ny_shelly's Journal, 21 February 2018

Hi everyone,
Went to my sister's Friday. Car ride down was ok except I was really hungry so I got some almonds and pistachios and drank diet coke.

Friday night ate some buffalo chicken dip with celery.

Saturday ate more buffalo chicken dip with celery. Went to casino and had a salad.
Saturday night ate pistachios and more buffalo chicken dip with celery. I am seriously pissed off at daughter.

Sunday still fuming. Got 2 kind bars, a small bag of peanuts, and a chicken salad wrap. Diet still ok, not perfect but hanging in there.

Got home ate chips and popcorn. Still angry.

Monday. Angry. Binge ate. Blew off workout.
Tuesday. Angry. Binge ate. Blew off workout.
Today. Angry. Went to my workout, late, but got there at least. Ate eggs and a sausage patty. Forgot that I have dinner at my friend's tonight. She always cooks stuff on my eating plan so that is not a problem.

I want to stop this episode before it gets too far. Yesterday was first anniversary of my Mom's death. Thinking about it a lot - more today than yesterday even.

Stopping this binge today before it gets too far. I can stop now and go back on my plan that I know works. I can do it.

Life will keep happening and I have to deal with it as best I can. No reason to turn this into a month long binge. Just a few days and I am back on track today.

Thanks for listening.
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In my case, binge eating only leaves me anger and regret afterwards. YOU CAN DEFINITELY STOP BINGE EATING! 
21 Feb 18 by member: leon_tsai
Instead of stuffing the anger down with food, what if you just allow yourself to feel what you feel for a little while? Punch pillows, yell and scream at home - let it out. Perhaps you then will not feel the need to eat away the uncomfortable feelings. 
21 Feb 18 by member: HCB
Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself some space when faced with impulses. We all have them and express them in different patterns. Understand them and transmute them into rhythms that will manifest into whatever you desire. Be patient and remember the mind is so powerful. All the love and shine on <3 
21 Feb 18 by member: mindcycles
keep your head up. don't be discouraged. refocus and get back on track.  
21 Feb 18 by member: marshakanady
you can do it...come here and blow off the anger...we can take it 
21 Feb 18 by member: janstromberg
Thanks for the positive feedback and kind words. You know what is interesting about this last binge is that I really didn't want to binge. I binged because "that's what I do when I am upset". It was almost like I didn't know what to do with myself because at first I didn't want to binge. I almost talked myself into it b/c it is what is normal for me. Part of the issue is that I didn't prepare for this week before I went away for the weekend. That is one new lesson I can take away. I think if I had food with me Monday and Tuesday there is a good chance I wouldn't have binged. I have a hard time preparing food during the week b/c of the time and I am tired. But that is part of the challenge of eating right, isn't it? It is doing the hard thing even when you don't want to. 
21 Feb 18 by member: ny_shelly
one day at a time, hang in there  
21 Feb 18 by member: SAMIAM5222
I am going to make a commitment to get food for lunch for tomorrow and Friday. We have Wegmans which has fresh grilled chicken breasts, etc. I don't have to cook a thing. No excuses! 
21 Feb 18 by member: ny_shelly
it's perfectly 0k to make imperfect choices. you did a bit of internal research, identified contributing factors and now you know that may not have been you at your best, but now the question is "What can you do better?" Just because one falls, doesn't mean they fell off their path! 
21 Feb 18 by member: BanNi3
Yep, just get back on track. Worst thing you can do is ignore it and keep up with the bad pattern. Don't beat yourself up about it. Sorry for your loss. 
21 Feb 18 by member: Peasy3
21 Feb 18 by member: Mistybenner


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