kingkeld's Journal, 27 June 2013

Good morning!

I'm down another 800 grams - YAY!

This means I am back in the 77 kilo range, and that I need to drop another 1.3 kilos if I want a new low by Saturday.

I't not really necessary, though. I'm pretty happy with my weight today. It's much more of a principle thing - and a "diet" thing - that I want a new low. I don't need it at all.

Bodyfat% is still pretty low - 6.2%, so I still - STILL - have a feeling that more might "fall off" the next couple of days.


I didn't do TOO good on my food choices yesterday.

The day started out just fine, I skipped breakfast and did great. I had NO trouble doing it whatsoever.

It was at lunch things got tricky. I had a good, reasonable lunch. 255 calories. Pita with lettuce and ham. However, I got "tricked" (by me) to go have a little chocolate afterwards, and before I knew it I spend 1000 calories in there. Stupid me.

I didn't go higher than my RDI, but I did push it to the limit to fit in dinner. What was much worse was that I awoke the carb monster and it was breathing down my neck all day. It was VERY frustrating.

I need to remember this. I could easily deal with having made the bad move of eating chocolate on a "no candy day", but the after effect is really bothersome. It makes it rough on me all day.

Still, I ended up doing okay, and I ended up dropping another good chunk of the weight. I guess it did have a happy ending, huh? :)

So, what's in store for tomorrow's weigh-in? Well, bodyfat% is still very low, and it could mean more to come. Then again, can this keep happening? It's pretty radical what has happened this week.


Today WILL be a Low Cal Day. I really want it to be, and it's easy to do so.

I don't have lunch prepared, but Wife and I have agreed to go for the pita like I did yesterday. It's 255 calories. Nice and low, and chock full of protein, very fulfilling and delish.

...and having it with Wife by my side makes me NOT go spend 1000 STUPID calories on chocolate. :)

Then, it's basically meetings all day. These are the boring meetings that don't have bad foods looking at me all day.

...and after work I work at the Gym. This means a quick dinner on the way - which will be a salad, or another pita.

I can easily stick to just this, both meals are great, nutritionally reasonable, and tasty. It's all good.

Of course, the challenge is that it's cake day. Today, the cakes will be served at a big meeting for the entire staff. We're gonna go to another affiliate about 20 minutes walk from my office, and I'm hoping to walk out there AND back. I will simply go to work early to compensate for that time. It's a good investment.

Anyways, the cake day.

Having the cake served at the meeting makes it all a whole lot easier for me.

I will be in meetings while Wife is baking, so there is no "sampling". There is no "can you please check that this tastes okay?". This is a good thing.

Then, she'll take the cakes to the OTHER meeting place. When I get there - walking - I will simply have to walk BY the cakes, and into the meeting room. We're gonna be 75 people there, and all the goodies are basically served in the lobby.

So, the challenge is to walk by it, and go sit. Once I sit, there really is no option to go out and get anything, and when the meeting starts, Wife starts packing up the treats, and they're out of sight. Not too hard to handle for me today, I think.

Today will be easy.


So, yesterday I met with the mom and daughter that requested weight loss coaching.

It's gonna be reasonably easy to help them, I think.

We had a good long talk about everything, and I think a lot of things dawned on Mom.

It turns out that she's been ill for a long time - years - and that she has been compensating for a lot of the things that she couldn't do for her kids by giving them treats. Little bowls of candies around the house all the time, comfort foods, baking cakes etc.

At the same time Mom is skinny like a rail and cooks with LOTS of buttes, oils etc.

The daughter has gotten a little heavier lately, but it co-incides with an older sister moving back into the house and starting to help in the kitchen, cooking like the learned to do from Mom. Lots of added calories to the food. Older daughter is chubby too, but not horribly bad.

So, it's fairly simple, I think.

Cook better. Cut down on the grease. Use better meats, more veggies. Remove the candy!!! :)

This is first step.

Then, there is exercise. Daughter doesn't move a whole lot, but is VERY interested in the gym, where they just signed her up. She loves the epilliptical, and I encouraged her to go mess with it. She walks right by the gym after school, and I told her that she can come as much as she wants to work out on that machine. It's pure cardio, and will help her get in better shape and burn some calories.

On top of that she'll be doing (mild) strength training. The machines she'll be using are specifically made for kids, to ensure they don't do anything wrong, and that it's safe for them in their growing stage. They won't get to do anything as hard as what the grownups do.

This, on top of many more walks with mom, should do it. I think so.

I would like if we can do this by simply changing a few "problem" things. It will make life so much easier than if we need to do radical changes.

We're meeting in a week to see how everything went. I can't wait! :)


Yesterday I went for MY talk with the work psychologist. It was the first time I've ever tried this, and it was nice.

I kinda feel ambivalent about it, though.

On one hand, he touched a few things. On the other hand, he brought nothing new that I didn't already know or that I didn't already realize. However it was super nice to have someone else "clear the clouds from the sky" so I got a better view of what is going on in my head when I have the difficult cases.

I believe that I am pretty good, when it comes to analyzing myself. I have done it for years, through my journal and through my weight loss journey. This is one of the reasons that I write, and I believe it's one of the reasons that I succeed.

However, I can NEVER get enough support, and I would never turn down an offer like this. It always helps to talk to someone, get pointers and suggestions, and well - simply get help. I liked it, and I'll be looking forward to doing it again in a few months.

I think the general idea is that we get three sessions. One yesterday, one in August, and one later this year. Really cool!


So, I looked up "Oil pulling" yesterday, thanks to the suggestions from my buddy FullaBella.

This is very interesting, and something totally unexpected.

I didn't try it this morning, though I did go for coconut oil in my coffee. I might try it out though, see if I feel any benefits from it.

I can't help being a little sceptical about it - it just sounds like it's too good to be true, and it also sounds INCREDIBLY GROSS! :) I'm sure it's something one has to get used to, swirling oil in your mouth?

I mentioned it to Wife, and very surprisingly - she was intrigued. She might try it out tomorrow morning. If so, I'll go for it with her.

Besides, you're supposed to spit out the oil afterwards, as opposed to consuming it with the coffee. Saves me a good chunk of calories. :D


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Not going over RDI yesterday.
- Reaching the 77 kilo range again. Let's see if I can make it the 76 kilo range by Saturday morning. :)
- Morning coffee with coconut oil. I actually felt a spart of energy from it today, I think. I feel great. Or was the coffee just slightly stronger than usual?
- Low Cal Day. Let's do this. No stupid moves, please.
- Working the gym tonight. This is ALWAYS fun.

Happy Thursday! Life is good!
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Wow, chocolate - no wonder the carb monster woke up. I am glad you enjoyed it though and got through the day without giving in to the CB. Hope he is caged again today. Sounds like you had a good day yesterday, despite the chocolate, and you have another good day planned for today and a strategy to deal with the cakes. I must admit I would find it hard to deal with cake day once a week. Kudos to you my friend. I won't wish you good luck on this low carb day, you definitely don't need it. And great job on the mum/daughter duo, your advice sounded spot on, not too difficult, not too much at one time and as you say if you can fix this with small changes, it will be easier for the girl to do and stick with. I was a heavy child, youth, adult - so if she can fix this now she will save herself a world of hurt :) 
27 Jun 13 by member: sarahsmum
BAD KELD! NO CHOCOLATE! Lol. Teasing of course! About that... did you get a chance to try the chocolate Raw Meal packets I sent you? I'm eager to hear your opinion. Won't sway my love of it. It's gritty, but if you blend the snot out of it, some of that goes away. It keeps me from craving the bad chocolates. Great job, though! Be strong for Cake Day! You can DO it! Ok, now I must make just a little fun of you... it's out of love... read your typed word out loud: "the epilliptical." I got a little giggle when I did. You combined 2 words... Love it! <3 I don't need to tell you to stay the course. You're my guiding beacon!! Love y'all! 
27 Jun 13 by member: ZippyDani
Chocolate is always tricky, and very tempting for the carb monster. I've been itching to bake cookies or banana bread (with chocolate chips of course) for a while now, but I know that I wouldn't be able to stop at just one helping.  
27 Jun 13 by member: mrsgamgee
@Dani - Epilliptical is how you feel AFTER you've been on it. ;) I haven't tried the meals yet, but it's coming up - I just need a good excuse to use the calories. Maybe I should do it next time I crave baddies. Before I go "Epilliptical".  
27 Jun 13 by member: kingkeld


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