Reina Estrella's Journal, 28 September 2008

I'm not sure why I didn't lose (alot weight this week.

I'm kinda upset, but then again, I did lose 13 lbs last body's probably in shock....just like on Week 2 of the biggest loser...

Well, I lost 2.2 lbs this week, but I know my clothes are looser than last week. What is going on? Why doesn't loss show on the scale? I'm kinda frustrated. I usually lose ALOT on this diet every week.

I bought some "legal" desserts last this is what's doing this?

I'm going to limit my low carb ice cream bars (6g nc) to once a week...this will save me money and hopefully help me to still lose weight.

I also have sugar free jello...No carbs...can I eat this every evening without interference in my weight loss?

I also bought South Beach Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding...

I stayed under my carb counts on 6/7 days and don't understand what's going on...someone HELP!
204.4 lb Lost so far: 0 lb.    Still to go: 14.4 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet Atkins   losing 5.1 lb a week


Watch the sugar substitutes. They can fool the body into thinking you're consuming sugar and hike those insulin levels. But I don't think 2.2lbs is anything to be upset about!! You've lost OVER 15lbs in 2 weeks - that's AWESOME!! And remember, the foods you eat on Atkins help your body increase muscle tone instead of fat, therefore, your body runs more efficiently. So you may be losing inches, but not weight. That may be why your clothes are more lose this week. Don't be frustrated. You are doing so well! 
28 Sep 08 by member: Paige E
You have lost 15 pounds in two weeks! That is a huge amount of weight for someone to lose. Most of the first week is water. If you had huge loss's every week, you would would be also be losing muscle. You want to lose fat, not muscle. Muscle is what makes you look lean and toned. Our bodies automatically slow down with weight loss after the first week. You are not doing anything wrong. You need to have realistic expectations. Two pounds a week is a good safe weight loss. Plus, when you lose weight more slowly, you have a better chance of keeping the weight off and you give your skin more chance to bounce back. Huge loss's can mean saggier skin. Plus, you can also lose fat and not have it show up on the scale straight away. The scale is only one way to measure weight loss. How our clothes fit is another! You are doing fine.  
28 Sep 08 by member: Suzi161
You don't want to lose any more than what you are losing - even 13# in a week is a lot. Your body can't adjust that fast and it might think you are starving it and then it will begin to hold onto fat (an evolutionary adaptation from the times when we had to go out into the wild and find food - we developed keeping fat to save ourselves when there was no food). Plus, you might be building muscle which is smaller but weighs more than fat. But muscle is a good thing! Don't worry yet. 
28 Sep 08 by member: nikeit
A 2 lb weight loss is GREAT! Are you taking measurements? Hang in there. Stay strong.  
28 Sep 08 by member: sararay
P.S. You might want to read some of Paige E's recent journals because she got some great tips for all of us from a doctor friend of hers who used to work for the Atkins institute. :) I found it to be great info. 
28 Sep 08 by member: sararay


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