cherik1's Journal, 14 April 2018

My own father just humiliated me on a pubic website!! OMG!! he posted a pic of a chair and said I broke it! "it was broke before".. I called him and told him to take down the post and he said maybe this will inspire me to lose weight!! my heart is broke and I am so embarrassed!! He said I always over eat!! I barely eat at all!! OMG... "crying"... I am so humiliated!

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wtf? I'm sorry you have to go through this. some people think tough love is always the way. If you find the strength to make a joke out the post, some way to turn things around otherwise do your best to ignore it.  
14 Apr 18 by member: redhairblackshoes
His actions are abhorrent. I am sorry. Of course, that's how you feel. But his actions and words are not a reflection of who you are. They do not define you. I hope you will be able increasingly to gain independence from his childish and emotionally abusive actions. Surround yourself with those whom you love, and who love you! All the best.  
14 Apr 18 by member: HardDaysKnight
oh hunny, that's tough. try to shake it off and I agree with redhair, try to find a way to laugh about it. ā£ļø 
14 Apr 18 by member: Jitterbug23
Oh my goodness, Iā€™m so sorry girl! He had no right to harm you like that! You are beautiful and wonderful! I will keep you both in my heart and prayers. 
14 Apr 18 by member: the ceps
Sad your dad chose the lowest route in a lame attempt to encourage you to lose weight instead of edifying you. You can continue to be embarrassed and hurt or you can stand up to the challenge and lose weight, for yourself and also to show him that you're adamant and dedicated in losing the weight. Weight loss is a daily challenge and venture. I believe that as long as you're trying then you've not failed though you may suffer setbacks, etc. Good luck on your quest and blow off your dad for a month and then send him a new selfie. Ciao, bella. 
14 Apr 18 by member: DonSanAnto
That's pretty messed up. I hope he's perfect, otherwise the return burn would be epic.  
14 Apr 18 by member: Phil
Can't imagine how hurt you must feel and I don't really want to say anything too disparaging about your father as I have no idea why he would do such a thing other than perhaps thinking it was going to help you in some twisted way. I certainly hope that these were his motives. It is always those we love the most who can hurt us most deeply and I am so sorry for you, you poor wee thing. But look, at least you had the courage and wisdom to come here among friends and look for some support and I know that everyone would have your back on this one. Try to see it for what it is if you can and move past it to concentrate on being the great person you are with or without a lot of weight. Fat does not define you unless you let it. Yes, we are all here because we want to get rid of it for a large variety of reasons but underneath our skin we are all human beings with emotions and needs and talents and worthiness and no one can take that from you or anyone unless we let them. Everything will be alright. 
14 Apr 18 by member: derv999
Oh my God, he calls himself a father? Shame on him! If I were you, I'd tell him to remove this picture at once or else you'd inform the police. This should help. I think, I'd never talk to my father sorry for you, Cherik šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜ 
14 Apr 18 by member: Viviace
you may or may not be close with your father.. but during this process you don't need negative influences... i myself distance myself from those who don't support me... INCLUDING family... it doesn't matter if they are blood or not... NO ONE has a right to shame you especially when you are trying to make improvements in your life.  
14 Apr 18 by member: mikebelljr68
Studies show that humiliation of people who are overweight leads to weight gain. He's a moron. 
14 Apr 18 by member: emilydotson
that is so wrong dont pay attention to him I have family like that I know it hurts but you are better than that dont let him get to you your beautiful strong woman . im sorry he hurt you like that  
14 Apr 18 by member: raveneyes76
Turn it into a positive. Take this as a challenge. Show him what you are capable of. 
14 Apr 18 by member: Vantoloseweight
cherik, you have come a very long way! Almost 44 and a half pounds GONE! You've set goals, and perhaps you're not moving as quickly as you had hoped, but you're moving. That's more than most people can say who "try" to lose weight. Your father sounds like some of my family members. Inconsiderate and flat out rude. Never acknowledging the REAL achievements, only that which hasn't been achieved. You're doing an amazing job, love. Don't allow this embarrassment to become a setback. Use it, as one of my favorite quotes says, to "fuel your hatefire"! šŸ˜˜ 
14 Apr 18 by member: Ange1s_Dont_Eat
Way to encourage. What a jerk! Block him so you don't have to see that stuff. Love shouldn't hurt or humiliate. I'm so sorry! 
14 Apr 18 by member: peppy_roni
14 Apr 18 by member: Ruthitis
I am angry when I hear how you were treated. You are a beautiful woman - ignore the hate and move on because we all are here OT support you! 
14 Apr 18 by member: HCB
Woah, that is NOT ok!!! So sorry for you to have to deal with this. :/ He def has issues. I second the thoughts of the comments above that urge to you to acknowledge that you have come a long way (YAY!) and that you have the power and the right to choose how to respond (or not), and to find your way through this to a very good place. Blessings of grace and peace to you now. 
14 Apr 18 by member: Ann Marnae
40plus pounds is amazing. I know how much more it hurts coming from someone you know and love. I hope you can feel the support and encouragement from your friends here. I'm cheering for you and I think your progress is inspiring - it's always easier said than done but don't let someone else's attempt to belittle you win - you're proving everyday you're above that. keep up the hard work ā™” wish I could send a bandaid for your feelings because I know it hurts ā™” much love to you  
14 Apr 18 by member: Vmartens14
WTH well Iā€™m sorry your dad did that to you. 
14 Apr 18 by member: SavvyFitness
How much does he weigh? Cause that's the EXACT amount of weight you need to lose....Today. Until he decides to behave in a more appropriate, respectful manner.  
14 Apr 18 by member: Happy*Snappy


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