necietrying's Journal, 18 February 2018

so tomorrow I'm starting walking a mile I went back up just a lil due to depression eating I even broke down and brought a small pop today this has been very hard for me but I'm really serious about getting out of the 200 numbers so I'm planning on walking a mile a day and trying my fast again but it seem like I be starving even more and the hunger pains tend to make me break down I definitely need to get some will power

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Just adding the walking will help. Don’t need to fast and do without any food until you’re ready to do so. If hunger is a problem, then eat! Choose “better for you” kinds of foods. Ease back into things. As I’ve seen said so many’s a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself and continue to set yourself up for success. You will get there, I believe in you ❤️ 
19 Feb 18 by member: ClarityAnn
Hey necie, the first 2-3 days of a fast of any interval are usually the hardest. Your body will take some time to adjust from your usual eating patterns but your appetite hormones actually make it easier each subsequent day into the fast as your appetite is slowly eliminated. Hang in there 
19 Feb 18 by member: theshtig
Well your doing great getting back on track! Carbs make you hungry so watch your intake, as for fasting I don't do it and I have steady weight loss. Can't deprieve my body of all those necessary nutrients. The walking will become easier each time you do it, good luck Sweetie! 
19 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
Thanks you guys Im definitely going to be patient and just keep trying practice makes perfect even if I don't do the fast I will portion my food small and keep the walk  
19 Feb 18 by member: necietrying
The first couple of days are the worst, your body has to adjust.  
19 Feb 18 by member: Peasy3
I'll gladly join you in your mile a day. Its slow going for me but I am working up to getting it in daily, I want to get out of the 300s. YAY for getting back on track! 
19 Feb 18 by member: lynnerobb1980
You shouldn't be starving though - look for a plan that gives your nutrition. Congrats on the walking! 
19 Feb 18 by member: HCB
Fasting is not starving as long as you fulfill your daily requirement for vitamins and nutrients as well as water intake. Also keep consistent with the times you do plan to eat if it's an intermittent fast. 
19 Feb 18 by member: theshtig
Yea that's what I tend to do my breakfast I just had eggs bacon and brussel sprouts I stay on 8 mile so I walked to 7 mile and back home witch was a mile there and a mile back i had 2 bottles of water before my walk and I didn't eat till I came back I don't eat after 3 anyways so if I don't get hungry again I'imigwaagain later today to cause it was so nogoing to eat anything else t 
19 Feb 18 by member: necietrying
thanks you guys I swear I love this site it's keeping the motivation going and definitely the walk was so refreshing I'm thinking about taking another one later 
19 Feb 18 by member: necietrying
Hey, if thats 8 mile in Cincy that is one heck of a walk!! Good job!! I'm definitely not to that point yet :D Two miles is very awesome. I'm up to 1, but am really looking forward to getting to where you are! 
19 Feb 18 by member: lynnerobb1980
Nah it's in Detroit Michigan I always been a walker I just got lazy butt I'm bout to buy me a treadmill this week also 
19 Feb 18 by member: necietrying
Find healthy snacks... which will curve your cravings. I have fruit or shedded cabbage. 
19 Feb 18 by member: johndrivera
be encouraged. keep focused and take each day at a time. 
19 Feb 18 by member: marshakanady
I read something a few years ago that resonated with me, I don't remember the exact title of the book, but it was something like "eating to live" it talked about getting into the mind set of eating to fuel the body. My take away that has helped was "it is okay to be hungry." My mental conversation with myself goes something like "yeah, yeah body, I hear you, I'll feed you later when it is time." I usually just drink some water and the cravings simmer down in about 20 to 30 minutes. I do make sure I eat my meals on a schedule, but it has been eaiser to resist snacking. Hope you find what works for you!  
19 Feb 18 by member: dhatura
Congratulations on walking! It is so good for you. Do you have music to listen to as you go along? Have you considered walking with Nordic Poles? You can google Nordic walking to check it out. It actually takes pressure off your back and knees and you burn far more energy, and can go longer faster. I love nordic walking, but cannot do much plain walking. A few years ago after a lot of health issues I started walking just because I could again. I set a goal to walk 1150 miles, which I did in about a year. I could never have done it with out the poles. You will get out of the 200's just keep going! 
19 Feb 18 by member: Puranen
How long do you fast? Walking is really good exercise. When I was younger I use to walk 2 miles a day. I have a bad knee now and am a senior so I found an exercise routine that is good for me on You Tube. I try to do it everyday unless I do walk somewhere. It's not so much strain on my knee because it's chair excercises. 
19 Feb 18 by member: Gardenia.aa91
I fast generally after 3 but if I don't get my second meal in before 3 I won't eat again  
19 Feb 18 by member: necietrying
I talked to my sister today during my walk on the phone I looked up and my mile was done already it went by so fast and yea I have rap I listen to it really get me going 
19 Feb 18 by member: necietrying
At least you are eating. I thought you might be fasting out of desperation. Although I have read about intermittent fasting. It sounds like it could work. Because sometimes you just don't want to eat much. Which for me is rare.  
19 Feb 18 by member: Gardenia.aa91


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