Mandie160's Journal, 21 January 2008

Happy MLK Day!
The snow totally sabotaged my dinner party! Our day started with my boyfriend's best friend becoming ill and being rushed to the ER! He was diagonosed with Vertigo. As the evening went on everyone else called and stated that they were afraid that the snow and rain would freeze over later that night. I was so disappointed! I could understand the fear for driving at night while there's a possiblility of ice accumulating on the roads but the selfish side of my was really heartbroken. We worked so hard on this and my boyfriend and I stayed up all night the night before and detailed my house! We were so very tired when we finally laid down Friday! But, I should have known that the snow was going to put everyone in a panic!
My boyfriend tried very hard to make me feel better. I was in a selfish mood after all of the cancelations. He told me not to cook dinner and he went out and got dinner for us in an attempt to cheer me up. We had seafood with all the trimmings! For dessert we had german chocolate cake! It was so good! I absolutely love seafood. We had such a great time together. We took full advantage of the evening and enjoyed each other's company. The snow was coming down so beautifully and it was so peaceful in the house. I looked at him and said that I was so glad that everyone canceled and he said that he was going to call everyone up the next day and thank them for canceling! LOL! He is such a jokester and simply a wonderful man! He tried very hard to turn our evening around and he succeeded. I felt so much better about everything. The night was just perfect!
There was so much seafood that we still had a lot of it left the next day. I hate to admit to it, but we had two cheat days instead of one. Lastnight he went out and got dessert (greman cholocate cake and cheese cake)we had this afterr our leftover seafood dinner.... SO GOOD PEOPLE! Today, we are back on the diet and trying to right our wrongs! No Regrets though! We are just going to pick up from here and take our time and work on our diets. As you can see from my graph I gained 7Lbs in two days! I know this seems almost impossible but, I am 7Lbs heavier today according to my scale. I hope everyone is doing well with their diets. Good Luck!
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Sounds like the two of you ended up w/ a wonderful evening! I know how you feel though to have worked so hard on a dinner and then it goes Kaput! I've been there. It's almost like you plan something, buy things for it and fix and clean up the house.. for what seems like nothing. You and your b/f had a nice time though and thats what counts... As for all the good food.. it will be a very nice thought to keep w/ you for a long time! If you caught one of my journals... I hit the Taco Bell over the weekend... oh my gosh, I hadn't had my mexican pizza and crunchy tacos in years and it was just like I remembered, lol... SOOOOOO GOOD! Now, it's time to put that behind us and be on our best behavior, lol... Good Luck girl! 
21 Jan 08 by member: lorik
I'm happy for you too that you had some real quality time with your guy! He sounds so nice to help, knowing you'd be bummin' 'cus the weather cancelled your party. Isn't it nice to sit around a CLEAN house and enjoy your honey's company? I LOVE that! I would contribute a bunch of that 7 lbs to salt and water intake. You'll get that off in no time! Hugs to ya! 
21 Jan 08 by member: Sibby


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