kingkeld's Journal, 25 February 2013

Good morning, FatSecret!

Ahhh... it's SO nice to have a proper laptop again.

I had mine out for repair, and long story short - they messed it up even further and essentially killed it. They then replaced it for me with a nice, new and shiny up to date laptop. I guess I'll just have to live with NOT having my old 2010 laptop anymore. lol. :)

I spend pretty much all day yesterday getting it set up to my needs. Getting all the programs installed that I know that I'll need on a regular basis. And getting used to Windows 8. Jury is still out on that one.

Some features are great and innovative, some takes a little getting used to, come are confusing and some are downright annoying.

Anyways - it kept me focused on something else that food, now that Burnin' Live ended up NOT practicing, as we normally do on Sundays. Our guitarist had a school thing he needed to attend to. I guess that's what happens when you have the younger guys in the band. lol.

Anyways, he obviously needs to do what he needs to do, and a day with my new "baby" was more than welcome.

I stayed within my 1600 calorie RDI without a hitch. I had no sugar cravings, and all I had for snacks was an apple and a banana. We had taco shells with a little meat and cheese for dinner, along with plenty of lettuce and tomato. Not bad at all.

So, it's Monday morning, and I am mentally prepping for work and gym. Daughter is going with me to the gym again! Yay! She is actually getting up early before school to go to the gym! How about THAT! I gotta say I'm impressed. She was talking about signing up now that her ten day trial is about to expire. She likes going, even if her school schedule will make it hard to go more than twice per week.

I hope twice per week will show results. I don't really know how much is needed, but I know that most believe three times per week is minimum. Personally, I do four. But will two do? I guess, if nothing else, "something is better than nothing", right?

Daughter usually gets on the train for school at 6 am, and only Mondays can she go later. She uses that time for gym now. Other than that, only Saturday or Sunday will fit in. She COULD do both, but that would mean gym three days in a row, and that will probably both be tough but also demotivating for her, I'd think. I guess we'll have to see what happens.

I'm excited that she's going with me regardless. :) It's nice to have a workout buddy to do this with.

The only thing I see as a "bad" with workout buddies is when the socal aspect becomes larger than the actual workout. I see MANY people - especially the ladies - that come in packs, get on the epilipticals and then go slow so then can also talk. They take forever, and block the way for others who just wanna warm up. Again, of course, something is better than nothing, but I think it's a shame to see them go for the workout, and not really get one. Of course, it's up to them. I understand that the alternative easily could be to not go at all.


I have a busy day coming at me at work. A LOT of meetings, and a few tough cases to deal with also. Strap yourself in, and hold on to your butts! It'll be an okay day though - It'll make it zoom by fast. No time to think of bad foods and such.

I am bringing my 2nd breakfast today. An egg and a slice of rye bread. Lunch is a salad. No meats. I want to make sure there is plenty of room for dinner, as I don't know what we'll be having.

Most likely, it'll be up to me, as wife is feeling sick today. She had a hint of it yesterday, but today is worse. I'll make sure to take good care of her. And obviously, I'll cook - which is a good thing as I will be in control of my meals. :)


I weighed in at 90.6 kilos this morning. Not bad - especially not for a Monday. So many times, I see post-Indulgence Day weight gains for two days - so I could have easily gained weight today. I didn't though, and I'm really happy about that. I am getting pretty close to the "less than 90" range on a week day! It's been a LONG time since that has happened.

I was really disappointed with not losing any weight last week. Let's make sure I get a nice drop on that scale this week. I think I'm already on my way - being only a kilo highter today than I was Saturday. It should be accomplishable to shave two (or three?) kilos off that over the course of the week. Let's do it!

Today, I'm thankful for:
- A busy day with plenty to occupy my mind.
- New computer!
- Gym with Daughter!

Happy Monday! Life is good!
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Great news on staying the same.... Can't wait for the next couple of days, to see how you do .... Sorry to hear DW isn't well, hope youn don't get something again. 
25 Feb 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I'm determined to NOT "get something again". :) I too am super curious about the weigh-ins the next days.  
25 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
you've been without that computer for so long, the wait was worth it! I rememer when we went from xp to 7, gurr, I still liked xp better. It will be another year (hopefully) till I dive into 8. YEAH on your daughter! times is best but not every day for strength (unless she did upper body one day, lower the other)... differnt body parts... 2 will be just fine to start and fun for the both of you! I am one of those girls who "looks" like she is going slowly on the elliptical. LOL. But my heart rate is soaring, so, as long as my legs are moving on it, Im pumping. Too bad they don't have more for warm up people. Maybe the have a bike for a quick warm up. Have a GREAT week! Hope your wife gets to feeling better.. 
25 Feb 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Yay!! Keep going buddy! Glad to hear Daughter is going with, and yes, some is better than none. As she progresses, she may feel the pull to do more, as you have. Fingers crossed for all of you, including sick wifey! Hug her for me, and make her an EXCELLENT chicken soup. MAKE. Canned is ok for when she's at home alone w/o energy to be at the stove for an hour or two, but that's it! I know you'll take good care-you're crazy about her! BTW, I inadvertently tried a semi-fast day. And you were right. I did NOT feel the hunger. That was, of course, most of the day before the delicious greasy burger I split with Teen on Saturday night. (details in my own journal if you have the time to get thru it). but even while hubby was whining about hunger pains the way a kid whines about having to go potty, I felt little. We had breakfast, but just kind of skipped eating the rest of the day. Wasn't planned, just wasn't on the radar. :) 
25 Feb 13 by member: ZippyDani
Dani, before I even saw your comment, the decision to make chicken soup was already made. Of course, chicken soup is something special, and men are not allowed to even get NEAR it before it's done. :) Wife cooked, I protested. :)  
25 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld


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