mamamc7's Journal, 19 February 2018

Quote of the day...
Please go out and share all your beautiful smiles with everyone around you today. 😁

Also, my original caption was too big, so it is continued in the comments 😉

Diet Calendar Entry for 19 February 2018:
60 kcal Fat: 5.00g | Prot: 1.00g | Carb: 2.00g.   Lunch: BPI Sports Keto Bomb, Starbucks Pike's Place Roast (Venti) . more...
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I did not really log yesterday, we were out and about shopping and we went to dinner, the plan was sushi and I was going to behave, but fish market is closed Sundays... so we went to Lazy Dog where they have a decent GF menu... I really didn’t want aNOTHER restaurant burger, seems to be some of the only LCHF and gluten free choices at most places. So I got the sweet and spicy wok chicken with broccoli... it had a ton of sugar in the sauce, corn starch breading, it was fried and had a side of brown rice 🤫😬 Now that I have been honest about my naughty behavior... let’s move on. I will be really good all week, promise. Who has big plans (or small plans) for this week? 
19 Feb 18 by member: mamamc7
Love that quote Mamamc! My plan is to be really good this week too 😊 
19 Feb 18 by member: Doobrie
I love people smiling. They just want to share happiness. 
19 Feb 18 by member: Mal321
@doobrie 👍 me too!!! I have goals I need to crush. This week I even bought myself some vain beauty products to help boost my self esteem and mindset. Some natural fake tanner, lightening/brightening shampoo and conditioners, new foundation, blush, mascara, highlighter, bronzer, brow pencil and lipgloss 🤷‍♀️ So besides getting a head start on spring cleaning, I also plan to get a jump start on my spring tan/bod and by doing a bunch of squats, burpees, mountain climbers and donkey kicks this week! 
19 Feb 18 by member: mamamc7
@mal321 I love them too. I get a lot of weird looks because I smile at strangers a lot 🤣 I think people think I’m hitting on them because they aren’t used to smiley people or something... 
19 Feb 18 by member: mamamc7
That's too funny Mamamc! I've just bought new kohl eyeliner, mascara, foundation, clarifying shampoo, hair mask, eye gel, serum and night "rescue cream" for my face, and body lotion! 🤣 I've also started doing some exercise this week - Leslie Sansone walking videos mainly. I have to do gentle exercises with my joints. Perhaps I can get round to some spring cleaning as well tomorrow now you've mentioned it 🤗 
19 Feb 18 by member: Doobrie
As the weight comes off we tend to take better care of ourselves! I smile a lot always have do love your quote of the day Mammamc. Have you seen the tanning cream with coffee in it? 
19 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty 
19 Feb 18 by member: 20-to-loose
@doobrie you’re like my soul sister! 😊 It feels good to buy fresh skin care and get back to pampering ourselves!!! 
19 Feb 18 by member: mamamc7
@8patty I think there is coffee and tea extracts in this tanner. I’ll have to read it again to confirm. I just know I always feel a little slimmer and confident with a tan 😉 Also refilling my teeth whitener kits. Since going keto I have been drinking coffee a little more for energy and coke zeros with my spiced rum 😉 
19 Feb 18 by member: mamamc7
I read an article and this frugal lady tried to make her own, didnt work out to well lol 
19 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
Heres something I thought you might like for the kids 
19 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
We're on the same wavelength Mamamc 🤗 
19 Feb 18 by member: Doobrie
@8patty I’ll have to log on the comp later and check out the link thanks!! Oh man, a fake tanner fail is what nightmares are made of 🤣 So far this one just added a slight hint of color and took away a little of my pasty winter skin. 
19 Feb 18 by member: mamamc7
You guys made me giggle! LOL I think taking good care of the outside with grooming and hairstyles and for me, visits to get lip and chin waxed since menopause wants to make me the bearded male 🧔🏻is part of loving outselves and being good to ourselves. Just like having clothes that fit. 🤷🏻‍♀️Some people are more extreme about it than others and are more into that type of self love obviously 🙄! LOL And I go around all the time smiling like a dork, so people either think this old lady is nuts, or hitting on them! 🤪I figure if it feeds their ego and they get a charge out of it maybe I made their day (or grossed them out! LOL) 😳 
19 Feb 18 by member: smprowett
Love it! 
19 Feb 18 by member: amandakane1
love the quotes! Big plans to get my chart to show an downward arrow everyday! I don't always get to log but at times i will backtrack and add it in. problem with that is I may forget something.. Happy Monday :) 
19 Feb 18 by member: cherik1
@smp 🤣 I was at Target shopping and I smiled at a lady and then each time I saw her she would avoid me on each aisle 🤣🤣 I just upped my tan and lightened my hair... stepped up my eyebrow game and found a lovely shade of blush... and feeling gooooood! I also bought a keurig to simplify my coffee breaks... and so far so good... I am skeptical of the single serve coffee maker. I have heard awful things but then also amazing things about it... 😬 so any one have opinions on the keurig? 
20 Feb 18 by member: mamamc7
I hesitate on the Keurig’s because of the amount of trash they create. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I can see it if you buy those little reusable cups for them and mix your own blends...then your not adding multiple little plastic cups to the mess we already try to get rid of. 💁🏻‍♀️Being from Oregon, I’m very into the reduce, reuse, recycle ♻️ thing. In my clothes, my furnishings and ANYTHING plastic especially. LOL 😆 That’s some of the main reason for the reusing of the yogurt containers to drink my smoothies out of and store them or my salads so I can transport them in when I’m out and about for lunches. I have many more than I will ever need. But the idea of contributing that much more waste just bothers me. So no tupperware for me! LOL ☹️My son is constantly complaining about it, but I just can’t justify it in my mind. 💁🏻‍♀️Weird how ideas stick and you can’t get rid of them. 
20 Feb 18 by member: smprowett
I am all about not wasting. I save my kids’ apple sauce cups for crafts, our plastic containers for growing seedlings in. I save glass jars for “Tupperware” and I usually always shop in the bulk “fill your own” container places. 
20 Feb 18 by member: mamamc7


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