Diddlee's Journal, 05 September 2018

Will have to deplete glycogen+water before I can get back to loosing fat efficiently. Illustrated well by Ted Naiman here.
176.8 lb Lost so far: 106.9 lb.    Still to go: 0.4 lb.    Diet followed reasonably well.

Diet Calendar Entries for 05 September 2018:
1849 kcal Fat: 116.05g | Prot: 185.26g | Carb: 2.04g.   Breakfast: Egg, Pork, Duck Egg. Lunch: Pork. Dinner: Sardines. more...
2966 kcal Activities & Exercise: Weight Training (Bodybuilding) - 18 minutes, Bicycling (moderate) - 13/mph - 1 hour and 25 minutes, Resting - 14 hours and 17 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours. more...
on diet Diddlee's own diet   losing 6.2 lb a week

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This is why I exercise a lot when fasting.  
04 Sep 18 by member: adefwebserver
Hmm, must not be difficult to deplete the old 'carb tank'...just sayin'. 
04 Sep 18 by member: LZenn
Helpful picture, thank you! 
04 Sep 18 by member: circlesarah
@LZenn - Not hard if I don't keep refilling it all day :) 
04 Sep 18 by member: adefwebserver
I do though, I eat ice cream almost every day. Popcorn, chips, cupcakes. Every day I have a small treat. Potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches. Whatever I want. I don't OD on the stuff, but still am having lots of carbs on a daily basis. Lost 2.8# last week, 2.2 the week before, 2.8 the week before that. I'd have to go back to my log to find out my carb level is because I don't pay any attention to it at all. Not saying Keto is wrong, just saying it's not necessary for weight loss. You can do it if that's what makes you happy, but I'd rather have variety for the rest of my life than to not. And this is forever.  
04 Sep 18 by member: LZenn
Can you explain what this means better? Iā€™m not smart at this but am intrigued by the diagram! 
04 Sep 18 by member: samcaprini
It looks just like our stomachs!! Ha ha!! 
04 Sep 18 by member: srossca
I love your matter of fact approach 
04 Sep 18 by member: KayBuckaroo
So, if you have an excess of adipose (body fat), your body uses that as its secondary fuel on an empty stomach. It first draws from your glycogen stores to fuel your activity. For me, 30 minutes of an intense weight lifting session COMPLETELY wipes out my glycogen and I don't have much body fat to spare. Otherwise, after an average person doing an hour-long workout will utilize all the glycogen and switch "tanks" to begin burning the fat. The fat isn't the initial source is what the diagram is showing.  
04 Sep 18 by member: chrisw77
This is why most of us weight lifter guys eat a ton of carbs: before a workout, it gives the "sugar rush" of instant energy (instead of the delayed - yet longer-burning fat or protein). After a workout, carbs are the quickest replenishment for glycogen "battery recharge". 
04 Sep 18 by member: chrisw77
For the non-exercisers, the carbs can't be processed fast enough and tend to get stored as adipose since they're full of energy that is otherwise unused. It's like putting jet fuel in a Toyota that sits in the driveway... a waste šŸ¤“ 
04 Sep 18 by member: chrisw77
Well - unless that non-exerciser is still at a calorie deficit. Like me. I'll be starting up soon, but haven't yet. 
04 Sep 18 by member: LZenn
True. If in a deficit, it won't directly turn into fat, but they do tend to supply a lot of energy. If not used, then expelled or stored... that part is up to your individual body on how it handles it. So, indeed, best to keep a deficit to ensure it gets properly used (as with all macros). This just happens to be the most polarizing of them.  
04 Sep 18 by member: chrisw77
But, to the point of the diagram, the glycogen is in short supply and must be utilized first before starting to use body fat... it takes a bit of exercise before it is depleted (though there's no magic number or time to apply to it, if you bust your butt on an activity and when your muscles start feeling the "burn" - that's the glycogen depleting and lactic acid kicking in). As a runner, we'd call it "the wall" that you hit and run out of energy. If in ketosis, your system shifts and begins using the fat more efficiently via gluconeogenesis instead of needing to eat a snack or Gatorade to refuel. Otherwise, fat burning equates to feeling hungry and weak while it's happening because the body isn't used to it.  
04 Sep 18 by member: chrisw77
Why don't dieters (like me) feel hungry and weak all the time when they're not following low-carb but are obviously burning up fat stores? Is it just when the body is taxed during exercise that this hungry/weak wall occurs? 
04 Sep 18 by member: LZenn
So, sum up, you have to use your carb-tank up before you'll burn fat stores. If your carb tank is empty and you're body isn't used to burning fat, you'll hit a wall. So, me, who eats carbs all day long, is constantly refilling my carb tank, therefore never hit a wall, I shouldn't be burning up my fat stores because I have a full carb tank? Someone's logic is off somewhere. I'm losing fat stores at a pretty nice rate. 
04 Sep 18 by member: LZenn
Hah! I threw carbs in there and it's turned into a red herring... I use carbs to replenish/extend the glycogen. They give me the extra energy for longer or more intense workouts. 
05 Sep 18 by member: chrisw77
But if you're in a caloric deficit, as long as you're eating enough to sustain your lifestyle, you shouldn't be short on energy and body fat will be used as a supplement to replace the missing calories in your deficit.  
05 Sep 18 by member: chrisw77
Notice my leg muscles looks big and swollen. Leads me to think I may look like a skeleton covered with a deflated ballon skin when I get my soft belly burned off. To repair, drink some pineapple or coconut juice to 'inflate' the muscles with glycogen+water mass. Weird thought, but may be true. 
05 Sep 18 by member: Diddlee
Ok, I think I got this...during strenuous exercise, the body uses the most readily available fuel source it can get it's fingers on - mainly afore mentioned carb-tank. When that dries up, you hit a wall. This makes sense. Got this. But now...if you're a keto-jedi whose body is trained to switch tanks with the greatest of ease...you don't hit a wall? So do marathoners (any? some? most?) go keto so they can last longer? 
05 Sep 18 by member: LZenn


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