adefwebserver's Journal, 02 April 2019

Day 2 of a planned 2 days of ‘water’ fasting

Yesterday I 🏃🏾‍♂️ ran 3 miles and 🚶🏾‍♂️ walked for an hour. I only consumed 150 calories of heavy cream in my tea right before bed.

I ‘gained’ a pound 😫

I am sure it is all the water and tea I drank all day, as well as the water retention from inflammation from all the running (17 miles in 3 days - - I plan to not run tomorrow to help with the inflammation issue).

I expect that I will end up around 165lbs by Friday.

For me, this is further evidence that “Calories Out” is the only thing I can trust. I ‘burned’ over 2k in calories yesterday. That ‘energy’ had to come ‘from my body’. Now, during the day, I did not take any ‘Calories In”. Yes, I drank water, but, --water has no calories—However, it does have ‘weight’ It actually has a LOT of weight (“Up to 60% of the human adult body is water” (

For me, this is what is true:

• When I lose weight I always have a calorie deficit
• When I have a calorie deficit I do not always lose weight

How is this possible? I just proved it yesterday, I am just ‘adding and removing water’. Yes this ‘water weight’ will “WHOOSH” out from time to time, but, it-will-come-back! It has to, I need the water to stay alive.

So, FAT is all that really matters in the long run for me. It is simple, “Reduce Body Fat”.

By fasting and running I “hope” to “force my body to get energy from its fat stores” (because as hard as I try I cannot ‘control’ my body only ‘try’ to make it do certain things).

So, yesterday I ‘hope’ that I actually burned some fat. However, I may have just depleted my glycogen stores. So, today I plan to continue to fast and 🏃🏾‍♂️ run 5 miles. Hopefully this will force my body to ‘burn fat’.

😎 Life is Good! Have a great day everyone!
170.0 lb Lost so far: 37.0 lb.    Still to go: 6.0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entries for 02 April 2019:
1185 kcal Fat: 87.97g | Prot: 44.80g | Carb: 46.40g.   Breakfast: Land O'Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream, Land O'Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream. Snacks/Other: Land O'Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream, Quest Vanilla Milkshake Protein Powder, Slim-Fast Keto Shake, Land O'Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream, Quest Vanilla Milkshake Protein Powder, Slim-Fast Keto Shake, Slim-Fast Keto Shake, Hot Chocolate Cocoa (Made with Whole Milk). more...
2486 kcal Activities & Exercise: Running - 6/mph - 50 minutes, Resting - 15 hours and 10 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours. more...
gaining 7.0 lb a week

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Wonder how much energy we can keep in our glycogen stores. I may have to go and read Phinney and Volek again.  
02 Apr 19 by member: liv001
@liv001 - My 'gut feeling' is that I can 'mostly deplete' my glycogen stores in a single day when I do a 7 mile run. So, let's say I can get about 800-1200 calories from my glycogen stores. According to this article: "Most athletes store 300 to 500 grams of glycogen when fully fueled, equating to about 90 to 120 minutes of intense exercise." ( - - Overnight, my 'hope' is that they will 'refill' from gluconeogenesis (burning fat), if I restrict dietary carbohydrates. In the past this seems to work for me. 
02 Apr 19 by member: adefwebserver
You’re also burning muscle with limited calorie input. 
02 Apr 19 by member: srossca
Is that when running fasted? 
02 Apr 19 by member: liv001
@srossca - I don't think so. My lifting strength has remained the same. Now -eventually- my body would start to consume muscle tissue, but I think it would first consume: 1) glucose/glycogen 2) fat (in my liver).  
02 Apr 19 by member: adefwebserver
@liv001 - I think the 'calorie burn' is higher when *not fasted* (because of higher metabolism). But, a 5 mile run will still burn nearly 800 calories even when my metabolism is low. My fitness watch still has my heart rate high, but, my running speed is slower. However, I did have 300 calories in heavy cream today just to 'wake up' my body because body gets 'sluggish' when glycogen depleted. I should have just forced myself to just run anyway, but, I got lazy and took the easy way of taking in the 'dietary energy'. I'll see what happens... 
02 Apr 19 by member: adefwebserver
Plan just got 'shot' (sigh). Stressful day, decided to just make this a 'no solid food' fast day rather than a 'true water fast'. 
02 Apr 19 by member: adefwebserver
Maybe you’re weighing yourself too much? I usually only weigh once a week. Not that that’s the right way either. But maybe you’re expecting the weight to drop too fast? 
02 Apr 19 by member: coochie liquor
That happened my first day back on plan, my wife decided to bring home fast food and since I had been indulging for months my resolve not to indulge just wasn't there. No worries, bro, reset and resume!  
02 Apr 19 by member: Phil.tx
Strength is not the same as muscle. 
02 Apr 19 by member: love2educate
@coochie liquor - I need to capture daily weight for analysis. 
02 Apr 19 by member: adefwebserver
@love2educate - I agree "Strength is not the same as muscle" but, other than a dexa scan there is no other way to accurately measure it :)  
02 Apr 19 by member: adefwebserver
@Phil - Yeah I'm ok with it. I need to just look at the 'blessings', I will still end the day with macros right where I want them. I was just trying a 'push' to get a 'max result'. I will try again next week... 
02 Apr 19 by member: adefwebserver
I strongly recommend this reading: Does fasted training burn more fat? Kinda, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Here’s why :) 
02 Apr 19 by member: inescf4
sounds logical about the water. . 17 miles of running. I wish I could. good for you. 👌 you'll get a whoooosh from that water.  
02 Apr 19 by member: jenjabba
It could be that your liver produce a lot og glucose, that fill your muscles with water. A stress respons. Might be measurable by taking a blood sugar reading. 
02 Apr 19 by member: Diddlee
@Diddlee - Yeah I think that is it. I took a reading tonight. It was 93, but, that doesn't mean it wasn't higher earlier. 
03 Apr 19 by member: adefwebserver
Your body will not burn fat if you feed him Shakes with sugar, like in this Milkshake Protein Powder with Heavy Whipping Cream. Your body dont understand what you want from him cause he try to survive and hope that you will give him the nutrients he needs. The induction phase usually last 2 weeks the your body start consuming fat to make energy. So if you drink only water try read your weight after you stop running or in the morning, cause then your body will be low on water. If i where you i try feast but add some meat so that you could have energy from fat and force your body to process fat. And stop taking shakes cause you cant control what is in them, you only hope is what the label say. Hope you fight for your goals and take care of your body.  
03 Apr 19 by member: Kirkovm
Diablo360x 1.First he is not a bodybuilder and he is not a athlete. Second i don't talk from what i believe or what i like, i talk from real fact called science. And to answer your question Bodybuilders burn fat cause they have a big engine like muscles that consume energy so the bigger the muscles the more fat you burn, and second they are doped like hell and the balance between what their HPTA axis can sustain and the hormones that the body need to process is not on even grounds. You just talk to hear yourself and you don't come with facts cause you don't know how human body works and you don't have knowledge about human body you. So maybe you go back on where you came from and next time try to sustain your affirmation with real science.  
03 Apr 19 by member: Kirkovm
adefwebserver I show you real progress cause i know what i talk about, look now on my journal how i lose 0.8kg in one day i post a picture on scale. Then i tell you i just come from a run that was 5.31Km in 30 minutes that even a child can run. So you must do something wrong if you eat 1185 kcal and lose 2486 kcal, and still no result cause you say "It is simple, “Reduce Body Fat”." that means this is your primary goal, and the answer yo your question is simple and you just need to look at what your numbers are Fat: 87.97g | Prot: 44.80g | Carb: 46.40g. There is no way your body can consume 87.97g of fat when you give him 46.40g Carbs. You don't like meat, no problem you can lose all that Land O'Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream and eat Broccoli instead and do what you did 2486 kcal in exercise and you will see. And don't listen to doped people cause they don't know what they are talking about.  
03 Apr 19 by member: Kirkovm


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