Klynn82's Journal, 21 March 2018

So, as many of you know, I come from Los Angeles and now live in Fayetteville Ar. Over the last couple of years we have seen a huge influx of homeless and people on the streets.

Well, my husband and I were doing the normal "if we win the lottery" dreaming and he mentioned something that has now been weighing on my heart pretty heavy. He said that he would want to buy an old hotel or hospital and start a homeless shelter, but not one where people could just come and sleep. They could live there for 3-5 months, get themselves together and get a job, and we would help them get back on their feet and into the world. If they couldnt for some reason get a job, we would put them to work at the shelter. Custodian, maid, cook and things like that, if they were too old or sick, we would figure something out. We would do random drug testing, but once a month everyone would get drug tested. There would be no alcohol. We would shuttle them to doctors and dentists to make sure that they were taken care of properly. We would make sure that at least once a week everyone attended a religious service of some kind, no matter the religion. We would also have one there, so they could attend that one if they wanted to.

We would help them get jobs, get clean, and find a reason to keep going. For some reason, when he mentioned it, it has been on my mind more and more. I want to do this, I want to make this happen and I just dont know how without a LARGE sum of money. I just wish there was a way. I know that God answers prayer, but I dont know if He will answer a prayer to win the lottery, haha. I just wish that we could find a way.

Anyway, Happy Wednesday everyone. We are doing pre-wedding stuff today, after I get off work. I am going to attempt to put false lashes on my sister, hope I can figure that out. My other sister is in town now, so my future brother in law wants us all over for dinner tonight. Fun times. I think he is making Philly Steak stuffed Peppers. He is on Keto as well, so Im sure that there will be keto friendly food to eay. I wish there was going to be chocolate-cherry cake, but i doubt it. lol Have a great one everybody!! (Oh and here is a picture of me from my oldest sisters wedding, that dress was heavy and HOT!!)

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Sounds like you and your husband are very kind people! I like your plan 
21 Mar 18 by member: momma6224
Forgot to say I like your picture too! You are very pretty and have such a beautiful smile! 
21 Mar 18 by member: momma6224
Thank you, Momma6224!! You are so kind!! Have a great Hump day!!  
21 Mar 18 by member: Klynn82
Such a great plan! And I love your picture sweetie! πŸ™‹πŸ»You’re a doll! 
21 Mar 18 by member: smprowett
That's awesome that he is doing keto too, makes is super convenient for you. Your dream is a wonderful one. I have found using the thin tip style tweezers is the easiest way to get fake lashes on. I hold the lash with the tweezer, put the glue directly on the lash and let it get a little tacky. I set it on my eye closed, get it into position and hold it there. It is tricky though. Love that smile! 
21 Mar 18 by member: Peasy3
My wife and I have similar conversations about the good we would do if we were able, and it always leaves me feeling really sad that those that already can, don't.  
21 Mar 18 by member: Phil
@Phil, I know!! I have been thinking and thinking about this since we talked about it. I know that there are a lot of people who do good, but I just wish that I had the means to do the things I want to do. I feel like if I could, it would give me purpose. Sometimes I feel like I am just walking through life without it, and its frustrating.  
21 Mar 18 by member: Klynn82
Sounds like your hubby has a pure heart! Your picture is very pretty and like others your smile is beautiful! Enjoy the wedding festivities. 😊 
21 Mar 18 by member: dkr61
Yeah, I know there are a lot of great charitable people in this world, and I really shouldn't pass silent summary judgement on what I don't see others doing. BUT... I never see the, "people of means", in my own community doing much of anything for anyone else.  
21 Mar 18 by member: Phil
@dkr the purest. He is a good good man. I am so lucky to have him. @Phil, yeah, I see the same thing. I live in the headquarters of Walmart and Tyson both, yet there is so much suffering here. Walmart pretends to do good for people, but they dont help the ones in their own backyard. Its heartbreaking.  
21 Mar 18 by member: Klynn82
That would be an awesome venture and good service to he community! I like the plan! 
21 Mar 18 by member: BryanOnALaptop
I'm also in the NWA area, and 7 Hills Homeless Center is on my monthly giving list. They do great work in the community, and I've gotten to interact with some of their staff at a mental health first aid workshop I attended so I can attest that they are caring, dedicated people. You may not be able to realize your dream right now, but by donating even a little to an existing organization you can still make a big impact. 
21 Mar 18 by member: notlivingonramen
@Ramen, I live right over by their new facility on School Ave just past MLK and I see the people outside all the time and want to help so badly. I know that donating will help, and I do give to the community, its just I want to do something more. Idk, its just a dream in my head right now.  
21 Mar 18 by member: Klynn82
Beautiful picture!! I also wanted to do the same only I was going to buy a large piece of property in the middle of no where and have a community garden and create a self sustaining village for the homeless. Tents, buildings, whatever. My friends make fun of me because I adopt stray people and give them a place to stay in my home often. I will probably adopt or foster children when my daughter grows up and moves out. But I want the teenagers, the ones that no one wants because they aren't babies anymore. And I also want to keep siblings together as much as possible. Anything is possible. If you write up a business plan you'll be able to find angel investors (they are all over and love investing in small businesses) There are hundreds if not thousands of sample business plans on the internet to help guide you. Some things are possible without the lottery.  
21 Mar 18 by member: KayseaLove
what a great and noble goal - God answers prayers - always. if you do the footwork,and it is his plan for it to happen, he will get you there. I wish you the best at the wedding and I am sure you will have a good time.  
21 Mar 18 by member: tahoebrun
pretty in purple, beautiful smile:) 
21 Mar 18 by member: 20-to-loose
Beautiful picture of you. The dress is beautiful too. Nice dream. Helping others is always good .... lottery or no lottery :) 
21 Mar 18 by member: kattay
wow keren you are half of that now you are my idol I do believe I want to be like you love you 
21 Mar 18 by member: mary1154
If there is a way to volunteer with the homeless population somewhere near where you are, I strongly, strongly recommend that you and your hubby give that a go first. There is a lot that you would need to know about dealing with people who are homeless, as many of them have mental health challenges. Growing up, I had a neighbor lady who opened her house as a rooming house for disabled and veterans etc. Most of the guys could not take care of themselves, even if they had wanted to. They had family who could help them, but most families can't tolerate the constant disruption of someone who hears voices, doesn't want to stay clean physically or drug-wise, and won't or can't work for whatever reason; disability money is not given out for nothing. She allowed alcohol, but really, if a grown man wants a beer and has his own money, are you going to throw him out? A couple of years ago, I had a young man living in my house when he had been rejected by several agencies for housing. He was difficult to live with, in that he was not a rational person. He would cook food and then scrape the leftovers into a pile on the stove or dump them out the window onto the dormer roof. He would attach metal bits to the radio and microwave in hopes of diverting the rays that were affecting his brain from space. He had a huge collection of these metal bits in his closet. He got into weird habits that other caretakers have told me are not uncommon among the mentally disabled. There were many incidents that made me realize that I was not helping him other than giving him a place to stay. He had family close by but they could not handle having him live with them, either. He did get into monitored housing eventually, with a social worker on site to take care of him, but his mom ended up having to cook for him because he would not eat the cafeteria food because he wouldn't eat food that touched plastic in any way. Many of the homeless have no ability or desire to get on their feet, not trying to put them down, just saying that capacity has a lot to do with why they are homeless. It is a wonderful thought for you and your husband to want to help solve a huge problem, but the preparation takes way more than just money. Bless you, and I hope the wedding times are joyous! 
21 Mar 18 by member: abbadabba
@Abbadabba my uncle was homeless, we spent a lot of time at the shelters when I was living in California. I was primary care giver for my grandfather when I was 16 until 21 when he passed and he had severe dementia. My brother and older sister were both meth addicts, and my brother was an alcoholic. I have dealt with quite a bit. I know it would be a huge challenge, but we wouldnt do it alone. Thanks for the input and the support, I appreciate it!! :0) 
21 Mar 18 by member: Klynn82


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