wintersmith's Journal, 16 April 2010

So, today will be a bad day. I'll be heading out this evening to go on a strange ritual dubbed a "team building exercise". This apparently involves ingesting a strange local concoction during a time known as "happy hour", though whether the hour is happy or people are happy during the hour is unknown. Regardless, I'm told that the drinks are pretty high calorie so I'm just going to dub today a "bad day" and let it go at that. Ironic that it requires a happy hour to make a bad day. ;)

Tomorrow I have that martial arts test. I'll be practicing tonight. This should keep my drinking to a minimum since a hang over would probably put a small dent into my performance. Ironically, the least important part of the test is the part I'm looking forward to most. Last time I managed to break 2" of wood. I'm curious to see if I can break four 1" planks this time. :)

So, wish me luck! I might get some pictures from it to post here but we'll see if I'm even remotely photogenic enough to warrant it.


LOL! Enjoy yourself and Good Luck on the test wintersmith. 
16 Apr 10 by member: information
Yes good luck on your test. 
17 Apr 10 by member: splendidhammer
Thanks guys, should be fun. Oh, and buzzed sparring practice is the way to go. :) 
17 Apr 10 by member: wintersmith
Hope your team building evening was fun! Ha, I see what you mean about the "happy hour" making it a "bad day." 
17 Apr 10 by member: NinaV


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