kingkeld's Journal, 04 June 2013

Good morning!

Well, I am back below 80 kilos. It's a good place to be. :)

Yesterday was a great day.

I decided to go for a Low Cal Day, as I do twice per week, and it went just fine. I had absolutely no issues. I ended up at 650 calores.

My classes were GREAT yesterday. The new clients from last week all got some footing on the whole system, and they're off to a good start. It's fun to see how they are discovering so many of the same things as we all do and have done.

I also had one new client, whom I got started. A little 70 years old lady, who is VERY curious about whether I can help her or not. Of course I can. She sounds like she is okay with entering foods on a website, as is of course needed, but I think she might take a little extra time to really get going. She'll get there, through. :)

Today is normal eating day for me, and since I today weigh 79.9 kilos - down 600 grams from yesterday, I get an allowance of 2150. That should be easy - especially since I won't be doing any bad foods.

Breakfast today was an omelet - two eggs, a slice of 20+ cheese, and chicken breast, and a chopped up jalapeño. Yum.

If I get hungry through the morning (or afternoon) then I have a protein/chocolate drink I can do, and then there's dinner tonight.

We haven't talked dinner yet, so I don't know what we'll end up having, but I know that it's gonna be something reasonable. It always is. Besides, I have 1200 calories to spend on it, so I am not worried. :)


So, today is the day where we're going to the gym, Wife and I. She actually brought it up this morning, and she sounds like she's ready to go. I'm so excited, and I honestly can't wait to go work out with her. It'll be fun, and I can't wait until just a few weeks from now when she hopefully really starts feeling the effect of it. This alone makes today a good day. :)


I have a package in the mail. Actually, I have two. I'm very excited about these.

1. New bass effect pedal. :) More tinker toys for my bass. This one is a blast. It's a nice, multi-effect thingy that can just do SO MANY things. I hope I can get go put it to good use. I see so much potential.

2. The Fitbit Flex! It's on the way!

I am super stoked about the flex arriving soon. It took them an extra week to deliver and get it shipped out, but now it's coming. It was actually scanned in Copenhagen at 3 am this morning, a couple of hours ago.

I'm pretty sure it won't make it here today, sadly. It was more than 100 kilometers away at 3 AM, and I think it's too late for it to make it here. Tomorrow is a national holiday in Denmark, so it won't get here tomorrow either. Thursday will be when it gets here. Still, this is pretty fast. They shipped it yesterday from the UK. Not bad.


It feels good mentally to be under 80 kilos again.

To be honest, I was hoping for a larger drop in weight today, but 79.9 is great. I know that Indulgence Days often can give weight gains for TWO days, so I should just appreciate that today is a drop. :)

I know that more weight will come off over the next few days, but whether I'll make it to 77.9 or lower to reach a NEW low, I am not sure. Of course, I have done it a hundred times by now, but it still seems like it's kind of far away.

Still, I'll follow the plan I laid out for myself and see where it takes me. Besides, I don't NEED a new low. I am already good where I am.

I do want to get to the 77 kilos, as my "base weight". I can see it right around the corner, and I can see that with my activity level - even with the added weight of muscles - I can easily reach it.

This will be good, because I can then stay under 80 kilos even after Indulgence Days (and screw up days). Usually I don't gain 3 kilos after a day like that, and it would be a great target for me to simply stay at a level where I NEVER reach 80. I would like that, and I see that as a reasonable goal.


I was looking in the mirror last night, and I realized that my "bat wings" are sigificantly smaller than they used to. Wow. I have put on a significant amount of muscle on my upper arms, and they look SO much better than they did first time I lost weight. The "baby bird" arms are gone, and now they look SO MUCH more fit. I love it.

I am actually pretty happy with the amount of muscle I have built. I'm not looking to be a Schwarzernegger, just wanted to put on some to not look weak and sickly. I think I have accomplished that already, just from the training I've been doing. I'm surprised that it didn't take more effort than it did.

It seems that I have pushed myself to a "comfort zone" when it comes to putting on more weights at the gym. I don't really push the weights further, but at the same time I don't work any less lifting them. It's HARD work I do there, and I do it diligently. It's important to me to not be slacking on this - I feel SO MUCH better after I started working out.

However, it's rare that I get to add more weight. That's okay. I think I am at a good level, though I am a little surprised that I don't advance. Maybe it's because I am still losing a little weight, and haven't done much to GAIN weight (and thus be able to gain more muscle)? I don't know.

Still, it's not important. I am perfectly happy with what I am doing. I am sure when I am ready to advance, then I'll advance. - :)


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Smaller bat wings!
- Tuesday morning Omelet! :)
- Coffee!
- A great night's sleep!
- Fitbit and bass toy in the mail! Wohooo!
- Gymming it with Wife this afternoon!

Life is GOOD!
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So many things to be excited about. Also it seems like you guys have tons of holiday's. I hop you enjoy your fit bit. Can't wait to hear your reviews on it. Also I am very happy to see your wife is going to start working out with you. Have a beautiful day Keld! 
04 Jun 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Tell your little old 70 yr old, you know a 69 year old on here who is doing fine. It can definitely be done. LOL. I'm even doing the intermittent fasting and love it. I only have a Fitbit Ultra, but find it very useful. When this one dies, I want a Flex, as well. Have a great day. It sounds like it's already off to a great start. 
04 Jun 13 by member: Johanne


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