kingkeld's Journal, 09 July 2013

Good morning.

What a difference a day can make on the scale.

What's gained fast is lost fast, it seems. :) I gained so much over the weekend, and it's coming off quickly so far. Today I am down 2.4 kilos (5 lbs) since yesterday. I'm impressed, but not surprised. This happens almost every week.

I reach a weight I'm comfortable with by the end of the week, then I go "have fun" and then I gain massively for a few days, to start over at the end of the week.

It's good to know I can knock down the weight again quickly, but it REALLY is becoming a bad habit.

I would seriously like to have my weight being just a little more steady from day to day.

Obviously, there is a way to do this. The DPO method. "Don't Pig Out". :)
Hmmm... maybe I could sell that as a new, revolutionary diet? LOL. The DPO Diet. Not.

Anwyays, the weight is coming off me again, and I can tell that I am feeling a lot better today. I feel a lot less sluggish compared to yesterday.

Yesterday went great. I reached 1200 calories. I only had "real and proper" foods. The only "bad" thing was a protein drink, as I felt like something sweet through the afternoon, and I didn't want to give in to bad foods, so I figured that a shake would help me out, and it did.

So, I really feel that I am on track today - physically and mentally.

It was great to be back to doing my morning workout. I like it SO MUCH more than doing it in the afternoons. It's much more efficient, and it's a great foundation for the rest of the day. I am already looking forward to going tomorrow!

Depending what time Wife is going for HER workout today, I will be joining her. She has Daughter home on school break, so she might join instead of me. That's okay by me. If I get to go, then I'll just og do the elliptical. Hell, I might go even if I can't join them, just to knock off a hundred calories or two. It's a good workout. :)

Yesterday's classes went effortless. I have people signing up, extending their stay. I like that. It shows that I am doing something right. :)

I did great on exercise. Here are my fitbit stats. :)


I've been doing great with the "8 hour window" way of eating. It seems that I'm getting a better and better grip on this every day. There is absolutely nothing complicated about it. There is virtually NO challenge in doing it, it's just a matter of skipping breakfast and wait for lunch, and of course skipping some night snacks.

It's all about habits.

Then, when it comes to the meals, it's all about making a reasonable choice, but the options are many more than usual, as I have so many calories available that I can spend through the two main courses. If I have leftover calories, they'd have to be spent within the 8 hour window, or they are not gonna be spent that day. It really is simple.

Again, I don't ever want to get into a habit of eating just to eat, but I do see the point that some of the Gurus doing this way of living are stating - make sure you get your nutrition. Since we're skipping a meal (for some people skipping several), it's important that we don't use this to simply cut calories to a ridiculous low. If we do, then we'll end up not feeling well, and we risk the weight loss not happening. Instead, use the calories that you have available, eat real foods and make smart choices. That's all. It's definitely something I can live with.

Then, if I feel that I have eaten until I'm satisfied (not stuffed), and I can live with a nice calorie deficit. But if I feel like more food, and I have the wiggle room and want to spend more calories, then there is nothing wrong with doing so. Our bodies NEED calories to exist, remember? :)

I'm still baffled - and unsure - about the massive calorie burns that my calculators are suggesting. Yesterday is a great example. Fitbit suggests that I burned 3400 calories yesterday. This was done by doing regular things, standing up at work (7 hours), gym (30 minutes), walks (focused walks were about 9½ kilometers, and then the accumulated steps from simply moving, walking around at work, etc.). It just seems like SO MANY CALORIES burned, and I have a hard time getting my head around it.

It's basically an Indulgence Day every day!

I can't help thinking that I would gain massively from a daily Indulgence Day. See what happens to my weight when I go have fun for three days. I'm up MANY kilos! How would that go if I did 3500 calories daily?!?

Well, I'm not sure. But I do think that some things would even out. I would be eating more foods to reach that high an intake. This would make me heavier, simply from my body storing the foods to be processed. I would also gain water weight, but I'm sure that there is a "saturation point" to this, probably a few kilos. After that, I would think that it would even out.

Obviously, to follow that high a maintenance intake would take some effort. By far the most of the calories would have to come from regular, proper food. Not from 50% junk. If I was to start eating junk, then it's easy to reach high calories, but it would work against everything I'm learning and have already learned. It's NOT the way to go.

So far, I'll simply use the high number to make me feel good that I didn't reach it, do my best to go low to knock off the excess weight, and keep going.

This, of course, gets me thinking. Just how low do I NEED to be to lose weight these days? I mean, if we are simply talking weight added from the weekend shenanigans? I'm thinking that I mostly just need to stay slightly below maintenance level, but I am still unsure of this.

This is where I am in unknown territory.

It's something that I need to learn more about, but I don't think right now is the right time for it. I have a few more missions before I can go play around with ideas that can make me gain weight.

I have an appointment, status update, with the surgeons on August 9th. For this one, I want and need to have a good weigh-in. I don't want to go and NOT have dropped any weight compared to last time.

This should be reasonably easy to accomplish. Today, I'm about a kilo heavier than I was when they saw me in October (or was it November?). A LOT has changed since then. Even if I weigh the same, I have significant drops in fat%, and have gained quite a bit of muscle. I'm not worried.

I would, however, like to see a weigh-in much closer to my 76 goal before then. It's accomplishable if I put my mind to it. Pretty much anything in the 70's would be okay for me, but I'd love to see a low weigh-in. It would make me feel accomplished.

It's what I want to work towards this month.

It's a challenge though. It's summer, there's gonna be several parties coming up. There's gonna be the town festival. THere's gonna be a week off from work. LOTS of challenges. Still, I have done it before, and it CAN be done. The trick is FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS. Keep going. :)


Today, I am tired though. Sleepy. I slept okay, but I just feel kinda bleh. It all started with me having trouble getting one of my contacts in my eye. My eye got irritated, and it translates to "sleepy eyes" in my head, I think. This always makes me tired and feeling sleepy. It's just something that has to pass. I'll be fine once I'm out and about.

Right after I finish my journal, I'm gonna go do my walk. Once again, the weather looks amazing, and it's gonna be another nice, sunny day in Denmark. Of course, at 6 AM the sun is barely up yet, and it's still not TOO warm outside. I'll have to bring a little windbreaker, but at least I can now wear shorts. It seems like summer is FINALLY here.


So, today will be a nice day. I have a few interviews to do at work, but nothing TOO demanding, I think. I can probably sneak a little walk in during my lunch break, and we're having awesome lunch! Grilled chicken wings and bacon jalapeños! I like!


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife!
- Summer!
- A massive weight drop! Let's do it again today!
- Quiet days at work. I like working when everyone else is on vacation!

Have a great Tuesday! Life is good!
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I love looking at your fitbit stats... They are awesome :-) 
09 Jul 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Thanks, Pam. I gotta say I tend to get pleasantly surprised with them. This is why I always doubt that they're "for real". I know I move a lot. I know the fitbit does NOT register when I type and other tasks where I use my hands, and I know it's pretty accurate on steps, so I do think it's a fairly reliable source of information. However, I STILL have trouble grasping that I on a regular basis reach a calorie burn of 3500 in a day.  
09 Jul 13 by member: kingkeld
Glad the indulgence day crap is coming back off. When you get to your final weight number, the weight you want to maintain at, this could be your maintenenace plan - be 'good' all week and then have a 'normal' week-end. I used the ' ' because I dislike the words 'good' and 'normal' in relation to food and weight. There are really no bad foods, just what we do with them and how much we eat them and 'normal' is different for everybody. I follow your thinking with interest because you are way ahead of me in the weight loss but our paths are similar in the 8 hour window and IF-ing. My eating window is really more like 5 hours and my calories can be ridiculously low I suppose but being a woman I have less flexibility with calories and having yo yo dieted all my life my metabolism is totally screwed up AND I have a ton of body fat to get rid of so I am hoping that IF-ing and low calories a couple of times a week will encourage my body to eat itself 9yuk/gross) and get rid of some of this fat :) So keep on thinking and sharing, there are lots of us reading and thinking and using your ideas. :) Good luck with all the fun summer food stuff to avoid :) 
09 Jul 13 by member: sarahsmum
I will definitly keep exploring. I do think that this is a good way of doing things. I do think I have a challenge here, in the way that I am not getting ENOUGH calories in general. I'm trying to up it all a little, but with proper food. It's harder than you'd think. 
09 Jul 13 by member: kingkeld
I like the idea of the 8 hour window. That's 16 hours of fasting, then a don't really have to worry. Psychologically it's probably very good. 
09 Jul 13 by member: Cthulhu
Cthulhu, it definitely makes things easier. Don't be fooled though, if one puts his mind to it, one can make a LOT of damage in 8 hours. :D 
09 Jul 13 by member: kingkeld


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