LunethDragon's Journal, 13 December 2017

I think I've mentioned it before, but this is how I calculate multiple meals at once. I put everything into fatsecret and then I cook everything. After that I weigh ghe result and divide the calories by how many grams it is.

Diet Calendar Entry for 13 December 2017:
773 kcal Fat: 30.42g | Prot: 44.53g | Carb: 82.47g.   Breakfast: MyFitFoods Denver Omelet, Great Value Shredded Hash Browns, Ketchup. Dinner: Zucchini, Trader Joe's Snow Peas, Green Cabbage, Sweet Onions, Safeway White Whole Mushrooms, Pero Family Farms Mini Sweet Peppers, Baby Spinach, Kroger Unsalted Butter, Ground or Patty Pork. Snacks/Other: Post Cocoa Pebbles Cereal, Bananas. more...

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This wouldn't be as good for someone who's tracking more than just calories, though. It would be more work. They would probably need to save this as a meal, and then go through and percentage the grams on each of the ingredients later. But for me, with this, I can just search up something like"pork stir fry" and select grams and then just fiddle with it until it tells me a calorie result that matches what I have calculated outside of fatsecret. This is because I'm not tracking my macros very strictly. I'm just doing c i c o. I normally have a white board marker I write on my Tupperware with, but my roommates misplaced it. I don't normally put paper in the fridge. 😗 But yes, this makes it super easy. I can just zero out my plate, put however much I want on it, and then multiply it by my calories per gram result. Or just aim for my precomputed amount. In this case, it was 100 grams. 
13 Dec 17 by member: LunethDragon
CICO is fine as long as what you're consuming isn't sugar and/or carb heavy. I'd rather have 50 calories of egg whites instead of 50 calories of candy  
13 Dec 17 by member: eric78dx
This would not work for me, since calories are the least important factor. Need to make sure keep my carbs super low, protein only moderate, and to make sure to hit my high fats target and to be sure to reach my fairly high calories target, so as to make sure to reach my weight loss target in a healthy way. CICO does not work long-term. 
13 Dec 17 by member: lon dunk
lon dunk, sounds like you're doing keto! 🐯 go you! that's a lot more planning, time, and money than I have in reserve. Everyone doing keto has me so impressed! Yeah, this wouldn't work so well for you, not exact enough. You'd need to do the percentage thing I mentioned, but that would get out of hand quicky I think, with all the "recipes" you'd have to add to modify. I wish I could copy a days meal and paste it instead of having to make a recipe out of it. I'm one of those lucky people CICO works well for. I'm a sedentary female who is 5'1” and 165lbs, and as such my TDEE is about 1700, and I aim to eat about 1250/day. Averaged out over the course of the last 8 months, I've lost about 1.25lbs/week, a little over 40lbs since I started. When I reach my final goal weight my TDEE will be about 1500, which isn't far off what I'm eating now. I'll just get to add in a snack or extra cheese or something. 😀 I've used CICO as an "in" into healthy portion sizes for someone of my stature. CICO isn't a "diet", it's helping me create a sustainable WOE. I cut most sugar out of my diet about 1-1.5 years ago. I'm also allergic to a lot of common high carb foods, (like a lot of fruit, and potatoes) so I've finally managed to cut a lot of those out. They were helping me put on weight, they made me feel sick, and they hurt to eat too. Those were enough reasons to kick them. Bleh, though eric77dx, I agree with you sincerely. Just thinking of having candy instead of food like eggs makes me sad. Sugar is so calorie dense! I could get my whole days worth of calories out of just like 10 packets of fruit snacks. Bleh. That would leave me hungry as hell too. Plus, when you cut out as much sugar as I have, you eventually lose your taste for it. It's really overwhelming nowadays, and doesn't taste that great either. 🙄 I've gone from being one of those people who can't NOT clear a plate, to someone who can't finish it. 😂  
14 Dec 17 by member: LunethDragon
I do the same thing sometimes, keeps me away from computer,this way I do not have multiple entries.My end result is mainly how many carbs and calories I have consumed for the day and week.I have learned to do IF and 24 hour fast as well, so sometimes my lunch or dinner does not contain food items, I need to stay away from Holiday cookie's and candies. 
14 Dec 17 by member: DO N OK
"An the owner told Clancy the Clocker - the Clocker told Jockey McGee: take the length of the stride, multiply by the ride, divide by the width of the shoes ... and providin' ya win ya can't lose.' (Bing Crosby, 1948) 
14 Dec 17 by member: PADDY MCGILLICUDDY
Good idea. Math does not lie. 
16 Dec 17 by member: Draglist
i go into the My Cookbook tool and enter my recipe including # of servings. then its done for me. and if you adjust it or add something new when you make it again you can always edit it:) 
16 Dec 17 by member: francineseguin


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