kingkeld's Journal, 28 April 2013

Good morning, and Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was ROUGH, food-wise. I mean, it was a great day. We had great food. But I just felt like I was eating, eating, eating.

I actually did a serious attempt at getting to the max of my RDI – to 3500. Seeing how low I have been all week, I really tried. And I failed. I ended up short 500 calories.

I was so full, I was feeling uncomfortable, overfed, stuffed. Bleh.

I am still absolutely sure I can not eat 3000 calories or more on a regular basis. It's a ridiculously high amount of food. I only made it today because of candy and ice cream! Had it not been for that, I'd have had 2300 calories. Way too low, especially for a Saturday.

We chose to try out some stevia sweetened candies instead of ”normal” candy. They were great, but as with other sugar free candies, they gave me gas – BAD. Poor Wife. :)

The food we had yesterday was awesome, but I'm just not geared to eat all that any longer. I like it like that, and I don't really want to change that. I've been at the other end of the scale, being an unstoppable eating machine, and look where that got me.

So, 3000 calories IS a challenge. And no, the 600 cal days aren't going anywhere. Not for now, at least. They really make me feel good. So, for now I will simply see where it all takes me. Will I keep losing weight? Will I end up with no muscle? Will I be able to compensate somewhat because I lift weights? Time will tell.

To give you an understanding of what I do eat, I copied and translated this from my Danish calorie counter website.

This is what a 3000 calorie day looks like in my world – and this is why I can't possibly handle eating like this on a daily basis:

157g Frozen strawberries (55 cal)
28g When-80 Protein powder (111 cal)
157ml 0.5% milk (59 cal)
120g banana (98 cal)

28g Prunes

25g Lettuce (4 cal)
25g Tomato (6 cal)
75g Roast Beef (116 cal)
20g Brown Gravy (18 cal)
2 pork rinds (47 cal)
80g Meat Loaf (139 cal)
200g Mixed Fruit (110 cal)
40g Whipped Cream (143 cal)
20g Brie (56 cal)

50g (one bar) Protein Bar (191 cal)
69 tiny stevia sweetened candies (257 cal) – this was over the course of the entire day, not in 10 minutes! :)
2 slices of toasted bread (158 cal)
2 slices of Ham (30 cal)
2 slices of Cheese (83 cal)
1 medium apple (46 cal)

274g Mexican Beans (229 cal)
80g Whole wheat tortillas (251 cal)
124g grilled Chicken Filet (122 cal)
30g Salsa (13 cal)
115g Mexian Rice (124 cal)

14g Prunes (39 cal)
189g Frozen Yoghurt Berry Ice Cream (420 cal)

This totals to 3003 calories. My ”normal day” RDI is 3050. To me, this is a LOT of food – I really felt that I was eating all day.

Now, this is obviously nothing compared to what 155kg Keld used to eat. There used to be a LOT more calories in there, but they would all come from junk. I'm pretty much done with junk – and that changes the game completely.

It's amazing how much you can lower your calorie intake simply by getting rid of the crap foods. Lose the sugar, lose the fast food, do a little portion control, and I would bet that most of us are good to go. I know – it's easier said than done, but it IS the way to do it. And if we then put a little more effort into moving around, then we're golden.

Yesterday I had to give up on my workout. My cold/flu/whatever-it-is really kicked my butt, and I could tell that I simply didn't have the strength. I did half the work, then stopped. Then I went for my 5 kilometer walk instead. I hate skipping gym, but I could tell it would be of no benefit, and would just kill me for the rest of the day.

Today, I feel much better, but not 100%. I have decided to skip gym again, but still go on my walk. Then, tomorrow morning, I will be back at gym again, hopefully shock full of energy!

I need energy – this is gonna be ONE BUSY WEEK!

Check it out:

Monday: Gym, walk, work, teaching weight loss.
Tuesday: Walk, Work. Last day of the month=”Everyone let's panic and finish all the stuff we should've done weeks ago”-day at work.
Wednesday: Gym, walk, work, Jamsession out-of-town until fairly late.
Thursday: Walk, Long day at work. I'm guessing early to bed.
Friday: Gym, walk, work, then concert in Copenhagen.
Saturday: Gym, Then WORK at gym.
Sunday: Gym, Then WORK at gym, band practice with Burnin' Live.

Other than that, I don't think I'll be doing much. LOL!

All the business starts today, but with a good chunk of fun. When I'm done writing my journal, I will load up some good music on my phone, then go for my walk. Afterwards, I'll be coming home to pack my bass gear and get ready for practice.

Today will be a special band practice.

We're rehearsing with Burnin' Live!, but we're also gonna be rehearsing for the jam night Wednesday.

This means that my brother's band will be stopping by, bringing all their gear, and we'll set it up to play as a 7 man band instead. Drums, bass, 2-3 vocals, 3-4 guitars, and keyboards. FUN!

I hope we can get to record something of it. If not, then we can definitely do it Wednesday, at the ”real” jam night.

We're gonna be working on 2 or 3 songs, and just get our footing on them to know just a little about what we're doing on Wednesday. We've been talking about playing Johnny B. Goode, and maybe a couple of other classics. Good old rock'n'roll is always fun and fairly simply to play. Great for jams.

The two bands have some close relations. Like I said, my brother plays in the other band. Our singer is the drummer in the other band. And his girlfriend is the keyboard player in the other band. So there is a good mix in all of this. And it's gonna be interesting, as we play VERY different from each other. They are the laid back ”typical 50th birthday party band” with no rough edges. They offer to play parties with dinner music, and dance. They know all the little drinking songs and all that.

We, on the other hand, play hard and loud. We're pretty much the opposide end of the scale. I wonder where that'll take us.

This is gonna be a fun day.

Our singer's girlfriend (the keyboard player) has announced that she's making sandwiches for all of us. What a nice little treat. She's even asked me what I'd like so she can be considerate. I basically told her to do what she likes, but if she wants to REALLY make me happy, then to not butter the breads and that I like ham and cheese. I like my sandwiches nice and simple. Clean. Just like I like most of my foods these days.

It seems to me that one of the things that really have changed in my eating habits is the ”clean food” thing.

Before, I used to really like foods with EVERYTHING mixed in. Well, I still do – if WE make it. My thing is – and I am sure MANY of you using a calorie counter – that I want to be able to know what I'm eating. I want to be able to see what is in my food. If I see that it's a mess of everything, and that I probably can't calculate it, then I don't really want it. Then I'd rather have something more plain where I know what I'm actually eating. It works for me this way.

I'm sure this is an ”after-effect” of using a calorie counter for several years. But I am also pretty sure that it's a good thing. We need to know what we're eating. We need to look at nutritional info and have an idea about the foods before we just mindlessly stuff them in our faces. We need to know what we're doing.

I know for me personally that not knowing and not caring is what got me in trouble.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- A fun day yesterday.
- Mexican breakfast plate from leftovers. Refried beans, Mexian rice, wholewheat tortillas, eggs. YUM!
- The outlook for a very fun and interesting day. I can't wait. Four more hours to go, and it seems like forever!
- Morning coffee.
- Reasonable weather for my walk.
- Feeling better.

Happy Sunday! Life is good!
182.5 lb Lost so far: 159.2 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 13.9 lb a week


Hey Keld! You might increase your daily calories by increasing the healthy fats! it's a trick I have been told by a bodybuilder! Adding 2 tablespoons of extravirgin olive oil to your veggies portion adds 250cal, and olive oil is very good for health! (and you won't have to make an effort to eat those extra cal, since it's just a dressing!). Instead of prunes, you might have two portions of walnuts (2x28grams) that will add more than 300calories to your daily intake. Healthy fats are very good to increase your daily calorie intake, they help you building muscle, and they have a small volume. Give it a try! :) 
28 Apr 13 by member: Lizzie983
I'm aware of it, Lizzie. I'm considering stuff like the nuts. My thing is, after I have refined what I eat over the years, I really can't stand greasy food. Adding extra oil would simply make me lose my appetite (and possibly my lunch). It's just gross to me. The nuts, sure, but if you know the price of nuts in Denmark... a tiny bag (100g) is easily 4 dollars. Something I can't sustain. And also, of course, I have to consider living with two other people who are trying to LOSE a little weight. I'm working it out, though. Nice and slow. I think.  
28 Apr 13 by member: kingkeld
I get your point. Nuts come also in bigger bags and are way cheaper (also online shopping may reduce the price). Also here in Germany they are more expensive than in Italy, so I eat them less often. Same problem here, my partner is eating all time junk food and tons of cookies, not givin in ain't easy for me. So, I understand you don't want to ruin other people's plans.  
28 Apr 13 by member: Lizzie983
I do feel that I'm slowly getting my footing on things. I am finding little ways here and there, but there is still some to go. Oh, and large bags of nuts aren't around here. Small town. Crap supermarkets. I do see them on occasion when we go out-of-town, but then they're usually salted and thus no-go for me, and/or cost an arm and a leg. I just can't bring myself to dish over something like 40$+ for a bag of nuts. It just won't happens. I know it's gonna cost if I want what I need, but I'm a cheapskate. LOL.  
28 Apr 13 by member: kingkeld
I guess I am lucky. Last year I picked a gallon and a half of unshelled pecans. Now if I could find some other nut trees. :) 
28 Apr 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Apple and sultana oat protein muffins....approx 95gms Cals: 208kcal | Fat: 2.24g | Carbs: 31.59g | Prot: 15.96g I was wondering if something like this would be of interest.... one of my 'trials' with protein powder. I saw a recipe on here, then searched various sites for more recipes and, of course, made my own version. I believe they can also be made savoury... e.g. cheese and onion. I can send you the recipe if you are interested. Just like eating a lovely moist cake..... mmmmmmmm! Freeze really well too so its easy to make a batch and then have them handy. I try to get at least half a portion of fruit per muffin too. By playing with the ingredients you can easily up the calories (e.g. whole eggs rather than just whites, milk instead of water) without increasing the fat etc. You could also add nuts!! lol. By the way, have a look on Amazon UK for nuts if you really want them.... I saw a 1KG bag of chopped nuts on there for less than £8 with super saver delivery! I was also wondering about things like pasta.... easy to make quantities of veg packed sauces (with olive oil for instance) and have it either hot or as a cold salad. Just dont know how you are about carbs lol 
28 Apr 13 by member: Champers9
Sounds like the combo band could be called Paradox :) You know the more you talk about it the more those fast days sound like they act as the key to keeping your body in tune with natural portion control. 
28 Apr 13 by member: Cthulhu


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