kingkeld's Journal, 12 December 2012

I need to find another way to start my journals than just writing Wooohooooo! :) lol.

I'm down in weight this morning. Not a lot, but 200 grams still counts, and after a 2.4 kilo drop yesterday it's amazing that I haven't even gained.

Looking at my fat percentage, it's even down a little since yesterday, but not at the lowest. It's 20-point-something today. I forgot the exact number.

Yesterday, I was supposed to go for 2300 calories, but it was just not meant to be, for several reasons.

1. I had my usual breakfast. Nothing added to it to up the calories. I like my breakfast, it's fulfilling, and gets me going. Maybe in hindsight, I should have added something to it. Or at least, I could have. Then again, I don't believe in eating just to eat.

2. Since I have leftovers from dinner for my lunch, it was super low calorie. Only about 230. On a regular weight loss day this would be perfect, and I loved it, but again - it brings me nowhere near the 2300.

3. Wife bought a sandwhich yesterday, as she didn't feel like pork chop and cabbage for lunch. Which meant that we had a leftover lunch pack. I chose to have this one for dinner. Another 230 calories. And nowhere near 2300.

Oh, well.

So, today is my 2nd "Low Cal Day". I think I'm simply gonna stick with this term. It's non-confusing and describes the day just fine.

I can tell that my morning hunger/want for breakfast is a little stronger today, but nothing that can make me break away from my determination to stick to plan. It's not REAL hunger or anything, and it was easily fixed with two glasses of ice cold water. This is generally a good trick, I find. When you want something in your stomach, the cold water give you the feeling of eating.

Also, I do believe that many times when we THINK we are hungry, we really are thirsty.

So, today is a 600 calorie day for me. Wife is cooking beans tonight, so I will need my full 600 calories there. Not that I'm planning to eat before that anyways, even though I can. If I want, I can spread the 600 calories over the day, but I know myself well enough that if I start eating, I'm not gonna want to stop again. So I'll just patiently wait.

Besides, I'll be at work all day, and I have plenty of stuff to do to keep me occupied.

I gotta say, changing my approach to my new system has made me feel VERY different. I feel GREAT! I feel MOTIVATED! I feel that my body loves me very much these days, and a great new feeling.

It is so weird, it's like my body is taking a sigh of relief or something. I like it.

On the other hand, I am also looking forward to the rest of the week NOT going low cal. I'm looking forward to having "normal" meals, and just enjoy it. The difference is that I don't in any way feel desperate to get them. This is what makes the big change for me. I don't feel desperate to eat any longer. Hmmm. Let me repeat that:

I don't feel desperate to eat any longer!

I do feel the need to emphasize something, inspired by my buddy FullaBella. She's got it right. This is NOT a beginner's weight loss system. The main focus on this is health, incorporated into a calorie deficit system. But this is NOT, repeat NOT, something to do if you are prone to already skip meals and lose control at the meals that you do eat. If you can not accomplish the FULL Low Cal Day, this will make you end up in trouble and potentially gain weight. This is NOT, repeat NOT, just an excuse to have more calories on the other days.

In any and all cases, I highly recommend that you have your doctor watching you on the sideline while doing this. I am in no way a doctor and from a medical point of view, I have no idea what I am doing.

That being said, I do see great results from me and the buddies that are doing this with me. Obviously, one week of doing this is not enough to base anything on, let alone just from a few people.

Now, if that is not an eye opener for me, then nothing is. Up until this point in my diet, I have been planning and planning and planning some more, to fit all my calories into my diet. I have obsessed about it.

I felt a change after the very first Low Cal Day. I felt that I was much more in touch, much more in control after having conquered that day. I have read about other weight loss programs that promote a day without eating, simply as a starting point for a normal, non-intermittent-fasting program, just for people to get back in touch with their bodies. I can definitely tell what this does, and it is something I'd like to incorporate into my teachings too.

Now, doing my Low Cal Day for the 3rd time, I am full of confidence about it. I know what's waiting for me, I know what's coming, and I know that it in now way is scary or dangerous. Bring it on!

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Feeling AMAZING! Better than I have in months!
- Being mentally fully prepped for Low Cal Day. Bring it on!
- Morning coffee! Salute! (remember that one, folks?)
- Wife being super supportive of me.

Life is good! :)
197.5 lb Lost so far: 144.2 lb.    Still to go: 10.1 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entries for 12 December 2012:
580 kcal Fat: 27.49g | Prot: 29.10g | Carb: 54.35g.   Dinner: pita bread, kebab, lettuce, dressing ranch, Tomatoes. more...
3393 kcal Activities & Exercise: Standing - 7 hours and 15 minutes, Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 1 hour and 5 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours, Sitting - 7 hours and 10 minutes, Desk Work - 30 minutes. more...
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 3.1 lb a week


Sometimes it is good not know what you are doing :) That is how pioneers are made!  
11 Dec 12 by member: Ryan75
honestly keld i'm pretty impressed. and i thought about something reading your journals the last few days. i thought that i might be time to start my 'fasting week' again. well it is called 'wellness week' and it is based on fruit and veggie juices combined with great healthy foods. it is a good way to start a diet and to start a healthy living. i did that about a year ago and i felt great afterwards. maybe i do it again. i'll see :)  
12 Dec 12 by member: joelae
Ryan, I agree. And I do feel a bit of pioneering in my new self discovery. There is nothing wrong with that. Trouble is when you "sell it to others", for them to try it out. That's why I need to stress so clearly that I don't know what I'm doing here. :) 
12 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
UPDATE: Since it's LOW CAL DAY, I guess I should do a few updates on my general well-being and how I feel about, for me to have it registered in my journal, and for you guys to follow me, should you be interested. I feel great, actually. It is now about 5 hours since "breakfast time", which is when Wife had breakfast. I had water and coffee. I feel the same little stomach pinch as I did back then. I'm not gonna qualify it as a hunger feeling, but more like a slightly emply feeling in my stomach. It is in no way bad. It is in no way keeping me from my mission. Just as the other days, I think it helps a lot that I have a clear mindset, I have decided that there is no food until dinner. This way I have already dealt with it up front, and it causes less of a panic. So it's just smooth sailing.  
12 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
Glad you named it "Low Cal Day" :) 
12 Dec 12 by member: Lizzie983
Lizzie, I figured it was a good name. It is what it is. I don't really think of it as fasting. To me, that word indicates NO food whatsoever, and I am having dinner. Even a reasonable one, though it's nowhere close to Indulging. :) Of course, the other option is to snack über low calorie through the day, but that one is not for me. I'd be curious to hear from people doing this instead. 
12 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
UPDATE: it's now 1:15 pm, and no real change. No real hunger. I had a diet coke and a piece of sugar free gum.  
12 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
Hey Keld. Tried to respond to your message but Fatsecret wouldn't let me. Weird?! I am trying to decide if I want today to be mt low cal day or if tomorrow would be better. I'm hungry right now so hard to say. I lost again over night and never did make up to 1550. Didn't see any point in eating just to eat. Have a good one. I will try to message you again.  
12 Dec 12 by member: madaboutmoose
Thanks, Moose. :) I'm glad you feel things working for you. I felt a little hungry in the morning, but it was easily fixed with cold water.  
12 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
Tomorrow is going to be my low cal day. Tonight we are doing pork chops and veggies then I will not eat until tomorrow evening and we are going to do chicken stir fry with LOTS of veggies. One question I do have. Do you recomend a certain type of foods, Obviously avoid sugars etc, but as far as protein/carb/veggie ratio. Any ideas? 
12 Dec 12 by member: wichitaks
Wichitaks, I don't really recommend anything, other than as always use common sense to keep things relatively healthy. Personally, I try to eat what I feel like, hold back on the carbs and sugars. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. I've always lost weight all the same. I have no idea if it will really matter while doing this, but essentially I believe that the less calories in than out rule will still result in fat loss, no matter what other factors are in there.  
12 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
It makes me feel free, knowing I am not desperate to eat, gives me confidence too & all that really makes me feel good, even on a Wednesday...LOL! 
12 Dec 12 by member: gg-girl
Beans. Beans they are good for your heart...thats all I gotta say about that...:O) 
12 Dec 12 by member: BHA
Sadly, beans were canceled. :/ Boo! We decided to order food instead - I had a pita bread with a little meat and plenty of lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Not bad at all, and fit in my allowance. I recorded it very generously, and it maxed out my RDI for the day. I'm not really sure if I am that "high" (almost 600 calories) but I wanna make sure to not exceed.  
12 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
Kingkeld I think if I were you I'd start every journal with Whoohoo too! You've done such a fantastic job it your journals deserve it. But I will offer 'whoop whoop whoop' and 'woot' and 'wowza'. Take your pick, I don't believe any of those are copyrighted :-) Thank you for the personal mention in your journal too. I feel so very special, truly, and am relieved you understood and did not resent my comment yesterday. I am watching you kiddo and definitely going to borrow some of your tools when I get closer to my goal weight. Keep journaling however you feel you want to start them! 
12 Dec 12 by member: FullaBella
Hi Keld, yes, it has been proven by the experts that we eat food when we actually are thirsty and should drink. Xxx 
12 Dec 12 by member: sazy
Drink I did in the am and throughout the day. I did better on Monday when I had an egg sandwich for breakfast than I did today with a Special K protein bar. So, perhaps it was the higher fat of the egg? Can't imagine a single egg has more than 10 grams of protein but I should probably check it out. Interesting. I have 90 calories to spare still. Oh how shall I consume them? Coffee with creamer? A def possibility. Lol. Not sure why today was more challenging for me but it was. Will figure it out in time. Maybe I need a couple of regular days in between my low cal days. Hmmmm 
12 Dec 12 by member: madaboutmoose


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