kingkeld's Journal, 21 February 2013

Good morning, friends!

Woot! I'm down a whopping 3 lbs since yesterday! I'm getting closer to the goal I have set for the week - to be at (preferably much) less than 89.5 kgs by Saturday morning.

After a day with a ridiculously low calorie intake, and then a "normal" RDI day yesterday, results are definitely showing. Three lbs today, and one yesterday. I need 1.2 kgs more to go to reach my goal, though it would just barely be making it. I'd prefer to end up at 88.5 or less, so I will have lost a full kilo since the week before. Let's see what happens.

I feel that I am fully on track. Monday's mishap is compensated for, I did great yesterday, and I have had great weigh-ins the last days. Just do what you're already doing, Keld. You're doing fine.

Yesterday was super easy. I did have a tiny chocolate craving at some point during the work day, but it wasn't anything I couldn't distract myself from. I did a couple of phone calls to clients, and the thought was gone. Many times, it's just a matter of doing something else, isn't it?

Wife made shrimp ettoufée (spell check, please!) for dinner yesterday. It was CRAZY DELISH! If anything, It was hard to resist a 2nd helping of it. I could have had it and stayed within RDI, but I didn't need it. I managed to skip the 2nd plate, and I ended up something like 500 calories low of my RDI. I was never hungry though. I was never feeling like I missed out. It was nice.

Today, I have it all planned again.

I have had half my breakfast, and I will have the other half at work. Then I have leftovers from dinner prepped for lunch (YUM!), and we're doing a peanut sauce chicken thing for dinner. It's a little steeper on calories, but not too bad. It's all calculated, it fits in the RDI, and it is delish! :) It's served with pasta, so we have agreed to do whole wheat spaghettis, to avoid the fast carbs. No biggie.

Oh, and then there is of course Cake Day. No challenge this time. Wife is doing scones. I'm not big on scones. There. Done. :) I'll have a banana, thank you very much.

Today, I felt like I had to do something workout related. It's super icy outside, so a walk is out of the question. Gym doesn't open early on Thursdays. So I decided on a ride on my stationary bike. I just got off it after 30 minutes. I'm AMAZED how light it feels now. It was absolutely no biggie to do. Kind of disappointing, actually. lol.

I guess this is due to my workouts at the gym. I am definitely stronger than I was even in December when I rode it last. It was nice to see, but I also see that I need to work it much harder if I want anything out of it. THen again, moving is better than NOT moving, right? :)

The last couple of days, I have had a slight pain in my foot, and I really want to be careful with it. I'm thinking that it's probably "just" from the crazy long walk I did Tuesday morning. I'm not used to walking THAT far, and I'm thinking I'm simply tired. I also got a slight back ache from it.

I'm very focused on these things, and I try to pay attention at the gym as to not go too hard on the machines that work those parts. I still do the machine, but no really heavy weights, and if I feel anything that remotely resembles strain or aches, I'll lower the weight. I don't want injuries, but on the other hand I don't want to stop working out.

I feel that the gym has changed a lot for me - I feel MUCH more accomplished in my journey, even if the weight hasn't really come off. I still weigh the same as I did 6 months ago, and this has been a real struggle. However, I do feel that I get results now. I feel that with my new focus on my journey, I am doing much better.

There is of course the fact that when it comes to calorie burn, I probably don't burn AS much as I did. Before surgery, I would be on the bike five or six days every week, and I would go 30-60 minutes. This burns a lot more calories (and fat!) than three days with 30 minutes at the gym. Getting on the bike was kind of a tester for me, to get back into that. I really want to, and maybe it's a good thing for right now that it's not TOO hard to do. Then it might be easier for me to just randomly punch in 30 minutes there, to burn a couple of hundred calories, and then move on. That would be nice.

My body feels TOTALLY different from before surgery, though. The way I feel now at 90 kilos, compared to the way I felt when I reached 90 the first time is like a whole different world. Back then, it was all about dropping weight. No muscle training, only cardio. Reach that 77 kg goal.

Now, that I can train muscle along with losing fat, I feel SO much better. It's mentally harder, as I don't see a weight drop much (until the last few weeks!), but I love feeling my body getting stronger, more fit. I love looking at my upper body in the mirror, seeing the muscles on my arms, shoulders, back, slowly growing. It's crazy that this can happen in such short time.

Anyways, I'm babbling...

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Dropping 3 lbs since yesterday! DAMN!
- Focus today. :)
- Scones for cake day. Thanks, but no thanks. lol.
- Getting on the bike for 30 minutes. Makes me feel that I'm doing something.
- Morning coffee.
- Interview free day at work. Just one tiny little meeting, and the rest is administrative work. I love those days.

Happy Thursday! Life is good!
199.7 lb Lost so far: 142.0 lb.    Still to go: 12.3 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
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LOL..... We don't mind you babbling Keld, it is motivating for us all. Well done on the weight loss and resisting the chocolate. 
21 Feb 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Your enthusiasm has rubbed off on me Keld. When I got up this morning, I went to 'automatically' get my breakfast.... And then thought..... Hang on.... Am I REALLY hungry... The answer was no. So I have delayed eating it. 
21 Feb 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Nice choice, Pam. Wait until you're hungry enough to eat, but don't wait so long that you'll end up over-eating. That's what I'm trying to do. So far it works okay. I see that it helps me to just eat half a breakfast at 5 am, and the other half at 8 or 9.  
21 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
Buddy you rock on losing the weight..Enjoy that banana with all that potassium..good stuff for your body...:O) 
21 Feb 13 by member: BHA
Enjoyed the banana. Had one tiny scone bite, as wife asked for a quality evaluation of them. Nothing more. They were good, but not something I'd crave. No biggie. :) 
21 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
DUDE... your babble is our inspiration. Great job on skipping scones (tee hee-pun only sort of intended) About calorie burn and strength training, keep in mind that muscle does help you burn more calories when PAIRED with cardio. Do some time on the bike or other cardio machines available (or walk), then do the weight training. Greater burn. However, also, muscle weighs more than fat, so keep an eye on the fit of your clothes, and your BMI or fat % to determine the losses. You're getting stronger which means you're adding muscle when you're losing fat. The goal kg might not be a true measure of the success any longer. Also, the more weight you have on you, the more calories you tend to burn when doing said exercise. Drives me crazy! Hub and I do the same TIME on the same machine, I have a further distance and he has the bigger calorie burn. We also have WILDLY different body types. We can get really competitive with our weight loss and exercise, and it tends to gnaw at us when the other does even a little better. But, it also helps keep us at it, and that's really the best part. Doing it together. GO KING GO!! 
21 Feb 13 by member: ZippyDani
Thanks, Dani! You know me. Babbling will never stop. :)  
21 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
I hear you and you sound wonderful! Good for you. I'm not in the gym these days and I hate it. No excuse for me.  
21 Feb 13 by member: Neptunebch


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