DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 03 May 2018

Fitness tip of the day... When training for a 5K pick a 5 year old farm kid as your running partner. Why? Because they are in better shape, they think running around an ag bag pad is fun, they run with their arms going in windmills and suggest if you do the same then maybe you would stop gasping for air like a fish stuck on dirt. Also, the second you realize that your own child can outrun you, will outrun you, and yells things back at you like CANT CATCH ME!! well that right there is called motivation. There will be a day when I will be able to at least keep pace because otherwise threatening the bratty kid won't work because he has now realized I can't catch him!

He was a sweetheart and ran with me for the entire 20 minutes. When it was time to walk he walked and then asked repeatedly "Can we run yet? Can we run yet? It's been 200 minutes!!!" To which I would yell.. RUN. And then off he went and then backtracked over and over again because I couldn't catch him. The other kid we lost in a dirt pile behind the barn. Every time we ran by he became more and more camouflaged. BUT I managed 1.16 miles in 25 minutes. I have no idea what that translates into when it comes to the time it would take me to run 3 miles. I'm not doing any math until I finish a cup of coffee without it getting cold.

I think this counts as Love and Purpose. Loving myself enough to do something for me and my health. Finding something little man wants to do with me for fun. And the purpose of completing a 5K a little better than last year.

UPDATE: I'm pretty proud of myself right now and since I said I was going to make changes and this involves a change I have to share. I did something almost completely unheard of. I said NO. My husband asked me for a favor and I straight up said No I can't do that and you should find another solution. Normally I would feel obligated to do whatever I can to help out and want to be the one that chips in and makes everything ok. This time? Nah. I do enough already. I already work a full time job, take care of the kids and the house and the chickens and the goats and the calves and... everything else. I'm not giving up an entire day on the weekend to drive around with kids complaining in the backseat. I will not listen to "Are we there yet?" 1056 times. The favor? Drive 4 hours away and back with the big truck and a 20 foot trailer to pick up a bulldozer from his buddy so he can push clean fill the county is dumping at the back of the property to extend the bank. Yeah.... no..... sorry.... Either A. Go get it yourself B. Find a closer bulldozer because we are in farm country and they seem to just be sitting around every there and why hasn't he asked the freaking county that is dumping this crap?? or C. Find someone else who is willing to give up another day on an errand because this girl is going to enjoy her 1 day with no plans.

He will probably look like I kicked his puppy when I get home. He's probably baffled by the fact that I said no. He may be wondering why he married me. And you know what? That's ok. I'm a person. I'm not a robot or a super hero. I'm going to spend my Sunday doing something I enjoy that I've picked. Heavy equipment transporter is not part of that list.

Diet Calendar Entry for 03 May 2018:
1374 kcal Fat: 52.65g | Prot: 68.62g | Carb: 156.62g.   Breakfast: Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Liquid Coffee Creamer, Coffee, Atkins French Vanilla Shake, Clementines , Keebler Pita Crackers. Lunch: Smart Ones Classic Favorites Santa Fe Style Rice & Beans, Glenview Farms Pepperjack Cheese . Dinner: Pork Barbecue Sandwich or Sloppy Joe on Bun, Birds Eye Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Brussels Sprouts. Snacks/Other: Raspberries, Keebler Town House Toppers Garlic & Herb Crackers. more...

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Love this! (As usual) you should be a writer or at least have a blog. Your posts make me smile and think. Good job loving yourself today ❤️ 
03 May 18 by member: momma6224
You'll catch that kid in no time and then pass him up too. Keep going!  
03 May 18 by member: mickfan1
Good for you!! Love and purpose for sure. My kids would laugh at me if I asked them to run with me, so it's good that your little guy is having fun with it. Maybe if he keeps wanting to do it too that will be a good motivator on the days you don't want to. :) 
03 May 18 by member: mars2kids
I tried planking last week with my 5 year old. It was a hoot for sure! Kids are fun. 
03 May 18 by member: ninamn22
You have found the perfect coach! And he won't report back to HR! 
03 May 18 by member: kpwcalories
I agree - you are definitely an awesome writer. Good for you for doing some things for Love and Purpose. You sounded happy in your post too! ;) 
03 May 18 by member: ny_shelly
Great job!! I saw the picture of the adorable baby face smiling into the camera you posted and it made me happy. You can do this!! You are a shining star!! Go get em!!!  
03 May 18 by member: Klynn82
Great job! 
03 May 18 by member: RiverRes
Congratulations on saying "no"! sometimes you just have to, if for no other reason than you just want to! Your honey will survive, and you will have a day for you :) 
05 May 18 by member: kmkjmomma
My favorite story with my hubby was one day we were taking the kids out in the canoe. He goes out to hook up the canoe trailer and throws the life preservers in the trunk then comes in and wants to know if I am ready to go. I say Yes! and hop in the car, waiting to go. He hops in and then says "Where are the kids?" HAHA dude you did not ask me if the kids were ready to go! The 4 year old and the 2 year old had not packed the diaper bag or their lunches or gotten dressed! Ha. I thought it was funny. Good job sticking to your own work first! 
07 May 18 by member: abbadabba


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