sandycatiller's Journal, 21 February 2018

I am ready to try something else .I have been on this for to long not to show something other then lose 1 pound gain 2 pounds.My Blood Sugar is back up everyday ,not good. I am still going to go low carb but not high fat and see what happens. I am not giving up on losing weight and getting healthier,the only thing I can see is not working is I can't eat all of the cheese,cream cheese and sour cream for fats.It totally makes me feel sick at my stomach.I am not complaining but some things just dont work for some people.I lost more wt. watching my carbs and my sugar stayed down.I wish everyone luck with their plan what ever it may be.

Diet Calendar Entry for 21 February 2018:
526 kcal Fat: 31.42g | Prot: 43.88g | Carb: 11.22g.   Breakfast: Heavy Cream, Coffee, Wal-Mart Ribeye Steak Thin, Harris Teeter Blueberries. Lunch: Turkey Thigh, Red Tomatoes, Claussen Kosher Dill Sandwich Slices Pickles, Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil, Great Value Romaine Lettuce. more...

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Hey Sandy, I know someone that has diabetes and their doctor suggested to use the glycemic index. They studied up on it and followed the guidelines and lost weight. The glycemic index was created as a study for those that have diabetes. It looks at how foods make blood sugar spike after eating them. The take away is that NOT ALL CARBS are the same. There are low GI carbs that don't spike blood sugar while there are high GI carbs that do cause a big spike in blood sugar. Basically it is the processed carbs that are the bad ones, while the closer to nature carbs are on the medium and low range of GI. For example processed foods like white rice have a high GI while the more natural brown rice has a low GI. The take away is you can eat carbs, just pick the low or medium carbs and shun high GI carbs, which are usually the processed ones. You might want to check out the glycemic index as an alternative to what you are doing now.  
21 Feb 18 by member: wantprebabysize
Hi there! I just want to encourage you to listen to your body. Low carb, high fat diets are not for most people, that's why so many struggle to keep the weight off. I have a lot issues with fats, too. I get really bad stomach problems if I eat too much, even "healthy" fats. What I have been doing, is counting calories. My goals are to keep fats around 20%, protein around 35 %, and carbs around 45% of my caloric intake. I eat whatever I want, in moderation. The only thing that I have completely eliminated from my diet is fried foods but it's because it hurts my stomach so bad. I hope this helps. Remember, we didn't gain weight overnight, or over a month or two; we aren't going to lose it that fast either. Try to stick with something you feel like you can sustain forever. You can do this!!!  
21 Feb 18 by member: CoachKitty
Thank you ,you caught my exact feelings .I do know the glycemic index and try to follow it.I eat the lowest in carbs,unless it is a veg I need. I think the fat part is what is getting me.I can eat fish,I can eat avocados,and butter ,but not big on adding cream,cheese,sour cream,so I have been making plans for something else. Thank you and I will keep trying because my life depends on it.  
21 Feb 18 by member: sandycatiller
Good luck and keep working at your plan. Everyone has to listen to, and follow, what's right for their body. That's different for everyone :-). Keep tweeking things and you'll find what works for you! 
21 Feb 18 by member: jenniferl12003
Try getting your fats only from the foods you eat, not from adding extra oils, butters, creams, etc for a few days. If you are doing Keto, which it sounds like you are, just get your fats from the meats themselves, avocados, nuts and seeds. See if that will move the needle for you a bit. Some people have issues with dairy and artificial sweeteners stalling their weight loss on Keto. Maybe make a shift and see if that helps any.  
21 Feb 18 by member: Ravyne Hawke
I've noted that many initially experience issues with the high fats. I did, as well. And I still sometimes do, if I don't take HCL (without pepsin) and unpasturized apple cider vinegar to aid the gut. It takes time to heal. Healing blessings to you! 
21 Feb 18 by member: Ann Marnae
21 Feb 18 by member: sandycatiller
I didn’t realize how much fat avocado has but I knew it was a healthy fattening. I made spinach wrap with tomatoes and avocado very small mayo until I can get used to it without and I’m still struggling! Hang in there. I use plain Greek yogurt no flavor at all as sour cream. It is amazing how it works taste wise with Mexican or other. Replacing some meat for black beans also. We got to do this. 👍 
21 Feb 18 by member: jessika10000
Everybody is different. Personally, I don't intentionally supplemented my diet with fat. I consume plenty when I eat to keep my carbs down. IMO, fat is calorie dense and makes it harder for me to stay under my calorie goal. I really feel that it is a good idea to continuously make adjustments to get the results you want...  
21 Feb 18 by member: John10251
Sandycatiller, you can always follow my wife's and my diet. We are both veterans and doing weight management classes at the VA. Their thing is to eat a balanced menu and get some exercise. We have been doing this for 2 weeks and between us are down about 30 pounds so far.  
21 Feb 18 by member: PBenkert
I like your perseverance, you are finding your way! 
21 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf


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