kingkeld's Journal, 17 June 2013

Good morning!

I'm back under 80 kilos, recovering from a week of fun!

I haven't been TOO bad on my calories through the last week, where Wife and I were on vacation, but I haven't been good either. A few days turned into (more or less) Indulgence Days, and other days I fought to compensate.

I moved more than I expected, and I think that saved me.

The end result is that I'm at 78.8 kilos, 1.8 kilos from goal. I think I might be able to drop that over the next week, so reach my 77 goal on Saturday. At least, this is my goal.


Yesterday, the Fitbit Flex saved me again. I was working at the gym all day, and as much as I was hoping to get my steps in through the day, as well as maybe a workout, it just seemed that the odds were against me and it wouldn't happen. When I was done working, and well tired from it, I was nowhere near my goals for the day.

The obvious choice to fix some would be a nice long walk after work, but it was really cold and stormy, and the rain was pouring down. Walking did not in any way seem like an option.

So, I called up a buddy who also workout at the same gym, and arranged for him to show up 10 minutes before closing time.

After we closed, we switched up the music to some good old hard rockin' rock'n'roll, and went for it. I met ALL my goals, and then some. :) Very nice!

Another thing I did to get steps in was using the epiliptical trainer. It worked great for both burning some calories and getting my steps in.

This is something I haven't ever really used other than to warm up for my circuit training, however yesterday I saw a good purpose for it. As a matter of fact, today I will go spend a little time doing this instead of my morning walk. I want to see how I fare going a little further on it, and see if I can actually make my five kilometers faster this way. It feels much more like running, but without the tension on my legs and knees. And it seems like it burns at least the same or more than simply walking.

I have no experience with this, but I'd be very interested in hearing your experiences.


I'm skipping breakfast today.

This last week I have found myself skipping breakfast frequently, and not missing it at all. If I don't miss it, then I don't think I need it, right?

I don't overeat later on, and I don't feel like I am short on anything (other than a few kilos!). Simply skipping my breakfast if I don't feel the need for it makes the rest of the day easier, it seems.

I've been reading quite a few bits and bobs about this in the community forum. Eating within a time interval seems to go nicely hand in hand with intermittent fasting. It makes sense.

Basically, skipping breafast will make me have my first meal at 11 am when I have lunch with Wife. It's not TOO late, and something easily accomplishable. Then I have my "eating window" open and will keep it open for 8 hours, until 7 pm. After this time, I will generally stop eating. I will get the calories I want (without over stepping the RDI, of course) within that time, and leave it at that.

This is my plan for the week.

Now, if I can tell that one morning I can't go the distance without breakfast, then I'll have breakfast. However, it seems to me that sometimes my breakfast will kick start an urge to eat all day, instead of the opposite. I want to learn more about this.

This is interesting, as a next step for me.

I can easily see maintenance becoming a breeze if I essentially have two meals per day, and 2500-3000 calories to play with.

According to the Fitbit stats, I burn about 3300 calories on average. If this truly is an indicator, then it's all good. I can barely imagine this being a problem staying under. If anything, it would be hard to reach. :)


I'm teaching my weight loss class tonight. I have a new client - again - so I am now at 15 clients in two teams. Not bad.

Yesterday, I had one of my clients reserving a spot for the next three months, when her membership expires July 1st. I am pretty sure more are to come. Gotta love repeat customers. They're less work as they need no introductions, they're money in the bank, and they are the best advertisement I could possibly get. :)


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Going back to work and my normal schedule. It's hard maintaining a healthy lifestyle when things are unplanned. I think I did reasonably well though.
- Gym this morning, just for the epiliptical. I did circle training yesterday, and will again tomorrow with Wife.
- Morning coffee after a good night's sleep. I got 7hrs40min in. Not bad.

Happy Monday! Life is good!

When I got to work, I entered my stats for the last week in my speadsheet. I know. Nerd. I like to keep track of several things to see my averages - and it turns out that I now average 79.5 kilos over the last month. So an average under 80! NICE!
Also, the average fat% for the last month is 6.5%. :)
Life is good!
173.7 lb Lost so far: 168.0 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 21.6 lb a week


Hey, thanks for comments on my journal, I don't usually hear from you. I learned about IF from your journals, and then did some research on my own. If you are interested in the 2 meal a day approach there is a website - theIFlife - I found it very interesting. I am surprised how easy IF is, I used to eat all day, think about food when I wasn't eating, etc. Anyway, you are doing amazing, I love your journals, you have done fantastic and continue to be an inspiration. Again, thanks for your 'presence' on my journal :) 
17 Jun 13 by member: sarahsmum
I appreciate it, sarashmum. I don't often get to comment a whole lot - but I read more journals than you think. ;) I will check out the website - thanks! So far today I have done great. I had lunch at 11 am with Wife, and early dinner right now at 3 pm, as I am teaching one hour from now and until 7:30 PM. By then it's too late for me to comfortably eat, so I'd rather do it now. I still have room for a small protein bar, a couple of apples or whatever, if I should feel hungry - AND it will be a Low Cal Day (IE less than 600 calories).  
17 Jun 13 by member: kingkeld
I'm a big fan of elliptical machines. I've had various leg injuries from running (which I'm still too stupid to quit) and I've found the elliptical to be a good substitute to get in some cardio and calorie burn without aggravating the injuries. 
17 Jun 13 by member: majii
Hey KingKeld..I spelled it right this time..LOL..You have been such a good teacher that they all will want to come back..All your hard work has paid off in so many ways...Keep it up..I am so proud of you...:O) 
17 Jun 13 by member: BHA
Thank you, BHA - and everyone else - for the kind words. They mean a LOT. :) 
18 Jun 13 by member: kingkeld
awesome job on holding so steady on such 6.5% bf! 
20 Jun 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak


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