kingkeld's Journal, 08 June 2013

Yeah! Goal reached!

Good morning, friends and buddies! Big day today!

I reached my goal of 77 kilos. Actually, I'm 76.9 kgs, but who cares, it's under 77! :)

This is quite an accomplishment, especially because I don't feel that I had to struggle to get these last kilos off. I feel that I have been "in the zone" all the way these last 4-5 months.

It's gone fast, too. My statistics say that I have averaged 700 grams per week, both over the course of a month as well as the course of 5 months. It's been incredibly steady.

This just proves my point: Consume less calories, move more. You WILL lose weight. :)

I'm tempted to do the whole "let's take a look at the whole journey" and bathe myself in shining light, but I also feel that I did that as late as last Sunday, in my journal #1000. I don't need to do that again.

I will, however celebrate and feel damn proud. :)

This is the lowest I have weighed since April 2012 where I reached an incredible low of 75.4 kilos. In total I have had 3(!) days weighing less that I do today. I feel VERY accomplished.


So, what's next? Well, basically more of the same. I am already in "maintenance mode" and have been for a while. I need to lower my goal weight in my calculator to 77 kilos, and my intention is to simply keep it there.

It's rare (but does happen) that I gain more than 3 kilos from day to day after days like my Indulgence Day. So at 77 kilos, it would be rare to reach 80. So I think 80 is a good weight indicator that I "need to do something more radical about things".

I will keep counting my calories and I will keep weighing myself daily. I like doing that, and I like knowing where I'm at.

I will also keep my general rules of no bad foods on weekdays, and two Low Cal Days every week. I see that it makes everything SO MUCH easier.

Of course, there has to be some math in there, and I can see that by having two days with no more than 600 (let's say 650 to make it realistic) will make all other days a breeze.

I would basically have:

2 days of 650 calories
5 days of 3461 calories.

Essentially, this means I could do five Indulgence Days per week. I won't, though. Don't worry.

Instead, I will simply eat what I find reasonable, and not be too hard on myself. I will register it all, so I know what I'm doing, and I will generally stick to my rules. They're not hard, they're not overly strict, and they work. This is the way to go.


I'm still pondering on the calorie burn that the Fitbit Flex is showing. I wonder if this is correct. The last three days I have reached a burn average of 3333 calories, according to the Fitbit. It has all my measurements, age, etc., so the question is whether this is accurate or not.

I am very active, but I have my activity level set for "moderate" on my calculator. I often wonder if this is set high enough for things to be realistic, it's the medium setting, level three out of five.

If I am to set it so I have a maintenance calorie allowance that matches my supposed calorie burn, I would have to change it to "Very High", the highest level possible. I just don't feel that "Very High" is realistically me. Am I THAT active? All I do is work and walk. LOL.

Actually, I would like to know what you guys think. What makes more sense?
Should I

a)keep my activity level setting to "Moderate" and supposedly have a lower allowance than I burn, or should I

b) assume that the Fitbit IS right, and that I am in fact VERY active, and go for top setting and adjust my general allowance to this level?

What do you think?

In a way it won't matter. I won't get to eat all that food regardless. I simply can't. To reach an average 3333 calorie intake whil still including two 650 calorie days, I would need five days of a whopping 4400 calories. I'd have to go back to candy, pizza and cola daily to accommodate that, and that isn't about to happen.

No matter the setting, it's fairly rare that I get to go over 2000 calories per day. Which means I might lose even more weight. Maybe it's time to look more seriously into protein drinks, and other things that can add some "good" calories to my diet without just being carbohydrates. For now, let's just see what happens.


I did great yesterday again, reaching all my goal. Here are the stats.

Now, don't expect for me to do this every day. It's fun doing, but also a few extra steps to do my journal, and I can't do it just everywhere I might be writing my journal. But it's fun to post it, it's fun to mess with the new Fitbit and all the stuff it does and shows.


Today is a FUN day. It's not gonna be the most active day, but a FUN day.

My band is getting together for an evening of good company, good foods and just hanging out and having fun. Getting to know each other more, as well as our familie. Everyone is bringing wifes/girlfriends/kids, and it's gonna be a party.

I have reserved A LOT of calories for today, 4500, just in case. I know that days like these can make me go overboard, but as much as I have these calories reserved, I would prefer to not use them all. Knowing me, though, it just might happen. LOL.

To make sure that I'm not doing all bad, I have prepped by NOT having breakfast, as Wife and I will be heading out for lunch at the little buffet that we're always going to on Saturdays before we shop for tonight.

I'm not sure whether I'll get the buffet or just a baked potato or something. I really want the potato, but I know that Wife will then follow suit but would much prefer the buffet, so I just might go light on the buffet for her to not have to feel bad.

I have also made sure to do my walk, and make it a little longer, to make sure to reach my exercise goals for the day, my calorie burn for the day, and of course to burn a little extra calories to make room for the dinner, desserts and snacks tonight.

It's 9:40 AM and this is how far I've made it on Today's goals. I'm pretty proud of myself. Well done, Keld! :)


Of course, there WILL be more exercise today, in the way that we still need to shop, and will be walking at least another kilometer or two simply doing that. There will also be many more little steps back and forth, just doing everyday little things. I'm pretty sure that I'll meet my goals.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- A fun night tonight.
- Wife!

Oh, and as I was about to post this, the mailman knocked on the door. What a pleasant surprise! I got a little "goal reached" gift.

New Chili sauces and powders! This is the insane stuff that only stupid people like me dare to eat. All of it is INCREDIBLY hot, but oh so tasty for those bold enough to try. Here's a picture of the little collection I got. This will (hopefully) bring me to my knees. I looooove overly hot chili. :)

Have a great weekend! Mine is gonna be awesome! Life is good!
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WELL DONE..... :-) :-) :-) My opinion..... I would think you are 'very' active... But I would keep the fitbit at 'moderate' for a couple of weeks, to see you go. Have a great weekend.. Oh... By the way.... That stuff looks hot, hot, hot 
08 Jun 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Well done, I would keep it at moderate too, rather than very active, just to be on the safe side. Sounds like you have plenty of calories to play with even at moderate. Well done again, I can't wait till I get to my goal too !!  
08 Jun 13 by member: shaz7140
Bravo! That must feel so incredible to have reached your goal. I agree with the others, keep the fitbit at moderate for a while to be safe and see how it goes. Is there a middle ground between moderate and very active? If there is, perhaps move it up to what ever that middle ground is in a few weeks and see how you do.  
08 Jun 13 by member: mrsgamgee
That chili sauce and spice looks ready to burst into flames at any moment. I think I will have to pass on that. I'll have the beginner's chili please! 
08 Jun 13 by member: Sherillynn
Congrats on the 77kg!  
08 Jun 13 by member: Cthulhu
Congrats!!! I love the stats that you get from your FitBit - so cool... As for the spices, yikes!! I'm very wimpy when it comes to spicy food.... I would never be able to handle that! 
08 Jun 13 by member: erika2633
Well done, Sir Keld. I see you've been busy while I've been away. Wow, wow. Wow. Congratulations. And a FitBit to boot. I don't think you had that when I was here last. Enjoy your chili! It's well deserved. 
08 Jun 13 by member: Helewis


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