No get-togethers. No guests. No visiting anyone. No BBQ. Nothing. If anything, the weekend will be staying at home, mostly, and of course my usual workout routines.

The only thing I can think of that we'll be doing will be the little buffet on Saturday, and that one's not really any kind of threat. I will have no candies on Saturday, or anything else really bad.

Sunday will be fairly easy. I'll be working at the gym all day, so that day passes easily. If anything, I'll be stuffing myself silly in apples. :)

But about today... I think my dinner WILL be a pita. I will give the whole thing an evaluation when I get to that point. I might get a larger version, that holds about 50% more food, just to up the calories a little, but they start becoming quite a meal at that size. I end up stuffed, and that's not comfortable. Maybe, as an alternative, I should get one with fatter meat than just ham, and ask for dressing.

I usually go "no dressing", and ask for ham or chicken breast in my pitas. It's nice, clean meat, along with lettuce in a pita bread. It's easy to see what I'm eating and it's super deliscious. I like these things - I could eat them every day if I had to. Low calorie, great taste and very fulfilling. Forget the Subway diet and Jared, gimme Kingkeld and the Pita Diet!

Actually, this would be super easy. A "regular" pita with ham or chicken, no dressing, is 250-300 calories. A larger version with beef is about 400 calories. Check this "diet" out:

Simply eat a pita from the local Danish pizza house for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make only one (or less) a beef one. No dressing. Those would be the rules.

You will have a MAX calorie intake of 1000 calories per day. I dare you to not lose weight this way. It doesn't take Jared OR Subway. :)


I find it amazing how easy it is to go LOW in calorie intake, once you know what you're doing. I learned this the very first weeks of my weight loss journey, and it's still super easy. I see the same from my clients. They are rocking this part of the journey, every single one.

The tricky part is to stay away from the "sinful" stuff. Candy. Overly FAT meats. Sugars. Flours. Those things that suddenly makes your intake skyrocket.

I see it myself still.

If I just eat regular food, like yesterday, I have absolutely no issue going low calorie all day. However, it's a little thing - yesterday's chocolate is a great example - that will cost a fortune on my calorie budget.

100g of chocolate - and in my world that is just a taste - is double the calories of tonight's dinner, if I go with a regular sized pita with ham. Also, of course, the chocolate usually calls for MORE sugars, where the pita fills me up.

I'm happy that the carb monster was sleeping tight yesterday, and never realized that I was eating chocolate. :)


So, I have my stats from yesterday. They're pretty much the usual thing for a normal day. I burn about 3000 calories, and do quite a bit of moving around.

I did get something interesting from Fitbit yesterday, though:

Now, this is done in a little more than a month. I'd say that's pretty good. This equals 2 marathons per week on average. :D


Today, I'm thankful for:
- A HUGE drop in weight. I feel great!
- Focus. I think UPPING the calories helps me a little.
- Spotify. Music, music, music.
- Sunshine for my walk. I'm off to walk in a few.
- Morning coffee for energy.
- Wife for being amazing.

Happy Thursday! Life is good!

177.9 lb Lost so far: 163.8 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 29.3 lb a week


Good morning my happy friend! You sound amazing and I love your journal as always. You do a lot of thinking about this but on a journey like ours I think you have to. You have to always be on guard and aware. And congrats on walking 'marathon' distances. Can you believe how far you've come, not just the weight loss but life and how much you exercise and how much you enjoy it? Re the cake issue, it's wonderful to have a cake day each week at work but it also sucks because it's so hard to resist. Could you talk wifey into learning how to bake a lower calorie version of some of these great cakes too? Then you could indulge without the heavy calories? Just a thought. There are so many website out there with how to cut the fat etc. Thanks for the PM, the help, the encouragement. And you know I will keep you updated on how I'm doing. I will likely start the Keld plan on the week-end. I have a night out Friday night, no limits :) then back on track after than. I got some thinking to do too :) To plan my calories for next week and plan that 2,990 indulgence day - oh my, the possibilities are endless (I think I heard that in a commercial somewhere :) 
11 Jul 13 by member: sarahsmum


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