johnwentzville's Journal, 25 April 2018

Thanks to chesgreen , murph , draglist , mrs cold, ,mommy wilder, jparlett, hoops2 , eatolive4life, jipper500, Steven anthony, kgiled7,millalite, valendawacks, Cheshire, donok , tahoebrun, dbulls, chicalean, butterfliesfree I just got that , rose Tampa, Leon-tsar, 6foot.13, blue Viking, lsg417, john10251,rossi3, pandasmom, made29, supersnowe, , jackiespahr, marshakanady, tatsukr, lesnajajulia, jkente, mickfan1, abbadabba, michaelmsk, dboza, carries, momma6224,xxchrysalisxx, jengetfit123, charlotte15,cherik1,klynn, vickieuntmick, poison ivy, alexsnaider- my phone lost more supporters and comments and will catch up over weekend - - pictures of food, babies , vacation spots , food, captions , food , weight loss on body, food , scales with numbers on them make you really want to live and enjoy life and ..... eat - LOL - interesting I've seen Russia people people posting and wanted to say hi - we are sorry for the spread of mcdonalds to your country - LOL- also pardon me if you are from a different country / after the last couple days today I had a good size salad with ranch today , steak and cheese wrap from subway, tomato wrap, great, goodalternative when don't know what to eat when you are out of the house ,then pieces of fried chicken and a piece of pizza that ran across the road and I caught themLOL, diet soda water - , tommorrow will do less carbs and more protein because had plenty carbs today - I'm going back to 1/2 pound daily loss so only have to thank a couple people - LOL - one person I saw that their scale was not working, put batteries in and lost 30 pounds - The secret is break your scale, put new magic batteries in and lose 30 pounds - LOL - This person has got it perfectly and that is all any of us need to learn , what to do daily or in any situation to keep going the right direction - YOU GOT THIS - GOD BLESS - MUCH SUCCESS TO YOU ALL - YOU CAN DO IT - WHEN NOT IF- if frustration sets in , post it and everyone will come to the rescue as you did and do now for me -

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You are awesome! Love your posts 
26 Apr 18 by member: momma6224
Skinny toes- you made my night. I had a belly laugh on this one. Thanks for being you! The one and only!!! Appreciate you! 
26 Apr 18 by member: marshakanady
Love your wit and humor!! 
26 Apr 18 by member: LSG417
Magic Batteries! 
26 Apr 18 by member: HCB
Please post the site for ordering the magic batteries. Thank you! 
26 Apr 18 by member: abbadabba
I posted a pic for you on my journal. LoL not of my g-babies, dinos, or burning bushes :) my own meme. enjoy! 
26 Apr 18 by member: marshakanady
Keep on rocking! 
10 Jun 18 by member: Draglist


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