kingkeld's Journal, 09 June 2013

Good morning!

So, yesterday I reached my goal weight. I also reached Indulgence Day, wanted to celebrate, AND had a little party arranged with the band, and their respective families.

What an awesome night!

I had alotted 4500 calories for the whole shabang, and I think I did about right on that. If anything, maybe 5000. I know I was HIGH on calories, but my statistics for the week actually says I could have pushed it another 4000 calories without even being in trouble (and that's including a 3500 calorie deduction for weight loss!).

So, essentially I did good. I recorded my food to the best of my abilities. I had PLENTY of food, a good chunk of a VERY delish dessert, chips, candies, and just enjoyed the day. No sugar drinks. No alcohol.

There was a lot of salt in the dishes yesterday. There was a lot of starch too. So, obviously, my weigh-in was as shocking as every other Sunday after an Indulgence Day, if not more.

It's a little stressful to read 80.5 kilos on the scale after reaching goal at 76.9 yesterday. :)

Talk about MASSIVE day-to-day gain.

Obviously, it's not a fat gain. Some of it will be, but nothing that can't be gone in a few days. As always, it's just water retention and food processing in my body. I have no worries about this.


I barely made it on my exercise yesterday. I got my steps in, goal of 10,000 steps reached nicely. I got my distance in, goal of 8 kilometers reached nicely. But my calorie burn... I barely made it. My Fitbit Flex does a little "dance" when I reach my calorie goal, and I got the "dance" at 15 minutes till midnight! LOL! Cutting it REALLY short. :)

Still, I made it - and that's all that matters. I actually made it while I was brushing my teeth and about to go to bed!

Check out the stats here.

So, today is another day. Today I reset. It's Sunday, but I'm shock full of energy (probably all the sugar!), and good to go. I was up at 5 am, and done sleeping.

This of course also reflects on my weigh-in. Had I slep a few extra hours, I would have had more fluid evaporating from my body, and maybe also been able to pee some more, and could probably have ended up on the "good" side of 80 kilos. Still, in the big picture it doesn't matter at all.


So what's the strategy to get to 77 kilos? Just the usual. Today is Low Cal Day. I am really looking forward to it, too.

Yesterday I felt strong and accomplished. I felt THIN, and not just because I knew I reached goal. I felt like that because I was top trimmed.

Today, after eating like crazy, and not moving enough, I feel sluggish. I am still STUFFED after all the eating. I feel bleh.

So this morning will be spent going to the gym with Wife, and walking some kilometers. At least five as usual, but maybe a little extra too.

And of course, since today is Sunday, I will be going playing with Burnin' Live!

One of the BIG things yesterday - having the entire band together with the families - was the reveal (and optional comments and votes for approval) of the new, official band logo.

Daughter, who is extremely talented in design, has designed a band logo for us. We had asked her for something that signaled mainly 70's and 80's, but could also be more modern. We had asked her for a design that fitted the name "Burnin' Live!", and that signaled action and movement.

What she came up with is frickin' brilliant! Check it out:

Same, with different background:

I'm happy to say that everyone in the band loved it!

The cool thing is that she can do a LOT of color adjustments, and change a lot around in it without much effort, to make it fit all kinds of things. Love it!


I wonder how the fitbit Flex will react when I play music? This is something I need to keep an eye out for. The gadget is sitting on my non-dominant hand, and this is the hand that moves the most when I play bass. I can't "cheat" by having too many steps recorded when I play music. That's no fun. It's gotta be "real" exercise.

I can record "Guitar, Rock'n'roll band (standing) in my fitbit. :) It burns about 215 calories per hour, contrasting the approx 80 I get for simply sitting. This sounds about right, if you ask me. At least for rehearsal where we don't run around or really push it on the action. It's just standing with a little extra movement, plus a lot of energy. I just gotta see if I can more or less figure out how long we actually play, and enter it in little blocks so it doesn't record the non-playing (like setting up and taking down gear) wrong.

This should be accomplishable, and give a fair look on what's going on.

I'll try to enter this today. This should have a nice effect on the general day, I think.


I'm really looking forward to playing today. We skipped rehearsal last Sunday because we had the house warming party in Copenhagen, so it's been two weeks. It feels like AGES!

I can't wait!


This next week will be a week of challenges in regards to my calorie intake. We have a LOT of different things going on, but I think I can do it - especially since I can allow myself do to a little more.

This coming week, Wife and I are on vacation. Well, we're off from work, but staying in Denmark. We have things to do, though, and even if we're gonna be out and about, and probably moving more than normally, it's gonna challenge the calorie intake. Still, if I could pull it off in Le Paris, I am sure I can do it here.

Today is regular Sunday. Low Cal Day. Burnin' Live! rehearsal. A long walk this morning, and hitting the gym. Easy.

Monday is a normal day, except no work. I think I'll spend quite a bit of it walking, as well as hitting the gym again, to avoid just sitting down at home all day. I want to reach AT LEAST 2800 calories burned. Of course, I will be at the gym later in the day to teach also. I have my two classes on Monday.

Tuesday/Wednesday are where the challenges start. We're going to Copenhgen Tuesday. We're heading out reasonably early, and since the gym doesn't open until noon on Tuesdays, I have no chance of going early, unless I simply lock myself in outside opening hours. Hmmm... maybe I should talk to boss man about that. I never considered that until now. That COULD actually be the solution! :)

Anyways, Tuesday, we're gonna go see my child- and adulthood rock'n'roll heroes... You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world.... KISS!

This will be SO MUCH FUN! I love seeing these guys live, the huge stage show, the fireworks, the bombs, the flames, the massive sound, the showmanship... oh, and the music too! LOL.

Anyways, we're gonna be out all day, and I know we'll be eating at restaurants several times. Therein lies the challenge. Of course, we're also gonna be moving around more than usually, most likely walking all day, and standing up all evening at the show.

After the concert, we'll be spending the night at a friend's house. He lives relatively close by.

Wednesday, we're heading back into Copenhagen, and we're gonna spend the day there. It's gonna be a couple of nice days, but again, challenging on sticking to reasonable food. I'll do my best. I think the key thing is to resist the sweets, and since they promise REAL summer weather this might be harder than expected. :)

Thursday, I am actually going to work. There is an all-day class that I want to attend, vacation or not. It's about handling stress better, and I really want to learn more in this area. I feel that I need it. After the class I'm gonna go work out, and then stay to work a few hours. This is good, as I will be sitting down all day in class, and probably will have a hard time reaching my calorie burn goal unless I really man up.

Friday, is just gonna be nice and relaxed. Gym and walks. Well, walks are every day, gym three (or four) times per week.

Saturday is usual Saturday, as is Sunday.


I see that it wears me down a little much going to the gym more than 4 times per week. I really like going, and it's tempting to go more, but I can tell that it strains me on my energy, and that's not good. I see plenty of results even after three times weekly, so I think it's great that I can actually NOT go a few times per week. I need to set a level for myself, and I think this is a good place to start.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Such a FUN day yesterday. Who cares what the scale says today? :) I'm gonna be down to 77 again within the week. I know this. :)
- Wife for being so amazing, cooking for everyone. THanks, babe!
- Daughter for designing the most amazing band logo!
- Being in the most fun band in the world!
- Vacation!

Have a great Sunday! Life is good!

177.5 lb Lost so far: 164.2 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed reasonably well.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 55.6 lb a week


Wow I made it through your whole journal! I really like your new band logo and hope you have a blast at the concert. If you learn anything extra cool at the stress meeting let us know. I hope you enjoy your vacation time with your wife  
08 Jun 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Enjoy the concert, I saw Kiss a few years ago and they were great. Think I'll look into some tips on handling stress too, I'm not very good at it at all(very overworked!!). Enjoy your week, it sounds great fun  
09 Jun 13 by member: shaz7140
LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE the logo - brilliant. Sounds like you had a great day celebrating yesterday. It's good to know you can have a 'splurge' every now and then. Trick is getting back to being careful again - you have really got it down to a tee now :-) 
09 Jun 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Congrats on reaching your goal and love the what your daughter did for you...she is very talented indeed...Enjoy your day...:O) 
09 Jun 13 by member: BHA
I love your attitude. Yeah, you indulged yesterday and you can see that on the scale. But IT WILL BE gone again in the next few days. Good for you for recognizing your challenges coming up and strategizing for the best possible outcomes.  
09 Jun 13 by member: mrsgamgee
Also, please keep giving feedback on the Fitbit, I really want one, it sounds fab !!  
09 Jun 13 by member: shaz7140
Gratz on goal weight! And love the band logo.  
09 Jun 13 by member: Rowanfair
AWESOME new photo of you, you look so official! Kiss! WOW, that is going to be amazing! Love the logos!  
09 Jun 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic


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