kingkeld's Journal, 07 March 2013

Holy Weightloss, Batman!

So, after the shock of gaining a full ELEVEN POUNDS over the last week, today's weigh-in was a lot more comfortable. :)

I am down FIVE POUNDS since yesterday. As muchs as this is a LOT better, it still probably won't make me reach a new low by Saturday morning. Oh, well. Still, I feel a lot better about the whole thing.

Thank you everyone for your supporting comments yesterday. Seeing such a gain CAN truly be disheartening, even if I know it's not a fat gain.

Yesterday, I did really good. Obviously, the weigh-in made me tighten up EVERYWHERE, and it wasn't hard to do at all.

I had my planned meals, had everything counted, and enjoyed it.

Workouts were good. I was hoping to do a measurement check thingy yesterday, but I was asking the guy there mid-workout, and I can't have neither eaten or worked out three hours prior to doing it.

So I will instead just skip breakfast tomorrow and then do it first thing. That'll work.

Work was great too! I had a fairly busy day, got caught up on a few things along the way too, and generally enjoyed myself.

It was the evening that was the most fun though.

My Burnin' Live drummer Jack took us a few towns over - there is a monthly jam session thing, and we came to participate. It was a lot of fun, not just playing, but also hearing others, get inspired, talk to "colleagues" etc.

Most of them were kids, around 20 or so, from the local colleges. They played amazingly well, though if you ask me they were WAY too serious about their music. Don't get me wrong - if you want to make it anywhere, you'll HAVE to be serious about it (just like with weight loss, by the way!), but they were serious in a way where they many times didn't seem to have fun. It was all about technique, it was all about this and that nerdy musician, and never really about feel.

I'm a COMPLETELY different school from that. For me, it's all about vibe. It's about making music fun to play, and fun to listen to.

It was so much fun - we borrowed a guitar player to do a few rock songs. He knew Smoke On The Water (as every other guitarist does), and we also jammed a little Led Zeppelin (Dazed And Confused). Jack and I kept telling him to turn it up, go nuts, and you could tell that he was almost terrified of this in the beginning, but slowly let go and just went with it. He loved it!

I found it so much fun that amongst all these kids, it's still the old folks that has to teach them how to rock. LOL.

Speaking of music - I'm finally getting my 2nd speaker cabinet for my bass gear! I'm really excited about this.

It's not what I originally wanted. I have an amp and a speaker cabinet from a company called Line6. I really like it. I just needed a 2nd cabinet. However, just as I am about to order my 2nd cabinet, Line6 decide to discontinue those here in Europe. Boo. I was so disappointed. I will now never get to buy a full stack of these.

So I had to go look for an alternative.

I found a little Danish company (that isn't all that little any more) called TC Electronic. They do music gear, computer gear and a few other things. All is known for really high quality, at a very good price. The speakers are very clean sounding, which I need for what I'm doing. I like a lot of dirt in my sound, but all this is generated by my amplifier, so the speaker needs to faithfully reproduce that. I hope this makes sense.

So, I found these cabinets. I'm bought one yesterday, and it should arrive at Drummer Jack's house today. He'll bring it for our Sunday practice. I can't wait to hear it.

Now, these are a little more costly, so I have to save up even further for my 2nd cabinet of THESE. I still want two identical cabinets. That's the goal. I'm still debating whether I should sell the discontinued one, or if I should put it in the basement for rehearsing with The Black Peanut. The cabinet there is pretty poor quality, and I think I could improve my sound with them vastly by doing so. Also, my sound on the Line6 cab might knock 'em all out of the room. LOL.


Today will be a busy day, I think. I have a couple of interviews, and then an off-site meeting that the whole work place is doing once a month. It'll be a nice walk out there, if I can find the time. And an equally nice walk back. I think I might go in an hour early, to be able to spend time walking. The weather in Denmark is awesome right now, and this could really be good for me to do. Get some steps in throughout the day.

Wife is doing her devilishly good cakes for out there, but there'll also be fruit aplenty. This is what I'll be having, if anything at all. We'll see.


I forgot to mention... I went on the bus going to Jack's house yesterday. When I was at the bus station waiting for the bus, I stopped by the little 7/11 there for some gum. Wow. They had these HUGE cinnamon bun, at a ridiculously low price. They were freshly baked and you could smell them a mile away. It was such a great offer, and it was really pulling at me. lol.

How did they taste? I have no idea. I was busy chewing gum. LOL. I was so tempted to get them and deal with it later, but I kept reminding myself of the morning weigh-in, and about how much I would be kicking myself all evening, and how much weigh-in today would suck AGAIN, and I simply passed. I was so happy I was able to do this. Another great little experience yesterday, and honestly a pretty proud moment.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Half of that bothering extra weight gone IN ONE DAY! Now, if only the other half could be gone tomorrow, and I could reach a new low Saturday morning. Hey, one can wish, right?
- Focus. Completely. Such a great feeling.
- Morning coffee. Being out (reasonably) late, and still getting up early is a b**ch.
- The fact that we have NO plans tonight. First night this week to actually just come home from work and not have anything else going on.

Life is good!
199.3 lb Lost so far: 142.4 lb.    Still to go: 11.9 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 35.5 lb a week


Woop :) Before I forget, I googled it (bone weight) a bit more yeaterday. Opinions are a bit split. Basically our bones weigh anything between 13%- 40% of our total bodyweight, all depending on age , gender etc. But your 3.2kg bones is only 3.5%. I think even 'gucci' scales can be wrong :) 
07 Mar 13 by member: schmetterling34
Oh, it's almost certainly wrong. Also, I lost 100g of bone since yesterday. It's the first time it has NOT registered as 3.2 kgs, but 3.1 instead. I wonder where those 100 grams of bone went? LOL.  
07 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
So proud of you with the cinnamon bun. I'm sure the weight in the right direction helped withe your decision. You already have quite a bit of experience resisting the temptation of your wife's cakes. Congrats on that and on your second weaker cabinet. Too bad you couldnt have gotten the one you wanted used or something. I hate wHen people discontinue stuff like that. So, the weight gain. Do you think there's any correlation with exercise. I know you don't lift really heavy, but I have silly fluctuations after tearing up my muscles. Also, working out often makes you hungrier. Do you get that way? Glad you'll be doing some walking today. Walking is great, and I noticed that if you can get some exercise in at night before you go to bed (very hard for me, but if you can), your scales love you for it in the am. Have a great day, Keld P. 
07 Mar 13 by member: Helewis
My scales often measure my bone density different, from day to day... Not by much - but originally I used to get a bit concerned, thinking my bones were disintegrating.... But then realised, that it is only a gauge. Bit like the BF%, water, muscle and even our weight. These measurements are very fluid... Which is why I don't get too hung up on them now. Well done on resisting that cinnamon bun :-) 
07 Mar 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Yes , mine too and Pam and I have the same scale. Interesting, though, that you're bone density is a LOT lower than mine. Mine is in the 5.4 - 6.0 range, never lower. What's yours, Pam? 
07 Mar 13 by member: Helewis
Does that mean I can't use the "I'm big boned" excuse? :) 
07 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
Helewis, I'm not sure if I work "hard" enough for extreme fluctuations when I am at the gym. Sure, I do feel that I work until exhaustion on the machines, every 45 seconds. A few of them I have serious trouble taking those last five seconds, but I don't really feel that it is EXTREME like that. Then again, I have no frame of reference, so I don't really know. Mind you, yesterday I weighed in BEFORE workout, and not having worked out the day before. Regarding the post workout hungers - I try to accommodate this by eating a 2nd breakfast - all accounted for and within RDI. This shouldn't do anything. Meh - it is (after all) "just" fluctuation. They're REALLY bothersome when they come, but there really isn't too much to do about it. Seeing the drop today makes me feel a million times better, and the success of doing right, resisting temptations and all makes it all nicer. I'm doing great today, and I intend on doing great all day. And tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after. You get the point. :) 
07 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
I do get the point. LOL. Well done.  And I was wondering if the density was measured differently because your scale probably is set for different units than mine. That's why I asked Pam. But alas, I think it's just a percentage. What kind of scale do you have, anyway?  
07 Mar 13 by member: Helewis
It's called OBH Nordica 6262 (or something like that). And yes - percentages should be the same across the pond. :) 
07 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
Love hearing about your music experiences! Good job on passing up the bun. 
07 Mar 13 by member: Neptunebch


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