Mandie160's Journal, 12 January 2008

Hello Guys,
I have been stressing and going through TOM. I really didn't have anything positive to say so to keep from complaining I just backed away from you guys for a few days. Well, TOM is gone and I feel a lot better. This has been a challenging week! I managed to exercise everyday except lastnight. I've been doing 1 hour on the teadmill and 20 to 30 minutes of light weights and stretches. My weight has not moved since the first day I started exercising so I don't know what's up with that. I am being very positive about this thing and I am trying to hang in there. I just know that exercise is good-not bad and there is some other reason that I stop losing as soon as I started exercising.... Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well with their goals. Have a great weekend!
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Hey Mandie... I think you're building muscle!!! Pay more attention to how you look in your clothes for now. For me, my leg muscles tend to build up quickly... so I know that counts for some weight. I'm so proud of you for staying on the treadmill for an hour. I'm doing an hour right now. I'm working my way back up to 75-90 min. but don't know when that will be, lol. I am glad that TOM is finally gone... I KNOW it can be hard at times. I'm proud of you girl!! Keep up the exercise and don't give up, o.k.???? You'll do it and I PROMISE you that the exercise WILL pay off... after your muscles build up... you'll start seeing the difference on the scale! You will LOVE your legs ... I promise, lol 
12 Jan 08 by member: lorik
Thanks Girlfriend. I know that I am eating on the diet and I know I am working out as hard as I can so I'm just going to wait it out and see what happens. I don't enjoy exercising at all, but I am going to keep doing it as much as possible. Turning 35 was really an eye-opener. My body is starting to change. I am seeing some positives and some negatives. I figured that I can either be a hot looking middle-age woman or I can be just a middle-aged looking woman. I want to be hot! My intentions are to be as sexy and as confident as the next woman. I don't plan to go down without a fight! Thanks again Lori, I thought the same thing (muscle) but I really don't think that my small weights are going to produce any muscles. I guess it's a possibility though.  
12 Jan 08 by member: Mandie160
I use small weights as well.. as women.. I don't look for big muscles to appear anyway, I think we will tone nicely though!! Way to go on being a hot lookin' middle age woman, lol... I want to be a hot 30 year old in May... ugh, just gotta get past that number, lol 
12 Jan 08 by member: lorik
Hey girl, that is exactly what is happening. I know it can be really frustrating but when your working out you shouldn't concentrate on the number on the scale but the inches you are losing around your body. Muscle weights 3 times more then fat does. As long as your losing inches not to worry. I wanted to share this with you ,3 summers ago I was close to 200 I think. I started swimmingi in may. At first I started losing and when I got to 160 and back up to 178 I stopped losing and gained a little but I was in a size 8 by the end of the summer at 178lbs. Weight doesn't mean anything when your building muscle. Keep it up the good work. Your doing great things for your body and your health. Takecare :) You will get where you want to be!  
12 Jan 08 by member: Trisha79
The more I think about it, the more at ease I become. I can still wear my favorite jeans and blouse so I guess I'll be ok. I'm just going to have to move away from the scale because when you incorporate weights into your routine it's either going to slow,stop or add weight to your body.... I guess I can live with it because I not going to stop exercising and using my weights. Thanks a lot for your input. Good Luck on your diet plans. 
12 Jan 08 by member: Mandie160
Lori, I know what you mean about turning 30. Girl, I was so depressed on that day. I couldn't believe that I was already there! I still felt like I was child! To be honest I am just now starting to feel like a responsible adult....It comes and goes, but when it hits that I am knocking on 40's door, I get this feeling in my stomach that's not pleasant. BUT! I living through the 30s' and so will you. Let's try to look great doing it. The only thing worst than getting older is looking older than you really are! You're fine though, because you could still pass as a teenager without even trying. 
12 Jan 08 by member: Mandie160


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