wake.and.bacon's Journal, 24 February 2018

Hey guys! I’m attempting the #21DayWarOnSugar inspired by Jason Wittrock on YouTube. The enemy goes by many different names and I will be following this list religiously. So that means eliminating cheeses and some sausage brands :( wish me luck guys!

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Good luck 
24 Feb 18 by member: cmela262
Yeah, good luck! 
25 Feb 18 by member: TBall0955
Good luck. 
25 Feb 18 by member: lynns fitness
Not only may you have the best of luck but also that you have much success on your journey to feeling better..keep us posted on how your doing please;) 
25 Feb 18 by member: maxie4
I once did a 21 day no sugar challenge. And it did change my life. during that challenge I could only eat sweet fruit before 12noon. no honey, no dried fruits, no sugar substitutes. I used to be sugar addict, and after 21 days everything has changed. I'm no longer craving the sugar, during those 21 days my belly fat almost disappeared and the skin on my face looked flawless.  
25 Feb 18 by member: we are what we eat
Send me your sugar. I'll eat it. Sorry, I was bad to say that. I do so love sugar, even if it's just an apple. 
25 Feb 18 by member: Jipper500
I've written to a few companies about their use of these products and I get the same reply! "We are complying with the FDA" pitiful response. Good luck on your journey! 
25 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
I’m might try this too. Can you eat real fruits? Apples,whole strawberry’s , etc.? 
25 Feb 18 by member: rjdanger01
@Rjdanger01 When I did my 21 day challenge, I was eating fruits before 12noon. I was also checking list of ingredients, and only purchased products with 0 sugars. 
26 Feb 18 by member: we are what we eat
Good luck. where's there's a will there's a way 
26 Feb 18 by member: getoffofme


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