kingkeld's Journal, 01 July 2013

Good morning!

Ahhh... that's better.

I dropped 2.6 kilos of the water weight since yesterday! I feel better! I had a great day rockin' with the band! I managed to do a Low Cal Day! I watched a great Danish movie with Wife! I reached all my Fitbit goals! I had a great night's sleep!

Does a day get much better than that?

Yesterday, I did wake up feeling like a total slob. Massive weight gain, no energy, kind of a "hung-over" feeling, though not the alcohol hangover type. Just feeling very bleh, with no energy. I guess that's what happens when you gain 6 kilos overnight. :/

Still, all we can do is keep going, right?

I went and did my walk, I listened to my audiobook, and I went rocking with the band.

I didn't have breakfast. I'm starting getting used to this, and I don't really miss it. It's comforting to know that I can spare the calories, I can do perfectly fine all day, and just enjoy the other meals (within reason). Also, knowing that I CAN just have breakfast if I choose to makes it a lot easier. It's completely voluntary.

No breakfast again today. I don't even feel hungry. Usually, I'd feel hungry simply from KNOWING that I was gonna have breakfast. Taking the habit of breakfast away makes it easier to just not focus on it. I haven't shopped for it, there's nothing I really wanna eat, and this also makes it easier. Should I want breakfast, I'll take a look in the fridge, conclude that there is nothing appropriate, and move on. Easy.


I had an idea about working out this morning, but it won't happen. My back is hurting, as is my leg. I'm not quite sure what happened, if I did a bad twist yesterday, just just slept bad. It hurts when I do certain movements, and I think I need to NOT do this today. I'll be fine walking, though, and I might push in an extra kilometer or two to compensate on the calories, at least a little bit. Besides, I like walking a lot, and I like listening to the audiobook that I'm hearing. "Inferno", by Dan Brown. We're getting close to the end, and I need to get this one finished and finally save the world.


So, here are my stats from yesterday.

As you can see, I did pretty good. Once again, I changed my Fitbit Flex to my dominant hand, as it seems to give a more accurate measurement of me playing music. Usually, I have it on my non-dominant hand, but as this is the hand that I use to hit the strings on my bass, it seems to count a LOT more steps than it should. This way, it doesn't really count unless I'm moving around. Fortunately, I move around quite a bit when I play. It's fun, and I need to be able to move around for live shows. I can't stand that just being a tree, right? :)

Oh, and guess what! WIFE is joining the Fitbit army! That's right! She's actually very interested in the stats that I'm getting from my Flex.

She's asked me to order her a Fitbit, but for her we settled for the Fitbit One, which is actually more advanced and more expensive. She doesn't like jewelry, and doesn't like anything around her writs, neck, etc. Not even a wedding ring on her finger. I'm kinda the same way, so I get it. I like the Flex, though.

So, the Fitbit One it is for her. This one also counts stairs, and she does quite a lot of those. It's a clip and she can just put it wherever it is most convenient for her. All she's gotta do is REMEMBER to move it to whatever clothes she's wearing, and keep bringing it. I could be a little worried about it ending in the washer, which is why I feel much safer with my Flex. I never take it off unless it's charging.

But let's see how it goes. Is the Fitbit One water proof, I wonder? Actually, it's not. It's "splash proof", and that probably wouldn't make it survive the washer.


So, today is teaching day. Today is the day that a lot of my participants in the weight loss class have their last day. Fortunately, I know that many of them will want to start up again next Monday, and I doubt that I will see any open spots after today. If anything, maybe one or two. Let's see how it goes.

I'm always looking forward to Mondays. I like teaching the class. Well, I'm not sure I can really call it teaching. They do most of the work themselves, supporting each other, chunching problems. Most of the time, I simply keep things on track, share experiences, get them in the right spot to keep moving. It's super important for the class, but it is much motivation and adjusting than it is actual teaching.

I do think I need to systemize things a little more, as I see that I sometimes forget to tell new people something that I have already shared with the rest. I think simply doing a 13 week cycle of "This week's trick and info" would do it. In 13 weeks, I'll get though all of the essentials of weight loss, so everyone gets all the tricks over the course of 13 weeks. That should be simple enough.


Today will have to be another Low Cal Day. Up, two in a row. It's not something I normally do, but I am on several missions this week. Three, actually.

1. Knock off the excess weight. 84 kilos yesterday was TOTALLY unacceptable, 81.4 today is better, but in no way good. I need to get back under 80.

2. Get as close to a new low as possible. It doesn't seem realistic that I WILL reach a new low this week. I'm way too far from it, but I gotta get as close as I can. Besides, my Saturdays are when I weigh the least, and I won't have the option of weighing in this coming Saturday. See #3.

3. I will - again - have two days that'll be somewhat close to Indulgence Days. Sigh. Summer is rough. :) I'll explain:

Friday is my Chili Night, with some good old friends. We're meeting at a friend's house, doing Insanity BBQ. Last time we did it, we did mostly Indian foods, but this time it's gonna be BBQ.

I will be trying to damage control it a little. I will do the potato salad. I have a superb recipe that is only 50 calories per 100g. It's super delish, doesn't have the yucky mayo feel to it, and I can easily make it chili related. It would taste awesome with jalapeños in it. Sure, not the hottest of peppers, but the one that would fit it nicely.

I will make the dressing from something called "skyr" in Danish. I'm not sure what it's called in English. It's basically a SUPER low calorie, high protein kind of sour cream. It's not Greek Yoghurt, it's something else but not unlike it. It is great for dressings etc.

Then, we're doing some good old fashioned steaks on the BBQ pit. These will have Bhut Jolokia BBQ sauce. Hottest pepper out there.

There will be chili hot dogs with habanero dijon mustard.

There will be chili beers.

There will be chili popcorn.

There will be chili ice cream.

All of this will be so delish, but it will also knock my calories to a place where I don't need them to be.

Saturday, Wife and Daughter will meet me (as I'm sleeping at my friends' house, and thus not able to weigh in) and we're going to Copenhagen, to Bakken - the old amusement park that I visited a few weeks ago. We're going there for ribs and ice cream, and hopefully a great day. I hope the weather is with us. We need sun. Badly.

Obviously, it's hard to keep the calories in check on a day like this too.


So, I am doing several things to fix all this mess.

1. Low Cal yesterday to simply get to feel better. I needed that.
2. Low Cal today to keep my average calorie intake low for the week. Besides, it's all part of my "Two Low Cal Days Per Week" idea. I'm just not used to doing them back-to-back, but I'll have to man up and just do it if I want to have a good time Friday and Saturday. Pay before you Play, right?
3. One THIRD Low Cal Day, by Thursday the latest. This means that I can wing it and see when I can fit one in. Probably not tomorrow, as three days in a row is harsh. But then again, if I can see that I can get there easily, then I'll go for it.
4. An attempt of NOT going all nuts on the two Indulgence Days. I will skip breakfast and potentially lunch on Friday, and save the calories for the evening. I will skip breakfast (as always) on Saturday, focus on a nice big lunch, a small(ish) ice cream and a light dinner. I will count my calories to the best of my ability ALL days, also the fun ones.
5. Low Cal Sunday. As Always.


I think I have set it all up nicely. I have calculated my calories for each day, and I know what I am allowed to do to reach the end of the week with the calorie deficit that I want to see, in order to inch a little closer to an eventual weigh-in of 76 kilos. It won't be this week, as the Saturday weigh-in isn't an option, but maybe next week.

Let's do this!


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Dropping some of the gained water weight from yesterday. I feel a LOT better. I feel less heavy. Now let's shed the rest.
- GOing for my walk this morning. I'm so looking forward to it.
- Audio books.
- Wife.
- Life!

...cause LIFE IS GOOD!
179.5 lb Lost so far: 162.3 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
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Interesting stats.... I am guessing the red is sitting / non movement. There doesn't seem to be much red at all in the graph... From 8-8.  
01 Jul 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
That sounds about right. I'm a busy bee, even on days I feel that I'm not doing much. A day like yesterday, I waked around 8am, and came back, did little things around the house. Had lunch, left to play music, was standing/playing ALL afternoon, except a 15 minute break, and then home for dinner and a few homely things in the evening. This is actually a reasonably calm day. :) 
01 Jul 13 by member: kingkeld
Good that its again coming down. But why is this sudden fluctuations happen?? even I have seen the same last week. Today it have come down. thank god. But I get very disappointed after seeing my weight increasing inspite of working so hard in gym. 
01 Jul 13 by member: empowering myself
Muscle remember muscle weighs more than fat if it is a back and forth its muscle or maybe water because muscle is allot of water and if you have a day where you don't drink as much yucky water you will retain it You do have a strong reserve though You are not beating yourself up like i tend to do you just want answers of why 
01 Jul 13 by member: Katgood13
Empower, it's all water fluctuations. I've been having too many feasts, parties, bbqs... It's all part of the game. If I over eat on the bad stuff, I gain TONS of water. It always comes down again, though. :) 
01 Jul 13 by member: kingkeld
Where did the idea of not eating breakfast come from? Eating breakfast starts your metabolism, meaning you will burn more calories during the day. At least that is what I have learned and heard. Are you just trying something new or is there new information out there I have not read yet? 
01 Jul 13 by member: coachcj8
Some people think if they Do not eat breakfast they can hold off lunch and maybe fast for a day I used to think that it never worked in less it was a very hot day and it was just to hot to eat  
01 Jul 13 by member: Katgood13
it's intermittent fasting yeah? Different strokes for different folks I guess.  
01 Jul 13 by member: coachcj8


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