kingkeld's Journal, 23 April 2013

Good morning, Fatsecreteers!

So, what happens when you allow Kingkeld to have 3000 calories a day. When you tell him to make sure to eat all the proteins he can get?

...he spends 1500 calories... :/

Actually, not bad at all.

I decided to be ALLOWED to get all the way to 3000, but also decided to not have to. What a load of pressure off my back! I am not sure where it's gonna take me just yet, but it is so nice to just be able to eat comfortably and not have to worry about having ENOUGH. Not for now, anyways, and not until this approach proves to be a problem for me.

I maintained my new low from yesterday, and I really feel amazing!

I managed to eat 1573 calories, and I had 109g of protein. I think it's reasonably okay.


Yesterday was a day FULL of win!

Not only was I off from work (yesterday and all of this week!).

I did an excellent, but hard workout in the morning. For the first time I actually felt a little muscle soreness after the workout. The good kind, not the strain kind.

The pain was in my abs, which I work very hard. The machines we work on are pro grade stuff, and I use a setting of 16 out of 18. I'm not sure what the actual weight is, but it's heavy as hell. I work as hard as I possibly can within the 45 seconds I get on it, and I see massive improvements.

You can't see it on me - the loose belly skin has no mercy for tight abs. There is literally nothing to see, but boy do I FEEL it. If you poke my stomach, it's surprisingly hard under the loose skin. I can even feel it when I sit down and I am relaxed.

It's really incredible how far that gym has taken me.


After gym, I went home, we watched Game Of Thrones from Sunday, and it was AMAZING. What a great show this is.


Then I invited Wife out for lunch. We had fried chicken(!) and I opted for a salad instead of fries. But I loved the chicken.

I had brought my little kitchen scale, and weight the chicken before eating, and then weighed the bones after, so I knew exactly how much chicken I had. Smart move. It was actually surprisingly little, compared to what I actually thought I had eaten.

On the way home we were talking about how much I like the new exercise clothes I bought. It's really good.

I got a full set of workout pants (those tight ones, that support better for running, etc.), a proper t-shirt (those that you don't sweat like crazy in) and a windbreaker at a 60% discount.

I liked it so much I was gonna go get another set. On the way there, I notice that they took down the price tags, so I just get the clothes and go in with a big smile and "confirm" that they are still on sale.

Technically, the guy I am talking to is putting the price back up. But he sees that I am wearing the windbreaker from the 1st set, and lets me have another set at the discount. Win!


So, coming home, it's time to meet with the journalist. We talked for about 3 hours, and I think I got a pretty good story told. Of course, it's always impossible to predict how she is gonna write it, but she was really impressed with everything. The also took some pictures, and I will be getting a copy of those in a few days.


Then, of course, I go teach. New girl in class, and she's all excited. She's the crohns girl. I think she has fewer issues than I thought, and I am pretty confident that I can help her.


And then, I come home. I get a phone call. It's the owner of the gym.

He tells me that the guy that usually has every 2nd Saturday down there has quit. And since he knows I like the place, I dedicate and I am not afraid to help out, he asked if I wanted the job!

So I can now say that my 4th job is at the gym! WIN! ...this of course also means that I get to train for free. :D


...and then I have a missed call from the night school where I did the first weight loss classes. They're most likely calling to tell me that either the next class is go or it's no-go. Let's see.


So, all-in-all an eventful day, and a wonderful one.


I wanna say thank you for all the compliments and cool comments on my journal yesterday. They really mean a lot. I love the pictures, and I love the person that I am becoming.


Today, it's another busy day. Wife is up for a checkup with the nurse a few towns over, so we're heading over there.

Obviously, I can't go until I have had my morning walk, so I am heading out to do that in not too long. I'm not gonna go to the beach today, I am basically just gonna circle the block (it's about 1 1/4 kilometer) 4 times, and I will have made the distance.

I just wanna make sure that today isn't gonna end up being TOO inactive.

I'm most likely gonna take Wife out for lunch, somewhere nice. I have the calories for it. I have an allowance of 3050 again today, and so far I'm 400 down for breakfast.

I'm bringing protein bars, and I think I will buy a high protein chocolate milk for the train. I really like those - and they're a full meal! Also, being a drink, they don't make me feel just as stuffed as if I had to eat the calories.

On the other hand, I don't want to drink those calories just to have calories. This is my principle, remember? I will go with my gut feeling when we get there in about 90 minutes. Do I want them or not? If nothing else, they can steer me away from the temptation of all the sinful cakes and Danish that they offer at the station. I'll have none of that, thank you very much. :)

I love having the excess energy to simply say no. It makes all of this SO much easier.

These days I have noticed that when I am full from the protein, then I am less tempted to want carbs. It's pretty clear to me, that a filling breakfast, and protein through the day will keep me somewhat away from the sugar urges. Again, something I should have looked into about 2 years ago. LOL. Oh, well.

There is no rocking with the kids today. We ended the season last week. No more of that until September. Boooo.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- A great nights sleep after the most WIN day in quite a while.
- Morning coffee with an excellent breakfast.
- Vacation!
- Spending the day out with Wife!

Happy Tuesday! Life is good!
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Wow, well done on all of that stuff - especially getting the job at the gym, that is fantastic. AND being able to work out for free, that's great. Have a nice week off work :-)  
22 Apr 13 by member: shaz7140
Days don't come much better than that - woohoo! You're really on a roll of positive energy, it's great. 
23 Apr 13 by member: Earthlady
So happy you are still here Keld :) Pretty sure it is one of the keys to success. I'm back 100% as I have now wrangled other issues into a manageable state and I am ready to live again and get the weight back under control. I needed to let go of it to take care of the rest, I still think I made the correct priorities. Please don't judge :) Have a great day 
23 Apr 13 by member: sunshine_girl
Wow.... Working at the gym... And this is someone who a year ago (or even less), shunned exercise!!!!! Brilliant :-) you are really enjoying your journey again... So good to read your journals, so much enthusiasm :-). Hope the journalist does your weight loss journey justice. 
23 Apr 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Wow, after reading your journal I can tell that most of your successes is due to your decision to live a positive life. All the wins in your life is the positive energy and good karma cashing in. Great Job! I'm new to this site but so far your journals have been very encouraging, So as they say in AA, thanks for sharing:-) And congrats on everything......what a difference a day makes. 
23 Apr 13 by member: bluecreme
Bluecreme, there is no doubt that positive energies make life not only easier but also a lot more fun. This is something I always "preach" - if you want to lose weight, make sure the weight loss journey (or any other journey, for that matter) is a fun one. I can honestly say that most of what I've accomplished in life has some credit from that.  
23 Apr 13 by member: kingkeld
I am so excited for you getting a job at the gym!! And who doesn't love free training. Is your daughter still going to the gym too? 
23 Apr 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Daughter is going as much as she can, which is usually 2-3 times per week. Not too bad. :) 
23 Apr 13 by member: kingkeld
Another journal full of awesome :] What a great way to start vacation! Hope your day is wonderful! 
23 Apr 13 by member: Shae206
Another journal full of awesome :] What a great way to start vacation! Hope your day is wonderful! 
23 Apr 13 by member: Shae206
Nice day! And new job at the gym. What will you be doing? I can picture your wife while you are weighing your chicken bones in a restaurant though???? What's with that. :)  
23 Apr 13 by member: Neptunebch
1. The job is basically everything at the gym on the day I'm there. I show people the systems, how to work out, computer stuff, make coffee, wipe down machines, etc. The works.  
23 Apr 13 by member: kingkeld
2. Weighing chicken bones: Do you have a better idea to figure out how much meat (actual meat, not meat and bones) in half a grilled chicken? :D 
23 Apr 13 by member: kingkeld
That's Awesome WTG!  
23 Apr 13 by member: avonzet
AWESOME!!! Happy for you and jellin BAD! If only I had time for another job right now... Kraken keeps me too busy... Have FUN! 
23 Apr 13 by member: ZippyDani
LOL! I think I would do the fist thingy and figure it to be about 4 oz. :) So where did you find a mini scale? 
23 Apr 13 by member: Neptunebch
Amazon has some very reasonable scales. :) 
24 Apr 13 by member: kingkeld


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