kingkeld's Journal, 13 February 2013

Good morning, Fatsecret!

Another day of doing great!

I ended up just a few calories from my RDI, making (almost) great choices all the way.

I did have 10g of chocolate. I felt like it, and I felt like I had the control. I actually had three 5g treats in my hand, had two because I felt like it, entered them in my food log and threw the third one out. I didn't need it, and decided that it would be dumb to eat it.

I had omelet with half a whole wheat pita for both breakfast and lunch, and salmon with a side salad for dinner.

In the evening I had a smoothie. It was somewhat larger than what I'm usually having, but I had the calories for it and I figured it wouldn't matter.

So, today I am UP 200g. It is of course a temporary gain - I know I was AT LEAST 1000 cal under what I burned yesterday, probably even 1500. It's no big deal.

Actually, I think the culprit is the smoothie. It was large, and obviously has weighed me down more. That, along with general water balance, etc. I also wonder if the pita could affect it? It's not the type I usually eat, so I don't really know how my body's immediate reaction to it is. It was only a total of 70g though, so it's gotta be limited what it can do to me, right?

Either way, I'm sure I'll have that weight off and more tomorrow.

Today, I went back to my usual breakfast - eggs, ham and rye bread.

I'm gonna go work out when the gym opens in about 90 minutes. I'm feeling a little tired today, and Wife is at home for the last day of her little vacation break. This all equals not really feeling like going to the gym - but I WILL go, and I know I will enjoy it when I'm there. The "not feeling like going"-feeling is nothing like what it used to be though. This one is more like just a, should we call a "sporadic laziness"? Something that kinda just tells me that it's really cold outside, that it's gonna be walking through snow to get there, and that it's probably gonna be tough on me.

Fortunately, I now know that it's also gonna be having a nice cup of coffee with some nice people AFTER the workout, it's gonna be feeling awesome the rest of the day, and it's gonna be me taking another step towards both a nicer looking/feeling body, and towards my weight loss goal. There really are NO good arguments. Hell, it's not even raining! lol.

I have my entire day planned, when it comes to food. It's planned in detail, and I'm pretty much spending every single calorie in my RDI again.

The usual breakfast, then lunch (which is salmon and salad from yesterday), and a Danish grilled sausage with potatoes and gravy for dinner. It's kinda high on fat, my dinner, but it's not something we have all the time. We felt like a change though. Besides, fat isn't bad for you. TOO MUCH fat is bad for you. That's how I see it.

I have planned three in-between meals too: Rye bread and more eggs for 2nd breakfast (after workout), tomato for afternoon snack, and another smoothie tonight (most definitely smaller than what I had yesterday).

Spending my entire RDI has really really helped me doing this. I have had NO fail days for quite a while now. I have had NO urge to go buy candy. I have had NO anything, really. Yesterday, when I got tempted to get chocolates, I didn't have a lot, and I threw out almost as much as I ate, AND I still stayed within RDI.

I have had several little instances of wanting to go buy a little something, but it has been so weak that I have had no trouble just pushing it away, simply by considering what it'd do to my mission to reach my goal for April.

I'm sure today will be no different.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Getting my butt out of the chair and going to the gym, even when I'm not 100% motivated for it. I know it'll be good.
- Morning coffee.
- A good night's sleep.

Have a great day, everyone! I hope your journey is going well! Life is good!
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Happy to hear you are doing so well KK. It makes us all feel good. I think you have a lot of positive influence here. Have a super day. :D 
12 Feb 13 by member: teskandar
I'd be damn proud to influence ANYONE here - and anywhere else. You have a super day too. :) 
13 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
Ok the weightloss police are here..... Do not read if you are not ready for an honest comment. I notice you have had smoothies before, without it messing with you.... Maybe it was that damned chocolate.... I see you didn't attribute lack of loss/gain on that.... Quote from your journal 11th Feb ...... "Anyways, I really see that the sugars are bad, I see how they screw up my weight loss journey, I see how they make me stress because I want more, more, more, and I see how they make me gain weight and not lose a thing for days. Remind me again what is so damn attractive about it? Lol.". I know you only had 2 bits - and didn't wan the 3rd.... But.... Maybe time to analyse how that affected your body. :-) 
13 Feb 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I always appreciate a visit from the WL Police, Pam. LOL. That COULD be it. The chocolate is in no way a regular thing these days - and that alone is a-frickin'-mazing, so maybe this is what makes me retain something. I'm pretty sure it didn't cause a fat gain, though. :) I'd need a lot more than 10g for that to happen. Still, I think the danger is in the cravings for more. I really don't miss those cravings, do I? 
13 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
Yay. Keld is rocking the Casbah. Cool! Fantastic. Way to go! 
13 Feb 13 by member: madaboutmoose
Way to have restraint. I think is completely fine to have all that stuff in moderation too. Yum! 
13 Feb 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
'freak, I to some extend agree. I am very much on the a-calorie-is-a-calorie team. However, I DO realize that there although all calories are created equal, some are more equal than others. SkInny is right. If a little bit chocolate potentially makes me NOT lose weight, then I need to stay off it. Let's see tomorrow how it goes. I haven't had chocolate today. Also, I'm probably skipping on the smoothie too, depending how I feel the next hour or two. I have room for it, but I also know it weighs me down for tomorrow's weigh-in. I feel that I am TOTALLY on my mission now, and I don't want too many things disrupting it. I like the fact that I CAN have my smoothie tonight if I want to - it's already entered and considered within my RDI, but I very well might opt out if I don't really feel like it. I pre-calculate my snacks to make sure I have calories available for them, but if I don't really need them to "reach" the next meal safely, then I'll pass. :) 
13 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
I feel the same... By body does not function near as efficiently with pork so I just don't mess with it. Also I don't like the way very much bread oriented stuff make me feel so it gets limited. I have found when I eat certain things they make me feel weighted down and bloated. I also have way more energy when I don't eat this stuff very often at all. 
13 Feb 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Exactly. Well spotted, by the way. I think that eating chocolate isn't necessarily a bad thing if you don't exceed what you're supposed to eat. But if it makes you sluggish, makes you retain water, makes you gain weight in other ways (though not from eating too much!) then you (I) should refrain from eating it. It's hard to think like this when the cravings are kicking my butt though. I had a glimpse of that today. I killed with tapping. Thanks, McKenna! :) 
13 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld


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