PizzaLover88's Journal, 11 December 2017

Breakfast is overrated! Every single time we eat, our insulin goes up and chances to burn any fat goes down.
We can eat the same amount of calories in a smaller time frame. Intermitting Fasting and Keto Diet are now globally recognized.
I'm a sugar addicted, how to overcome this addiction and an Eating Disorder? :'(

You can get this! I know it's easier said than done, but perhaps gradually decreasing your sugar intake would help you ease off of it? If you haven't already, you might consider avoiding the more refined white sugars and stick with organic or raw; It may still be somewhat addictive just by nature of being sugar, but not so much as the really processed versions!  
12 Dec 17 by member: Meadow Mist
P.S, Many say organic sugar tastes a TON better than ordinary white. I whole-heartedly agree! 
12 Dec 17 by member: Meadow Mist
Try to eat far more fruits when you feel desire to eat something sugary.  
06 Jan 18 by member: elenssmile


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