TheLazyCocoon's Journal, 20 March 2018

Soo, keto people, what about losing muscle mass during that diet?
From what I know once the body is out of carbs it switches to fat AND muscle. I know that the protein intake is high, but the body still will choose to cannibalize some muscle fiber, and who knows when or if that'll get rebuild.

What are your thoughts or knowledge on this?

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I don't like the keto diet. You need carbs to build muscle, so even if you aren't loosing any muscle, you aren't gaining any either. 
20 Mar 18 by member: CoachKitty
It seem it would be effective for a little while if very overweight, but fast results in weight loss generally seem to not last. For people who are close to their target weight I don't think I'd recommend. 
20 Mar 18 by member: TheLazyCocoon
In actuality The Ketogenic Diet is one of the best diets for PRESERVATION of muscle, due to Luciene released. Luciene is an important anabolic amino acid. Keto's weight loss and Muscle building properties are doubled when coupled with Intermittent Fasting. Which stabilizes insulin & blood sugar to encourage Fat Burning and cell regeneration. IMHO it's a lifestyle I've easily adapted to rather than a flash in the pan diet. I can see doing Keto and Fasting Forever. 
21 Mar 18 by member: Chef Martin 
21 Mar 18 by member: Chef Martin
This is not the video I expected! He is saying that a person on keto will have smaller muscles because of the glycogen depletion. If anything he is saying that people who want bigger muscles should do carb recycling if they want the benefits of Keto. He also does not recommend keto for a small built person who wants to build muscles. I can't have an opinion from watching one video but I did find it interesting and not what I expected! 
21 Mar 18 by member: Charlotte_15
I lost 250 pounds in a year on Keto, but didn't notice any muscle loss.  
21 Mar 18 by member: Phil
Using muscle builds it. 
21 Mar 18 by member: Bottom Line Up Front
I lost over 240 lbs, I did not have muscle loss,but muscle gain due to weight training at gym, it might effect people differently, if they are not exercising only just loosing weight, I also did a carb- refeed once in awhile , once per month to body weight loss moving 
21 Mar 18 by member: DO N OK
From what I've experienced doing Atkins and read on keto (both are similar), yes, the body will revert to burning fat and protein when there are no carbs. A diet rich in protein is intended to reduce the cannibalizing of muscle, however my issue with keto diets is with how unnatural and unhealthy it is for long term lifestyle changes. Your body needs calories to burn, and choosing a healthy, well-balanced diet is preferable to me over one that is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. I did Atkins. I lost the weight. But it raised my cholesterol to elevated levels that, had I not been so young, night have resulted in heart disease later in life. Now, I reduce my caloric intake. I eat lots of veggies, fruit, lean meats and keep under my targeted daily calories. I walk daily, which doubled my rate of weight loss. I occasionally enjoy a steak or a slice of pizza, but it's not a staple in my daily diet. That's my experience.  
21 Mar 18 by member: pylesw
you're totally right about that. when your muscles are sore that could be muscle catabolism. high protein is critical to maintain muscle however as you stated very succinctly some muscle tissue along with that will be used. that is why it is important to go slow and drink plenty of water because that flushes by products out of your system quicker. 
21 Mar 18 by member: tess taylorbunnag
P.S. I live with it by taking Bayer Aspirin and Advil as well as all the pain-relieving patches and lotions like Aspercreme Salonpas& Icy Hot. Seems to me a decent trade-off. 
21 Mar 18 by member: tess taylorbunnag
No, once it starts burning fat it becomes concentrated on that. I built tons of muscle on keto. 
21 Mar 18 by member: ApacheTiger37
I also built muscle while on keto - if your nutrition is sound and you weight train, you shuld be fine. 
21 Mar 18 by member: HCB
Scientific results have been adulterated by opinion. There is a short term negative effect to keto. What about long term? Eskimos, for instance, have eaten a keto diet for generations, even millennia, and the whole race survives. Check out the for studies on what keto actually does. Myself? I have been gaining muscle with very low carbs and minimal weight training. 
21 Mar 18 by member: moogiemynes
I'm not a Keto person but I experienced muscle loss when I lost weight. I wish I had done more resistance training and had better nutrition. That being said, it's been worth the sacrifice. Muscle loss is not limited those on Keto diets...  
21 Mar 18 by member: John10251
Keep the protein up to the recommended amount and you should be fine. All above recent responses are right based on what I've read. 
21 Mar 18 by member: Draglist
Thank you all! Very valuable inputs and opinions! 
21 Mar 18 by member: TheLazyCocoon


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