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Has anyone followed the facebook group "Common Sense Keto" plan? It seems extreme but I'm intrigued. I don't want to start an argument because there are so many opinions out there and everyone can decide what is best for them, but this is the theory on common sense keto and it is food for thought:
"Caloric restriction works. The problem is that while it is working it is slowing your metabolism and damaging your natural levels of hormones. Eventually you are eating 1000 calories a day and you are losing more hair than weight. It takes longer for some than others to get there but it happens to everyone. The true problem with CICO is that as you reduce calories in, the body also reduces the calories out to compensate. The body always wants to stay where it is. Equilibrium." He advocates eating to your total daily energy expenditure because hormones dictate weight loss, not calories. He suggests eating at the proper macros (check out the facebook page for these macros) will keep insulin low enough/glucagon high enough to prompt weight loss even when eating at maintenance levels. He does say you can cycle calories to help lose a little quicker (2-3 days at maintenance, 3-4 days cutting 300-400 cals) this will keep your body from thinking energy is at a constant low and lowering your metabolism.
I'm afraid of crashing my takes much longer to heal it than to kill it. And my energy has been quite low and I'd love to see it increase.
What are you thoughts on this? Be nice...I'm not advocating either way I'm just intrigued by this idea and the success people are having doing this way of eating.

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Honestly, when I eat high fat foods, which I eat a lot becuase I am on Keto, its hard for me to get to my calorie goals for the day. I am full before I get to 2000 99% of the time. I average around 1100 because I just cannot eat that much anymore. I love Keto because it allows me to be more lenient with my calories, but I am finding that I dont want to eat more.  
20 Apr 18 by member: Klynn82
I have read a lot on this topic and I guess I fall into the "Try not to overthink it" camp :) . I basically watch my macros and don't worry about calories. If I do that, along with eating only when I get hungry (my body will tell me when it needs something and when it doesn't), then I think the weight loss takes care of itself. Everyone's body is different but mine seems to respond to that. I have not gotten enough water this week (have logged about 15 miles walking but did not increase my intake of water), and now my body is trying to retain fluid because it's dehydrated (I can tell). So I will be flushing my system this weekend and pull a 24 hour fast at some point. Hope this is the kind of dialogue you were seeking :). 
20 Apr 18 by member: jheeden
Yes! Thanks for the insight and thoughts. I’m the same Klynn...I’m just not as hungry eating low carb/high fat and don’t always want to eat, but this guy also suggests that this isn’t a good’s part of a survival instinct when the body is starving?? Weird but interesting to consider. 
20 Apr 18 by member: momma6224
I really hate Facebook groups. I left all the ones I joined because they're so rule driven. I'd say do what's working for you. No one can say what's working for you or not but you. You know your body best. If something's not working, just experiment and change things up every once in a while. 
20 Apr 18 by member: randomjean
interesting! I'll take a look. thank you for this information. I've been trying to watch calories and macros. but I'm still quite new to all this ketogenic dieting but been trying to lose weight and keep it off for best part of 33 years... tried every diet going but not so hungry on this and do 8/ 16 daily fast as only need to eat twice a day. Lots of other positives too. im intending to stick with this way of eating once ive met my goals but do miss l9ads of colourful veg and WINE!! 😂 
20 Apr 18 by member: jacshadow
I agree randomjean they are very strict—I’m not active in the group and some of the members are very rule driven. I just think the theory is an interesting one to consider. Jacshadow—you’re welcome! I’m not advocating this—it just might be something to consider and try. I agree that everyone needs to do what works for them. I just wonder if focusing mostly on calories is why so many of us end up dieting for years in and off and never get and stay where we want to!?😁 
20 Apr 18 by member: momma6224
My thoughts are that it really depends how scientifically you go about this plan. As a short woman, I just don't burn that many calories in a day - I am at "maintenance" at 1300 calories, measured by electronic monitors. I believe a person certainly can lose weight slowly if you attempt to stick to your daily calorie expenditure because unless you are wearing a heart-rate- and blood-gas monitor your daily expenditure changes up or down a couple hundred calories and there is no way to hit that exactly every day. Then add in "cycling" of 1200 calorie deficit over 3 days, you really ought to lose at least a little over a pound a month if you are somehow truly matching calorie for calorie for expenditure. That being said, metabolism will change every day. The only way to burn exactly the same number of calories in a day is to be in a coma. You run errands, you go to work, you walk up and down hallways, you walk across the parking lot closer or further, you go to the gym, you build or lose muscle every day. Your metabolism can be altered by you in many ways. I honestly think most people can help their metabolism by eating more vegetables to get the natural vitamins and fiber.  
20 Apr 18 by member: abbadabba
Also, "calorie restricting" is a negative way of saying "watching what I eat" 
20 Apr 18 by member: abbadabba
I only have a little bit of weight to lose and I’m vegetarian so wouldn’t consider Keto, but I do worry that by restricting calories I’m gonna slow down my metabolism. I have read numerous times that dieting slows metabolism and it never returns to what is was before? I don’t know how true this is, but it’s worrying lol 
20 Apr 18 by member: Trico1
First off I want to thank you for this piece of information. I think it's pretty useful and definitely worth trying. I also agree that nutritional deficiencies can cause hair loss and slower metabolism; however, I do believe that it varies among individuals. For example, I have one serving of salad for breakfast every morning; sometimes I can't even finish it. It makes me wonder if the recommended calorie intake isn't for everyone and that the value may differ according to your lifestyle, body types, activity levels, and so on. I am just sharing my experience and genuinely hope that you can achieve desired results. 
20 Apr 18 by member: leon_tsai
Thanks abbadabba for your thoughts! I agree Trico—that’s what I’m worried about! 
20 Apr 18 by member: momma6224
Metabolism doesn't measurably slow down from calorie restriction. I don't count calories, but I know from experience that when I'm strict keto my calories are inherently lower. Low-Carb/Keto doesn't mean eat like an idiot, calories still matter, they're just not paramount. When you do a proper diet, keto or otherwise, calories will be cut, keto just makes it less miserable. Conversely, a low calorie diet will inherently be lower carb than a Standard Fattie Diet, even though they don't focus on limiting carbs or sugars, the two things are very much correlated. If you want to drop a lot of weight really fast low-carb along with low-calories is the way to go. I didn't count calories for a year and 250 pounds gone, but I am aware of my calorie intake and it was low.  
20 Apr 18 by member: Phil
With all the fat and sugar of a keto diet, this would be a hard diet to get off. Once on this diet, your body would crave fat/sugar and long-term that's bad for your health. I'm in my 50's and have paid for all my consumption of fats/sugars in my younger years. Your current diet looks but I don't know your fitness routine? 
20 Apr 18 by member: Jimmy Fries
I worked with a nutritionist to help get my goals started - I am not on Keto but I am on a reduced carb (more like controlled carb). I found that I was eating to match my insulin dose - so it was a lot more food and higher carb than I was liking. so when I went to a half dose of insulin (at the doctors recommendation - I am not doing this with out medical advice) I saw my blood sugar average go up - so I am trying a new plan where I reduce carbs through out the day at each meal so that my last blood test and morning test are back in line with being "normal". this is day three and the theory is holding so far- I am eating at about 80% of my RDI and my energy level is good. the outlier here is my pancreas is known to be a jerk and inconsistent at the very least - so I am going to see how this plan goes. the point is that I am listening to my body and checking in to see how it is actually performing - "am I hungry" "am I tired" "do I feel jittery" - we are all individual systems unique to themselves - so I make a plan, follow up, adjust as needed. I wish you all the best on your adventure.  
20 Apr 18 by member: tahoebrun
Thanks Phil and Jimmy! My understanding is very little to no sugar on keto?? Lots of good fats. I exercise 30 min a day about 3-4 days a weeks. Elliptical and strength exercises at home. Looking to do a bit more strength at the gym soon! 
20 Apr 18 by member: momma6224
Thanks Tahoe! I wish you all the best too! I agree about listening to our bodies.  
20 Apr 18 by member: momma6224
Leon! I missed your comment sorry🙂 I appreciate your insight and agree there isn’t a one size fits all with diet and weight loss! I love reading everyone’s thoughts and experiences! Thanks and best of luck to you  
20 Apr 18 by member: momma6224
Jimmy Fries, you are confused if you think Keto is a, "high sugar" way of eating.  
20 Apr 18 by member: Phil
You should check out the multitude of videos by Dr. Berg, Thomas Delauer and Dr. Jason Fung. All three compare and contrast the body's reaction to both KETO and IF (intermittent fasting). Both protocol approaches significantly lower your insulin levels, which is the name of the game to the body tapping into its stored fat (or rather stored body food), you also lose around the same amount of weight on both at the same rate but I think there is a general consensus that FASTING overall may be slightly more superior in preserve your metebolic levels for some reason. In a nutshell, the body is sitting there waiting on a famine to come and fasting give it the controlled famine it needs to adjust back to normal weight. Check out their views on YouTube. 
20 Apr 18 by member: Smilesong
@Phil. Okay you got me on the sugar. I was looking at a few items on the keto menu like: Heavy Whipping Cream Full Fat / Full Cream Greek Yogurt, Full Fat / Full Cream Milk. Thanks for the correction. 
20 Apr 18 by member: Jimmy Fries


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