kingkeld's Journal, 26 February 2013

Good morning!

It's Tuesday.

I had a good night's sleep, though I did wake up in the middle of the night - but not for long. I really appreciate sleeping better these days. I hope it keeps going like that.

It was a pleasant suprise getting on the scale this morning. I'm at 90.1 kilos! I'm almost at 90, and it's still early in the week. If things go as they're supposed to, I should easily reach a good nice low for Saturday morning.

Well, actually, that might not happen, now that I think of it.

Daughter's birthday is Saturday. We're going out for Sushi on Friday. I know I can't keep my calories all that straight, and I know it'll include Soy Sauce.

I guess what I can do is have an absolutely minimal breakfast, maybe just an egg, and then simply wait and save up my calories for dinner. Oh, and skip the soy sauce.

I really want to see some results. I don't want to stay in this up-2-kilos-down-2-kilos thing any more. I'm sick of it.

So, I need to do good on Friday, whether I feel like it or not. I'll limit myself to very few pieces of Sushi, and leave it at that. Trouble is, of course, that it's a buffet, so I technically can eat all I want. And I want. Therein lies the trouble.

Saturday is another challenge, but it's easier since it's Indulgence Day. We're having a lot of guests coming over for brunch. This means lots of bread, cold cuts, bacon, cheese, etc. Again, I'll just have to do good.

We'll see.

I really NEED to see a new low Saturday. I feel that I'm working my butt off for this these days, and NOT seeing a low will be really frustrating, even if I know that the sushi will be the culprit. I dunno. I'm even contemplating letting the ladies go on their own, along with the friends that are invited. Of course, in the real world, I can't do this. We're celebrating Daughter, and I need to be there. I just REALLY don't want to either have to severely limit myself or have to have a salad as everyone else is raving about the sushi. I really hate that I don't feel strong enough to pull this off in style. :/

Anyways, enough about that.

I really am happy reaching 90.1 kilos today. I feel this as a major accomplishment, and a sign that I am moving forward. Finally.

Today is a busy day. I have several meetings and interviews at work, and I teach music tonight. This will be one of the long days. I will be bringing lunch to work as always, along with 2nd breakfast and a couple of apples. Dinner will be a pita with veggies and chicken at a little pizza house later. This I can easily commit to. I like those pitas. They're great on calories, about 250 all included, and taste great. Nothing like the temptation of sushi.

Lunch will be leftover chicken soup from yesterday, with PLENTY of added chili. Yum.

Yesterday, I did really great on the calories. Actually, maybe TOO great? I ended up having consumed 900 over the course of the day. Looks like it'll be about 1000 today if I stick to what I have planned. And stick to it I will. I don't need more food than what I have calculated. Everything else is me straying, and unneccessary. I have breakfast, 2nd breakfast at work, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. What more could a guy want, right? :)

I'm weening myself off the evening smoothies. They aren't bad on the calories, and I can easily fit them in, but I really feel that they're weighing me down and messing with my overall comfort. I have noticed that I weigh much less - probably just because it IS an evening meal - and that I am just not as comfortable. So I am trying to not have any. If I do them, I'd like to do them earlier in the day.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife getting up with me, even if she's staying home. I really appreciate that.
- 90.1!
- Morning coffee!
- A well planned day, food and work wise.

Life is good!
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Whoop.. Nearly at that magical 80 something goal. I sholdn't worry too much about the soy sauce..... If you've lost during the week and then put it on, because of water retention.... You KNOW it's not fat,,, just water and you will pee that out LOL. 
26 Feb 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I know that, Pam. But I just feel that I need to SEE that lower number, to fully get a feel of where I am (weight wise) and how I'm doing. I know I'm doing good - and I know I'm doing a LOT better than I have been. But I need to see some results, and not seeing them last week was such a bummer. I would hate to have another one of those.  
26 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
LOL.... You are a scales junkie .... 
26 Feb 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Absolutely! :) One needs his numbers right. :) 
26 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
You'll get where you need to be. Avoid soy sauce? Oh, poor Keld! Have you tried the low sodium stuff? Might be worth an ask, even though it IS super salty still. My theory on the smoothies--though low in calorie, they are sugar, albeit natural sugars. Because of this, I'd avoid them in the evenings. For anything with sugars, I try to keep those prior to 3pm in my day for maximum sugar burning. GOOD LUCK!! 
26 Feb 13 by member: ZippyDani
I can manage with no soy sauce. I know. It'll suck. Then again, I might have a tiny bit, you never know. I suppose the matter is to focus on the weight loss task at hand, make the decisions, and/or suffer the consequences.  
26 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
extra wassabi will curb that eating :-) I hear ya about the up 2K and down 2k, you have been battling every week with the up and down pre and post indulgence. Doen't that wear on you? You are always trying to catch up using food as the treat. Just my thoughts hope they aren't too much. Have a great time with your daughter, you have an awesome family! 
26 Feb 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Lizzy, the ups and downs of Indulgence Day are not the ones I'm talking about. Those I am perfectly fine with. My trouble is that they should be up two kilos, DOWN THREE, then up two, DOWN THREE. lol.  
26 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld


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