mylahxandermom's Journal, 11 December 2017

Weight loss tip?!? Or something you wish you would have known when you first started your journey?!?

Mine: stop all food related notifications in your text. Chipotle dominos, whatever turn off their texts. Don’t need those temptations.

Facebook: unfollow all food related pages that are not healthy. Can’t remember if the names of the ones I had liked, but I had to unfollow. Also go find 3-5 healthier pages to like. This will help to change the filter of ads that facebook shows on your feed.

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Very good advice. 
11 Dec 17 by member: 2426girl
Wow lol, I did that months ago but with Instagram ... Stop following all the profiles that were related to food, they really sabotage a lot because they arouse cravings... Now I only follow some profiles but related to the Keto lifestyle. 😄 
11 Dec 17 by member: bevigaby
Wish I had known about all of the support you can get from the FS family. I used the app for counting calories and fat in the past but didn't even know about the posts and sharing. It's been so helpful because sometimes your friends and family aren't excited about your 0.5 pound loss or what you ate for lunch!  
11 Dec 17 by member: kmking40
I actually use MyFitnessPal for my food and Fitbit for my exercise. I use FS for my support system. I tell my friends and family a lot, but not everyone wants to hear how excited I am that I am really doing this. I’m so proud of myself. It’s hard for others to be proud of you when they are miserable with how they are eating or looking.  
11 Dec 17 by member: mylahxandermom
Good ideas! It's especially hard in the holiday season when every add is cookies or fudge or some nonsense that can ruin anyone's day. I thin I'll do what you suggested.  
12 Dec 17 by member: The_Z_Man
Get rid of EVERYTHING in your house that temps you to eat in unhealthy ways!!! I can’t have donuts, brownies, ice cream, or, real frozen yogurt in my house. No matter who they belong to. My roommates have to agree because I don’t have willpower on these things yet. It’s been 3 years and I still binge if they come into the house. Good chocolate is now okay. Gross chocolate is not even tempting. 
12 Dec 17 by member: smprowett
Keep track of everything you are putting into your mouth and all your activity. Don’t vary your RDI too much for activity. That deficit is what you want and a fast will not kill you, even if you feel like your throat has been cut. 
12 Dec 17 by member: smprowett
Take a starting picture! You will regret not having one next month and then next year! Take starting measurements! Ditto!!! My biggest regret! I did neither! 
12 Dec 17 by member: smprowett
temptaion will always be there.. its a bout perspective.. think about how you convert the food you see into recipes that work for your woe. Log it all, keep it real. Dont be so hard on yourself! 
12 Dec 17 by member: Rguarino
Go easy on yourself. It took years to gain the weight so don't feel defeated and fall apart when you stall or have setbacks.....Life has been tumultuous for me in the past few months but I haven't gained. I've maintained and that's a huge win. In the past I would have beaten myself up for that and used food to make myself feel better....So yeah, this is not a sprint, just keep going and you'll get there even if you take a few pit stops. 
12 Dec 17 by member: 2426girl
To accelerate my weight loss, I went to a IF plan, to keep me on track, and still keep a modified Keto plan, but only I do not add the extra fat, as I use my body fat as my fat index.. 
13 Dec 17 by member: DO N OK
DO N OK You are an inspiration. You have clearly figured out what works for you. I think that's the key. I also do a modified keto. I upped the protein a bit and keep the fats high. That's what works for me. About 10% carbs, 30-35% protein and 55-60% fat. At this point that is how I feel best and how I lose best. Please stick around and keep inspiring us. 
13 Dec 17 by member: 2426girl


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