LSG417's Journal, 22 April 2018

Well, my son has been admitted to a pediatric psychiatric facility. They are treating him for depression, most likely still stemming from losing his father 6 years ago. He was only 11 and even tho he's been in counseling, I'm sure his young mind just couldn't process the loss and grief. The depression has manifested itself in anger. He's been put on an antidepressant and a mood stabilizing drug. We will get to visit him this evening. We are hoping, rather led to believe at this point, that he will be released in 72 hrs. He obviously needs some intense counseling to work thru his grief and anger, but that can be done at home. My husband & I were finally able to get some good rest last night. I've managed not to totally sabotage my WOE so far. My friend has a weight watchers scale and it's on track with my new scale, so I guess my new one is accurate. I've fluctuated the past few days, which is to be expected. Keeping it more to the low end rather than the high, so at least I'm not gaining. It may seem silly to be concerned with weight loss given all that's going on, but my health depends on my eating habits and my ability to handle life is dependent on my health. I need to be able to take care of my family, which means I have to take care of me.
We are having a chill day, waiting for the time to go visit my son. Sitting on the screened in porch, listening to birds singing and a baseball game being played in the park next to the neighborhood. I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.

Diet Calendar Entries for 22 April 2018:
1422 kcal Fat: 66.56g | Prot: 76.59g | Carb: 114.91g.   Lunch: White Rice, Shrimp, Baked or Broiled Scallops, Stir Fried Vegetables, Kroger Sliced Water Chestnuts. Dinner: McAlister's Deli Grilled Chicken Salad, Kraft Buttermilk Ranch Dressing & Dip. Snacks/Other: Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee with Cream & Sugar (Large), Ghirardelli Sea Salt Soiree Dark Chocolate, Pinot Noir Wine. more...
1680 kcal Activities & Exercise: Shopping - 20 minutes, Housework - 30 minutes, Showering - 15 minutes, Resting - 14 hours and 55 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours. more...
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Hoping for a great outcome for you that you may find peace! 
22 Apr 18 by member: Charlotte_15
Glad to hear you’ve gotten some rest. So sad for a child of any age to lose a parent. Positive thoughts that he’ll get some help to help him through his troubles ❤️ 
22 Apr 18 by member: BrendaElaine
Praying for answers and positive results. My love and support. Hugs Sweetie! 
22 Apr 18 by member: 8Patty
Praying and hoping for the best. 
22 Apr 18 by member: eatolive4life
All the best to you and your family. I lost my dad at 10, too. My six brothers and sisters and I processed it in different ways. I can look back and see the results now that I have the benefit of time and wisdom. But we are all doing well (and have been for some time). I wish for brighter days for your son and your family, too. 
22 Apr 18 by member: Draglist
My son went through the same thing, losing his biological parents at 8 years old. Don't blame yourself. Let the doctors help him, don't rush him being released until everyone is sure that he is stable enough. It does take time for the medicine to regulate but has helped my son enormously. He is stable enough to hold down a full time job and live on his own.  
22 Apr 18 by member: MACdietjourney
Praying for you and your son to be well, I lost my dad when I was 8 yrs old to this day am 27 I still have the a hole in my heart that will never go away I was a daddy’s girl 
22 Apr 18 by member: niyososo86
has he had an MRI? 
22 Apr 18 by member: utahnomo
I suffered from depression for 30+ years. Read the book "Feeling Good," by David Burns. This book changed my life! Depression is a real physical disease just like cancer or diabetes. One should not be ashamed of it, but we often are. It can be treated with drugs, but it also needs thought-changing treatment. Depressed people play "tapes" in their heads that need to be stoppped. I used to shout outloud, "Stop" or "Shut up" to my negative tapes. Depressed people are often gifted! High intelligence can be a reason for it because they think deeply. If a depressed person can accept themselves as gifted and channel himself into music, art, science, philosophy, writing, sports or similar things, he can use the disability to benefit!  
22 Apr 18 by member: Swiiila
So glad to hear he is receiving good care and that you were able to get some sleep. Praying for you and yours 
22 Apr 18 by member: Gingerk65
I've suffered a tremendous amount of loss as a young person: my sister passed when I was 11, my grandmother passed when I was 16, my other sister passed when I was 26, and my mother just passed less than a week after my 29th birthday. I have had 4 major losses before even hitting 30. If it weren't for finally deciding to see a psychiatrist at age 19, I don't know where I'd be. I was hospitalized at age 22 for a week (for depression)- it absolutely did wonders. I support you and your family on this journey. It's not easy, but constant work and awareness of it will really make the difference. 
22 Apr 18 by member: katiehart20
So sorry, my heArt Is broken for your son, my heart goes to you all in these challenges 
22 Apr 18 by member: denaturner4
I'm so sorry your son is having these issues. I've had depression my whole life and there's so much more to it than anyone can visually see. There's just so much. I hope he can come to grips with the death of his dad. Can't imagine losing my dad at that young age. You will all be in my thoughts today.  
22 Apr 18 by member: Roschelle McGowan
Hello, I'm very sorry to hear of you son's depression diagnosis. In a broader perspective, I believe we ALL live in a somewhat depressing ambient culture... I call it "C.D." Cultural Deficiency/mal-nourishment .... ie we currently have no culture or a very sick troubled one... as a result it may not take much to get any of us really sick or troubled.... it helps to explore our world ( culture ) before it went "off the rails". Please visit my web paqe about my cultural renewal project. Please share this with your son and your friends...I believe it is a helpful thing. Kindest regards, Len 
22 Apr 18 by member: BanjoStories
I feel your pain and his pain. I am going through some of the same things with my oldest. It's tough enough being a teenager and now we have such a fast paced society and the "selfie-culture" and social media... it makes it that much harder. Hang in there. I keep telling myself and my son, "It gets better". He just started Zoloft less than a month ago, so we are hoping it helps. So many changes to try to help him, including removing him from public school. Whatever it takes. We love our kids so much, I don't think they realize sometimes, that we ARE in fact on their side. 
22 Apr 18 by member: CarrieV.
This is such a hard thing. My thoughts are with you and your family. 
22 Apr 18 by member: Dbulls
I feel you on the connection and cycle of what our kids are going through and how it affects everything including our eating habits, stress levels, and health. My advice to you is to be totally honest about everything that has transpired with the counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists. There is absolutely no shame in seeking help, sharing your hardships, and voicing your concerns; however, I have found that in this situation, it is best to be as positive as possible and seek to lighten the emotional tone of the house and family. I will be pray for y’all. I know how difficult it is to see your child in pain and not be able to help him. It seems hopeless, but with the right care, things can get better.  
22 Apr 18 by member: rachael.l.dixon
Many Prayers for you and your family !!! May God bless you all with better days and future outcome..... 
22 Apr 18 by member: wright2018
I’ve been thinking of you and your son over the weekend, I’m glad you posted an update, take care. 
22 Apr 18 by member: skinnyminny54
medicine has really changed my mimdset & recovery programs & aa. if one medicine doesnt work for him try others. there are alot of good medicines out there. i hope you have insurance hon or maybe you can get it at a discount. good luck. i came from a bad situation & have been in recovery this time & my life is much better now. just like this program it takes perseverence. good wishes 
22 Apr 18 by member: Whiteflower52


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