kingkeld's Journal, 16 May 2013


Today's a big day! I am below 80 kilos! :)

Now, I don't want to say "Sayonara Eighties" just yet, as I know this is temporary. I am this low because I am saving up calories for my vacation, leaving for Paris tomorrow. Did I mention that Wife and I will be going to Paris? LOL. "Excited much, Keld?" - You bet!

I'm up early. It's 3:40am, and I already showered and weighed in. I'm just waiting for Wife to wake up so I can get ready for work. Work is in about 5 hours! LOL.

There is no gym this morning, they don't open until noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so it will just be a nice, quiet morning. I will, however, go take my 5 kilometer walk. The forecast says rain, and that's never very exciting, but I think it won't happen until later in the day. And if they DO happen, oh well... it's only water.

I did buy myself some rain clothes the other day. I want to make sure that rain won't stop me from walking. I love my daily walk.


So, this morning I woke up early. My inner caveman, Cavekeld, is being hard headed and still insisting that I go hunting for deer or berries or whatever it is that he wants me to. I, of course, politely refuse.

It is now day 5 of my Low Cal Days in a row. I gotta say I'm looking forward to Saturday when I am done with this. It's tiresome to do that many days in a row. Not difficult. Just tedious and tiresome. I miss a nice big meal.

Still, it serves a great purpose - the freedom to just enjoy (conscious) eating in Paris.

According to my calculations, I should have something like 4000 calories available per day in Paris. There is NO chance that I'd be doing that. It'll never be necessary, and it would destroy what I have accomplished this week.

It would be nice to come back from the vacation and NOT have gained a ton. It would be nice to be at least close to the 80 kilos, and see that I was able to handle reasonable eating for five days. I'd like to see that.

My plan is basically to try to remember what is needed for me to be satisfied, when it comes to eating. I do not need 5 croissants for breakfast. Or baguettes, for that matter. If I was at home, and baguesttes or croissants were my breakfast options, then I'd eat one. Maybe two, if we're talking croissants, as they really don't fill you up at all (and therefore shouldn't be consumed, period). I don't need 5 slices of cheese. I don't need a whole lot of things.

So the mission for breakfasts there, as I know we'll be having them at the cheap buffet at the hotel, will simply be to get ONE baguette, with or without cheese, and some coffee. That's all.

Lunch - probably more baguette. This is a general pattern I saw from Paris last October. Bread, bread and more bread. The lunch baguette will have to have some meat in there to fill me up. I can do that.

Dinner - some restaurant somewhere, probably. Smart choices, Keld. Smart choices. But, of course, also remembering that it's okay to do a little of the fun stuff. I have saved up for it, after all.

I think what is more damaging in my plan is if I start giving too much into meals between meals. I'm gonna try hard to not be snacking. I will bring a nice large handful of protein bars, to keep this at bay. This will also save quite some on the money - Paris is not cheap when it comes to treating yourself, and we ARE on a budget.

I think I am pretty well prepared mentally.


When doing something like the upcoming trip, I think the mental preparation on the calories is essential. Sure, it might go out the window once we're there, but at the same time I do feel that everything I mentally prepare will help me when I get there.

I have such a focus on my calories that I know it will be hard for me to not be able to calculate my calories. There is no mobile internet available for me in Paris, so I can only log my food when I have WIFI access.

My solution will be to simply take a picture of the foods that I decide to have outside Wifi spots, and then register when I get back at the hotel. This will, of course, not prevent me from going nuts, and I hate the fact that I can't register the food before eating it, but I hope and think that just taking the pictures WILL make me more aware of how much I eat, and make me think twice. That's all I need.


I had so much fun working at the gym last night. I was there from 3 to 9 PM, and it was busy busy busy. It doesn't feel busy for me though - it's just chatting with people, helping them out, getting new clients in for the gym and for me.

I was selling my class to a few, and I hope at least one will join. I think they might. I also introduced the gym system to 5(!) people yesterday. It takes about 40 minutes to do, so that alone was pretty time consuming. Also, it made me take about 6000 extra steps. :)


I have concluded a solution to how to track my exercise in Paris. I can't really go for my 5 kilometer walks in the morning. I know Wife wouldn't be comfortable with me walking around a strange city super early morning like that, and she's probably right. A lot could happen. I better not. I myself would actually love to explore at 4 or 5 am, but I get her point. It's a big city, a lot of poverty around, and that can be dangerous if you smell like touist. Let's not do that.

So, the walking will have to be with wife. I know we're gonna be doing quite a bit of walking, so I am not too concerned, but I would have loved to do even more. I love walking.

Anyways, I found my little pedometer to be fairly accurate when it comes to steps. 1300 steps on it equals a kilometer, more or less. So, my goal will be that we try - over the course of a full day - to walk 10000 steps, as the brainiacs recommend. It's a nice goal, and not unaccomplishable. I know that we'll be moving around a lot, and I know that Wife is up for it. She want's to spend lot of the time taking pictures and looking at markets, and I think it'll be a pretty good combination. Besides, I can probably talk her into doing a kilometer or two of "warmup" walks before we slow down for the markets. That would give us an advantage.


Today is an easy day at work, though it's a long one.

We start off with a morning class. Yup. That means breakfast. You're right. Geeez. Those breakfasts sucks, especially on a Low Cal Day. It probably also means lunch. Which equals crappy sandwiches. Geez.

So, I will be having a tiny breakfast in a few moments, and then bring 2nd breakfast. I will also bring a salad for lunch. This way I am free of the food that they serve, I will still be able to eat, and I have enough calories available for dinner tonight and still be able to stay under 600 calories.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- A weigh-in under 80 kilos! It's been almost a year! :)
- TOTALLY on track!
- One more day before vacation!
- Feeling simply amazing. I love what a few Low Cal Days do to my body (though they get tedious when I do too many. I can't recommend it).
- Wife!
- My walks!

Happy Thursday! Life is good!
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15 May 13 by member: DessaLyn
WHEN DO YOU SLEEP!!! WHAT below 80! Ahhhh! you are going to blow away! Oh wait, Paris, na, good food there. I wonder how many steps you will take in Paris! Have fun, dang, I need to go to bed, have fun today! 
15 May 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Keld, I have a question. Were you a morning person before you started your journey? Cos you get up CRAZYearly and I can't imagine ever getting up before 7am, never mind 5am. 
15 May 13 by member: ferlengheti
I was always a morning person, but not to the point where I'd get up at 4 AM voluntarily. You know, we USUALLY get up at 4:00-4:30 in the morning, because of Wife's work. I just get up with her because it generally fit our schedule. I would hang at home until it was time to go to work. But now, I have fitted so much stuff - mostly walk and gym, and some bass practice - into my morning schedule that I don't really have much time for anything else. The rest of the time is usually spent writing my journal.  
15 May 13 by member: kingkeld
4 am is when I go to bed .... Uggg- Nevermind getting up at that time. 
15 May 13 by member: motivation1111
Enjoy Paris :-) 
16 May 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
You are a machine my friend! :] Congrats on your low! I hope you and your wife enjoy Paris to the fullest! 
16 May 13 by member: Shae206
Hi, just want to say hope Paris is wonderful, I'm sure you will have a great time. Enjoy :-) 
16 May 13 by member: shaz7140
With all those low carb days why isnt your body going into starvation mode? I surely hope you have fun in Paris! Keep us informed! 
16 May 13 by member: bickbch


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